8 Must-Visit Honeymoon Destinations In US For 2015

February 11, 2015, Senior Editior

Honeymoon Destinations In US



Life is a blissful journey…. Wedding is the love-station…make it last for a lifetime by picking  perfect honeymoon destinations! After you are done saying ” With this diamond ring I thee wed” but before embarking on this enlightening journey to your very own happily-ever-after and settle down in the nitty-gritty’s of marital life, an adventure of a life time is long overdue. What better way to kick-start your marriage  than by choosing from exciting and most romantic honeymoon destinations; an escapade which is nothing short of a tantalizing roller-coaster journey? The idea of romance is different for different couples. Some like the laid back option; lazing on the beach, moonlight walk, exotic massages and pampering, dining by the lakeside, long drive on country roads or an escape to the wine county. Others like the thrilling route; swimming with the fishes, sky diving, enticing treks with exotic views, chasing the thrill of snow clad peaks. If that is your idea of a perfect honeymoon then you won’t be disappointed with what our country has to offer when it comes to exquisite honeymoon destinations, all the while saving a chunk on exorbitant international airfares. Let’s have a look at US’s eight best off beat honeymoon destinations all inclusive, each having something extra to offer this year for the spirited newlyweds to kindle the afterglow of the wedding. So if your big day isn’t far off and you haven’t yet made a perfect plan for your honeymoon, what are you waiting for? All your hearty plans are just a click away! Indulge in online pre-planning of your entire trip with these, government officiated travel web-sties of their very own city, providing exclusive honeymoon packages to make all your dreams come true. Browse through their enticing offers and travel packages and have the city guides help you traverse the best spots for opting out when it comes to honeymoon destinations and make the entire experience even more memorable.

 Little Piece Of Paradise


Lanai Island


“Now that we are one; clouds won’t hide the sun. Blue skies of Hawaii smile; on this, our wedding day, I do love you with all my heart” – Elvis Presley Tantalizing warmth of sunny tropical, intoxicating sweet perfume of the flower garlands, exotic cocktails in coconut shells and music in the air; yes there is no place on earth like Hawaii. It is a paradise indeed! But if you are of an opinion that mainland Hawaii is too main stream and certainly want to ditch the overrun beaches of Oahu and Kauai and the ever crowded resorts of Maui, secluded Lanai is your best bet. Ethereal red lava cliffs overlooking azure water, Lanai is an island of intriguing contrast with equally divergent things to do. Whether it’s a drive on the lunar landscape to the Garden of Gods, a hike to the off-beaten paved path of Shipwreck beach, a picnic overlooking the Sweetheart Rock and trek the misty mountains through ohia lehua trees on the Munro Trail.  Or pampering your senses at the premier Lanai hotels, horse-back riding, lawn bowling and indulging in a champion-ship level golf, this tranquil piece of heaven offers the most enticing amenities for all newly-weds. They say big things come in small packages; Lanai guarantees every honeymooner the whole lot; serenity, adventure and intimacy. So visit the official travel website of Lanai and start planning your entire honeymoon online. Save a chunk on overpriced airfare by booking the cheapest and most affordable flights and get coolest deals and discounts on airfares. From best accommodations, dining, shopping, activities and events, to getting free professional travel guides for exploring the hot spots and highlights of the island, they provide you with finest facilities at a click of a button. Ho’olu komo la kaua!

America’s Caribbean 


US Virgin Islands


The cerulean sea, varied culture, rich history and music of pure joy; is the Caribbean calling you? But don’t want the ever tiring hassle of International travel and currency? We have the charm of Caribbean with an American tag; a chance to dunk in the Caribbean waters, dance with the moko jumbies at the Carnival parade, and treat your taste-buds with delectable, savory sea food. What’s more, you can pay up right in US dollars and no passport required. U.S. Virgin Islands offers something different for everyone! If you crave for a bit of adventure or to spoil yourself with sumptuous comforts and opulence, head for the “Rock City”. From lavish mega-yachts to high-end shopping experience, the craggy horizons of St. Thomas have all the luxury money can buy and more. To cuddle in the privacy, intimacy and tranquility head for St. John. Just a short ferry ride to east of St. Thomas, this serene island with shimmering pristine beaches surrounding more than 7000 acres of luscious greens of parkland best appeals to all lovebirds. Start your own rum diaries and know a bit of rich culture and colonial history at St. Croix. With all that these small islands have to offer, can you resist the pull towards the coveted comforts? Whether it’s planning a wedding, honeymoon, private tours and meetings, all you need is to visit the official travel sites. Virgin Islands for incredible deals and more. Save a chunk on overpriced airfare by booking the cheapest and most affordable flights and get coolest deals and discounts on airfares. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, every island has a lot to offer for the lover looking for a passionate outing. It’s not too late to plan your perfect Valentine right from the comfort of your home.

