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5 Most Trending Halo Style Designer Engagement Ring Guide For The 2015 Bride


5 Most Trending Halo Style Designer Engagement Ring Guide For The 2015 Bride

August 05T00:00:00.000Z, 2015

Donna Klaus

Halo Ring Style Guide For The 2015 Bride   “A ring is a Halo on your finger.” Who wouldn't love to buy designer engagement ring online crafted in halo style? A big brilliant diamond surrounded by smaller gems instantly draws attention with its classic beauty, hardy staying away from those with a sharp eye for fashion. Remember the legendary 18 carat blue sapphire and diamond halo ring of Princess Diana, now adorning the fingers of Kate Middleton? Who would ever ridicule such a gorgeous piece, right? It may come as surprise to you but when Princess Diana picked this ring from the numerous shown to her, she was scoffed by many including the royal family for her mediocre choice rather than having one custom made. But Princess Diana even then had a keen eye for style and this so called “commoner’s sapphire”, at the time worth $ 60,000, today values more than half a million if you are looking for a mere replica of the ring. One can only guess what the original ring would cost! Its fame might be partly due to its regal ties but no one would disagree that the sheer glam, style and splendor which a halo ring possesses say miles for itself. So it is hardly a surprise that in recent times this quintessential ring style has found its way to the top of popularity chart in the jewelry industry.

Back To The Origins:

This magnificent halo engagement ring has its roots buried deep, dating as far back as the Georgian and Victorian eras. First records of such rings courting a big round or cushion cut diamond at the middle surrounded by smaller round diamonds or pearls have been spotted during the Gregorian era.  In Victorian days, multicolored gemstones took place as the center diamond with more fine filigree and carvings on the band. While Art Nouveau saw more colorful stones and semi stones at play with intricate artistry using nature as inspiration, Edwardian era brought in more subtle craftsmanship with the use of platinum and diamonds. It wasn’t until Art Deco or the age of the glamorous as you may call it, that we saw an emergence of what we now know to be the archetypical halo ring style making this era a hallmark for this charming ring fashion. Art Deco gave vent to more geometric designs with love for symmetry and less of carved work making halo rings elegant and attractive. As the ages passed, designs changed imbibing the fashions of the eras, but one thing that remained constant is the love for this style that never lets it fade away. As these rings have resurged and gained huge fan following, let’s have a look at the 5 best halo ring styles perfect for a 2015 bride, that are most popular in the jewelry fashion scene currently:

Double Halo Diamond Ring Style:

Double Halo Ring Style   Adding twice the spice to the good ol’ classical design is a dual halo style. In essence a halo is preferable not just for of its adoring looks but also because it gives an impression of a much bigger ring than the one which would oblige you to invest a huge chunk on buying a big diamond ring. So it goes without saying that a double halo gives twofold brilliance and charm within your budget and makes your beloved very happy. Talk about killing two birds with one stone! But that not all designers have since put their creative brains at work coming up with intricate and trendy designs that would leave anyone mesmerized.  Have a look!

A Floral Diamond Halo Ring Style:

Floral Halo Ring Style   Give a flower to your women and you have her interest but give her a ring like a sweet blossom and you have her heart. Taking a leaf from the Edwardian nature inspired styles designers have created halos shaped like delicate petals giving the ring a floral look. Whether symmetrical or asymmetrical these fine designer engagement ring are sure to melt any heart by its beauty and simplicity just like a sweet smelling flower.

Heart Shape Halo Diamond Ring Style:

Heart Halo Ring Style   If not flower give her a heart! And if you think that presenting your love with a heart shaped diamond ring is way too cheesy and clichéd, think again. Every girl appreciates some good ol’ romance. One glance at the massive heart diamond ring of Lady Gaga says it all with the swooning and sighs! Now not everyone can afford such a massive ring but what you can give your lady love and swoop her off her feet is a heart halo designer engagement ring that imbibes all the glamour of a big ring with elegancy of halo style.

Filigree Pattern Halo Ring Style:

Carved Halo Ring Style   Old is indeed gold! The best thing about fashion of a particular time is that it never really fades away but rejuvenates with a twist of the new wave. Taking inspiration from the fine filigree, intricate and delicate cravings of the majestic Victorian designs, jewelry designers have reincarnated the style adding a zest of modern edge. The result of this enigmatic combination is indelible vintage inspired halo rings that would make any girl feel nothing short of a queen.

Square Halo Diamond Ring Style:

Square Halo Ring Style   Giving a boot to the tradition and stirring away from your typical round halo or softer edged cushion cut halo, are quad halo rings with its sharp square patterns and cuts. Art Deco period with its love for geometrical forms inspired this contemporary style that flirts with square and rectangular diamonds like princess, emerald and asscher cut diamond as the center stone. Even if you are a chip from the old block you would still appreciate the grandeur that these charismatic pieces hold. It is hardly a surprise that these rings never went out of style! Fashion might fade with time but style certainly remains constant and nothing proves it better than the glorious history of timeless halo rings. Though it might have dwindled off the charts here and there for brief period of time, but has always resurged with a new grace and look gaining the interest and love of people in its wake. One of the perks of choosing a halo setting is that it accommodates a wide range of gemstones that would fit right in your budget and gives a striking balance of bold and delicate. Besides the classic halo the above five styles are most trending pieces of diamond jewelry online and tops the list of exclusive and  unique engagement rings for the 2015 bride and  jewelry buyers with its extraordinary appeal. If you have an eye for fashion, love for the old yet pining for something new hip and trendy, any pick from these ring styles will put you miles apart from the mediocre.