89-Carat Pear Shaped Diamond Fetches $11 Million at Christie’s

December 12, 2014, Senior Editior

89-Carat Pear Shaped Diamond Fetches $11 Million at Christie's

Christie’s New York Magnificent Jewels marked the last sale of the year with an immense flourish, as it sealed the deal with the premier bid of 89.23 carats Pear shaped diamond (D-color VVS1), for approximately $11.1 million ($124000 per carat). Held on 10th December, 2014, this much anticipated event for the dazzling glitterati around the world produced a final tally of nearly $188 million which included this dazlling pear shaped diamond as well. Amongst the top ten finest sellers featured a brilliant array of colorless and colored diamonds, also including a strand of natural pearls making the top list, totaling more than $66.6 million.

Other highlights of the dazzling auction sale included a pair of 52.88 and 51.46 carats brilliant pear shaped diamond ear pendant in a light yellow hue auctioned at double its estimated price. Harry Winston’s 5.25 carat Burmese ruby ring swooped off a whopping $1.65 million, triple its presale guesstimate. As value goes other sparkling sales featured a 593.61 carats color diamond suite by Jahan fetching $4.6 million and 21.03-carat oval cut Golconda diamond with a fancy pink tint for $4.25 million. Although the press-release of complete sales report of this pear shaped diamond and the other jewelry will only be released in January 2015, it is estimated that the worldwide sale of jewelry totals up to approximately $750 million.

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