Travel Back In Time


Charleston South Carolina


Tired of the fast city life? Want to take it slow and laid back? Take a romantic walk hand in hand with your sweetheart through the cobbled streets or ride horse-drawn carriages past the Spanish moss-draped trees. Can you imagine anything more romantic? Charleston takes you back in time with centuries-old mansion turn museums, gas-lit lamps by the cobbled streets, architecture that marks times before the Civil war but still courts a reminder of its significant role in the war. An opportunity to get spooked by the town’s most haunted places. This holy city is every bit historic and proud to be one. But don’t be mistaken by its historic charm; this town is nowhere living in the past. It caters every individual equally, no matter what interests. A walk through the scenic town is certainly an alluring aspect, but the town also proffers breathtaking views, fabulous golfing experience with landscape to die for, colorful festivals and endless other attractions. Whether it’s a tour of South Carolina Aquarium by Charleston Harbor, alluring Pineapple Fountain at the Waterfront Park, charming Boone Hall Plantation, perusing through Charleston hotels or Old City Market or paying a tribute to Fort Sumter where first shot of the Civil war was fired. Or simply sinking your feet in the sand, soaking the sun and enjoying the gentle waves at Isle of Palm, Sullivan’s Island and Folly Beach; the attractions are never-ending. The cherry on the top however is, Charleston is a haven for foodie with city hosting culinary festivals like Charleston Food + Wine Festival or Restaurant week. Indulge in savory flavors of just about any imaginable seafood and delectable contemporary southern menus with jazz and live band playing. Enticing, isn’t it? For all these temptations do check out the website for Chareston vacation rentals  and make every experience count.


Heaven On Earth 


Lake Tahoe California Nevada


On earth there is no heaven, but there are pieces of it. One such piece is nestled on the border of California and Nevada, with crystalline waters, scaling snow capped mountain tops and steer drop of steep granite rock face. Try as you might, one cannot put in words the utter beauty of Lake Tahoe. If the pristine blue water of the massive 200 sq. miles of lake isn’t a temptation enough, experience miles of off-beat hiking trails over looking picturesque vistas and some of the top-notch skiing stops in USA. But that’s just the tip of the ice berg on the endless spree of activities that Lake Tahoe is proud to boast. It includes taking bird’s eye view of the picture-perfect wonderland from hot-air balloon, romantic mountain gondola rides and scenic cruises through clear lake that reflects endless expanse of blue-indigo skies. Just perfect for newly-weds! What’s more? Treat yourself with high-end shopping and dining experience along the lake’s elite patch of North Shore. Or try your luck at gambling in any of Lake Tahoe hotels on vibrant South Shore. But keep in mind that Lake Tahoe is far from being economical and bound to weight heavy on your wallet. So it is absolutely necessary to plan your honeymoon in advance and save loads on last minute rush. For more of such tips to make your trip a heavenly experience log on to the official website for Lake Tahoe vacation rentals and get featured deals and amazing combo packages.


Escape To Wine County 


Napa Valley California


Just past Highway 29, you come across the famous landmark, a quote that describes Napa Valley like no other. “Wine is a bottled poetry”, quoted by Robert Louis Stevenson after his visit to Napa valley in 1880.  Poetic it is, to cruise and take Napa valley wine tours in acres of luscious green vineyards, immaculately manicured hillsides and ostentatious estates of the rich and famous. Europe might be the birth place of vintage wines, but Californians have risen to the challenge magnificently and have bottled some of the finest vintages that every connoisseur of wine would want to get their hands on. Along with fast expanding wine industry and magnetic pull of the scenic Napa Valley, you have luxurious five and seven star hotels nestled between the wide expanses of wine caverns that caters to every illustrious indulgences. From pampering yourself with exotic spas, top-notch golfing, long drives through the luscious landscapes and lavish dining. All this, while savoring fine vintage cabernet. Do it the way the elites do. For Napa Valley vacations , special offers, travel tools and tips and to book your trip online visit the offical website. Check the official blog to get best ideas for the most luxurious, romantic experience.

