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6 Relationship Faux Pas Every Couple Makes


6 Relationship Faux Pas Every Couple Makes

November 21T00:00:00.000Z, 2014

Donna Klaus

6 Relationship Faux Pas every couple make

In today’s monotonous world, we are all secluded into the mere quest of finding true love.  And even though we almost find it, we end up making mistakes and hurting each other. There is probably nobody who fits into someone’s definition of “The Perfect One”, but no matter what, there are some undeniable mistakes that we all commit when in a relationship. You might love your significant other beyond limits but some blunders can ruin any happy couple and it is better to get everything sorted out before presenting your lover with a wedding ring.  So here’s a list of 6 Relationship Faux Pas every couple makes.

1.  Past Relation

We often tend to think that our current relationship might fail because of our experiences in the past relations. Assuming that our partner will be the same like the previous ones or the result of a certain action will be the same as it was before is so wrong! One has got to understand that every person, every situation and every circumstance is different.

2. Avoiding Confrontation

It is always better to discuss the small doubts instead of finishing off the discussion without a confrontation which will further lead to pile up issues. We sometimes get so paranoid, that the tiniest matter will built up a rage and you will end up regretting the things you have said and hence bring complications in your relationship.

3. Communication Problem

The biggest mistake one can ever make in a relationship is not communicating enough or not communicating when the time is right. As they say, the best person to talk about the problems in your relation is with the person you’re in with. It is always advisable to give time to your partner and try to reach out to him/her on a regular basis.

4. Trust Issue

Trust is one of the most significant factors in any relationship. Often it is noted, people are not able to trust their partner, not only regarding major matters but also the pettiest of the issues. This can be because of a past experience or just a fear of trust being broken.

5. Not Respecting Personal Space

Personal space is a necessity, not a luxury. It is utterly important that you get hold of the fact that, you understand both of you need your own personal space. Personal Space is vital to be yourself and being individualistic will even make you a stronger couple.

6. Expectation

The worst killer of a relationship is when we start expecting too much either out of the relation or from our partner. There can be love, trust, affection and communication in your relation but once you start expecting too much, and they don’t get fulfilled, it leads to nothing but disappointment.


Even the most long lasting couple makes their fair share of mistakes when in a relation. The only difference of them being together for a longer time is that they can get over those mistakes and learn from them. So maybe we are guilty of committing the above me mentioned faux pas, but let’s learn from them and be a Happy Couple!