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Shop GIA 1 Carat Oval Shaped Diamonds

Embracing the brilliance and fire of a round diamond but in a more unique shape, the range of 1 carat oval cut diamonds is one of the very renowned fancy diamond shape. With subtle classic touch, the 1 carat oval shaped loose diamonds look enchanting in everlasting halo ring settings or other antique style diamond jewelry settings. Cut perfectly to acquire maximized fire and iridescence, the 1 carat oval diamonds are available in different combinations of cut, color and clarity presenting you extensive choices to pick from. Although absolutely beguiling in shape and brilliance, the 1 carat oval loose diamonds are also very inexpensive in worth, hence gorgeous in beauty still light in pocket.

1 Carat Oval Shaped Diamond
Price Range :
$2950 - $4250

360 degree of cushion cut diamonds

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