 Winter Wonderland 


Aspen Colorado


“Smiling faces all around; Laughter is the only sound; Memories that can’t grow old; winter’s gold, Aspen glow.” – John Denver The jewel of Roaring Fork Valley in every sense, is every bit a wonderland with quaint chalets surrounded by towering snow-clad Rockies. Aspen for long has been a magnet for skiers and adventure junkies from round the globe seeking exciting exploits. Its four prime ski areas accommodate the power drive of skiers at any level. That’s not the only charm of this mountain village.  If hitting the slopes is not your cup of tea, then explore Aspen Colorado hotels, high-end shopping venues, lavish dining and nightlife with happening parties and best discos in town. Visit intriguing museums, funky galleries and fun festivities. Take a walk hand in hand through the lighted streets of this small town, enjoy the scenic beauty of popular sites like Snowmass, Maroon Bells or simply cuddle around the warm hearth with your loved one. You can also seek respite the way rich and famous do in deluxe high-end resorts like Viceroy Snowmass and The Little Nell, which guarantees privacy in the most copious style and a sure glimpse at many known celebs seeking the same reprieve. There can be nothing more romantic than celebrating Valentine’s Day in Aspen’s winter snow globe, with finest gourmet dining, wild parties and fireworks. Visit the Aspen Chamber website for all inclusve vacation packages, check out the most happening events of the season and get first hand deals and any last minute booking offers. You just might get lucky! Make your time with the love of your life an experience to remember.


America’s Napoli 




Far from the intriguing history, attractive artwork and scenic sites of Napoli or Naples of Italy, American version of Naples is all about quite ambience of serene beaches, extravagance of high street and world class golf. If privacy, relaxation and intimacy, is what you want, you got it than hotels in Naples Florida provide you with the best! Not as popular and can be easily counted amongst the off-beat destinations, this small beach town is the best bet for honeymooners seeking romance and seclusion. Boasting some of nation’s best sandboxes and calmest seas, there are no distractions; it is just you and your partner. The things to do involve heading for the beaches for a swim in the Atlantic Ocean, relaxing at the soothing sounds of gentle waves, walking the pallid sandy stretch. For those who retreat from the tantalizing shores, hit the luxury route, with the sumptuous stretches of golf courts, high-end luxurious resorts, shopping streets, gourmet dining. Floridian Naples undeniably can be labeled as the most romantic get away to for the newlyweds who want nothing more that to bask in the comforts of each other’s company. This crown jewel of South Florida is all the glitz and glam of Palm Beach without being showy and overtly snobby to indulge you in cozy and high-end styles.


Action Packed Wilder New York


Adirondacks Northern New York


If you think New York is all about the glittering fast city life, towering skyscrapers, the glitz and glam and the Ritzy upper east-end, you couldn’t be further from the true picture. Head up north and you’ll find the charm of Aspen right in New York. Hit the slopes, engage in snow fights and build snowmen at the next best spot for cross-country skiers and power hounds, without making a big dent in your bank account. The place guarantees one of the most action-packed snow-shows on the East Coast that explores the après-ski lifestyle side of you. Also with surging Adirondacks real estate the place is sure to make a mark in the US.

Winter might be the creamy layer but Adirondacks hold a yearlong treasure trove of exciting activities to do. A perfect place for adventure junkies!Experience the heart of Adirondack’s wild with a hike through the beaten paths of High Peaks, camp at the backdrop of breathtaking views, kayak through famous St. Regis Canoe area, hit the Hudson River’s white river rafting or paddle down Old Forge’s expansive canoe route.  But that’s not all! Adirondacks courts the bustling town of Lake Placid and Saranac Lake, home for endless exotic winter games and an array of outdoor, historic and attractive experiences.

Why head for Adirondack this February?  Celebrate winter with numerous unique fun-filled festivals like “Ladies Fry Pan Toss,” and dance with the famed “The Lawn Chair Ladies” in parade during 118th Saranac Lake Winter Carnival. Find great adirondacks vacation rentals on their offical travel website. know all you need to know about upcoming events and winter carnivals. Plan your honeymoon now for a quite retreat in the mountains and experience winter like a true Adirondacker!

“The exciting adventure of marriage is finding out who the partner really is.” A honeymoon is an experience of a life time, a time to get away from everything and everyone just to enjoy the warm, passionate company of your significant other half. So before you settle in the marital life where you might not get an opportunity to just get away, better make every moment of your honeymoon count. Make it into the most memorable romantic get-away. You certainly owe it to yourself and your partner. With the eight most romantic honeymoon destinations that we have rounded up, we certainly hope to help you make your dreams come true. Bon chance!

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