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12 Best Non Traditional & Alternative Engagement Rings Styles of 2020.

February 28, 2020, Alyssa Bruni

Is it necessary that every bride should go for a traditional round diamond engagement ring? Yes, ofcourse it is the safest bet if the bride dont know what she wants. But there are several beautiful options if a brides wants some non traditional engagement rings too. Check out some alternative engagement rings that every bride would love.


Opal Engagement Ring

October’s birthstone, Opal, is an interesting gemstone known for its stand-out shading mix. From fiery red, to iridescent blue, we source the best opals round the world. Combined with diamonds, or all alone, opal rings are the ideal for couples searching for a less traditional engagement ring. When buying an opal engagement ring, remember that they are not as durable as diamonds. They might be rock solid, yet they require proper consideration as water or harsh cleaners can without much of a stretch cause harm to an opal ring. In case you’re prepared for the duty of a less durable stone –after all, it’s an easy trade off for how stunningly gorgeous they are–navigate and be stunned.

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Emerald Engagement Rings

Colored gemstones are super on-trend for engagement rings, Deep green hues and a soft, velvety appearance make emeralds unique among gems. As symbols of wealth and nature, emeralds have been popular jewelry stones in spite of their low durability and rarity.You can go for a standout emerald solitaire in a pavé setting, or pair your emerald with numerous stones for an extra-blingy look. These dazzling gemstones likewise look incredible in almost every metal: rose gold complements the stone’s green hue, yellow gold fills in as a jazzy contrast, and white gold or platinum is a classic choice no matter what focus stone you pick. If you’re looking gorgeous, green-hued gemstone, click through to see some of our favorite options!

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Nature Inspired Engagement Ring

Nature inspired engagement rings often include designs that reflect aspects of nature like flowers, leaves, and flower petals. There are countless ways to style a floral design engagement ring. The simplest design uses a metalwork flower to surround or present the central gemstone. The central diamond can be surrounded by a daisy with evenly spaced, symmetrical metalwork petals, or perhaps be held in the center of a blossoming metal tulip.Nature-inspired rings are not a new idea. Many antique and vintage eras of jewelry like the Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian, Art Nouveau, and Art Deco eras popularly featured flower engagement rings.Selecting the perfect ring to symbolize your love isn’t easy. Consider some of our expertly crafted floral diamond engagement rings for your loved one.

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Ruby Engagement Ring

The ruby is a deep red gem and gets its name from the Latin word for red, namely ruber. As we all know, the colour red is a symbol of love, so it comes as no surprise that this is a sought-after stone for engagement rings. It is also considered the king of precious stones, which is why many royal figures are often seen wearing elaborate ruby jewels.Rubies are extremely rare therefore it’s considered incredibly romantic to be receiving one as an engagement ring . By proposing to your partner with a ruby ring , you’re acknowledging the very fact that a love like yours is far from easy to come by and this is a sentiment even the antiromantic will appreciate.

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Sapphire Engagement Rings

The tradition of sapphire engagement rings is longer than diamonds because sapphires have symbolized loyalty, sincerity, and faithfulness for hundreds of years . Sapphire makes a promise to be true: that’s the original source of “true blue.” In medieval times, bishops wore sapphire rings to symbolize that they’re married to the church. Sapphire is that gem of the soul, which makes it the right choice for your soulmate. Really, sapphire is the perfect option to express the depth of your commitment to every other.

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Asymmetrical Engagement Rings

If perfectly balanced engagement rings aren’t your cup of tea, you’ll find that asymmetrical rings offer something a bit more your style. As the name implies, these rings don’t follow standard design principles. Instead, they feature off-center stones, interesting arrangements, off-beat designs, and, fairly often , unusual details that further increase their charm.
These rings are fashionable future brides preferring a contemporary bohemian style over a classic style. Scroll down to determine how asymmetrical engagement rings infuse interesting visual detail into their design.

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Moissanite Engagement Rings

Valued for their brilliance and fire our Moissanite Engagement rings are a delight to wear at an affordable price. Choose from solitaires, antique, pave or halo just replace the center stone from natural diamond to Moissanite and bring down the cost of the entire ring.

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Lab Created Diamond Ring

The best alternative to a natural diamond is a lab created diamond. It has the same properties that a diamond and I not naturally mined. Also it dosent have any resale nor investment value. Lab created diamond rings are valued at 40% less than the natural diamond rings, they are available in all shapes with the most variety available in round followed by princess, asscher, heart, emerald and then the others. Check out a wide range of Lab Grown Engagement Rings below.

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Two Stone Rings

Trending this season are the two stone rings, they are a great alternative to the traditional engagement ring and these 2 stone rings are available in a variety of designs. You can check them here.

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Black Diamond Non Traditional Rings

Black diamond rings are loved by a lot of brides with a fancy taste. Black Diamonds are naturally mined stones with a lot of inclusions that make its color look black. Treated diamonds are also available to get that look of a natural black diamond. Start by picking up the style of ring you like.

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Signet Gold Diamond Rings

Signet rings also known as seal rings are mainly designed using solid gold, they are used as a symbol or a stamp to denote a certain event. Like your family name can be graved in an artistic way for all the members of the family. It’s is passed on to generations or your initial is engraved on the ring and similar style can be engraved for a group of friends. Check out the variety of rings available or we can customize the same for you.

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Trending Under Halo Diamond Rings

The most trending rings this season are underhalo engagement rings, a rim of diamonds are pave set under the center diamond, these rings are available in a variety of designs including pave set bands with underhalo, double halo with plain shank and many more, check out more options here.

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