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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Get An International Delivery On My Purchase?
Can I Get A Customized Piece Of Jewelry Exclusively Designed For Me Or Can I Make Changes?
Can I Get Engraving Done My Diamond Or Jewelry Pieces?
Can I Get My Ring Resized?
Will I Be Assured To Get A Best Price For My Purchase?
Will I Be Liable To Pay If I Wish To Return Back My Purchase?
What If I Wish To Return Back My Purchase And I Cannot Find The Certificate Of Appraisal?
What If I Am Not Able To Find My Desired Diamond At Your Site?
What Are The Modes Of Payment Accepted By You?
Will I Be Liable For My Diamond Or Jewelry, While It Is In Transit?
Can You Help Me In Keeping The Engagement Ring A Secret For My Fiancé?
Why Shall I Choose Fascinating Diamonds® Over Other Similar Sites?
I Have A Heart Shaped Loose Diamond That Belonged To My Grandmother. Can I Get A Ring Setting To Elevate The Diamond As A Center Stone?
How Does Easy Financing Work?
How Much Time Will I Get To Pay The Loan In Easy Financing?
Is There Any Special Discount For Employees From Different Profession? If Yes, Then How Can I Avail That?
When Can I Expect The Money To Be Credited Back To My Account After The Return Of My Purchased Merchandise?
How Many Days Will It Take For Outside United States Delivery?
Do You Offer Overnight Deliveries In Case Of Emergencies?
Do You Offer Free Rhodium Coating In White Gold Jewelry In Case It Has Worn Of The Purchased Jewelry?
I Wanted To Gift The Jewelry In Special Packaging. Is There Any Provision For That?
What Is Conflict Free Diamond? Does Your Site Sell Conflict Free Diamonds?
Are All The Diamonds And Gemstones Sold Here GIA Certified?