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Alert Famous: Diamond Necklace Appraised By 21 Times At Antiques Roadshow


Alert Famous: Diamond Necklace Appraised By 21 Times At Antiques Roadshow

January 29T00:00:00.000Z, 2015

Donna Klaus

Diamond Necklace Appraised By 21 Times At Antiques Roadshow When you were young little zealous women, did you ever go rummaging through your mother’s or grand-mother’s engraved jewelry box, trying on this diamond necklace or that piece of jewelry? How prized those small moments were, weren’t they? Well at least until getting caught for prying and cuffed on the ear for playing with the precious jewels. What once had been so precious and special; an heirloom, now in our overzealous modernity, most times than not we ride it off as tacky. Ever stop and think what the real value of these heirlooms might be in today’s date? Yes, I mean in monetary terms. Here is something that will make you go to your jewelry box in hunt for an age old heirloom. On Monday night’s Antiques Roadshow, a woman brought a diamond necklace to be appraised. What was more riveting was that she had also brought along a well preserved original receipt from Van Cleef & Arpels and New York stock number. Her father-in-law had commissioned the necklace from the esteemed jeweler in New York in 1960 for $5700 inclusive of all federal taxes. The enticingly brilliant pendant features a 3.91 carat emerald cut diamond with two marquise shaped diamonds of 0.63 carats and a brilliant round cut diamond of 0.15 carat; originally placed on a platinum chain. Later the owner swapped the platinum chain for a longer white gold chain. The appraiser Virginia Salem surprised the owner and the rapt audience by stating that, based on the accurate documentation and her cursory appraisal, the estimated value of the pendant along with original chain on today’s date was worth $125,000. She was quoted saying, “I would say that there would be a retail replacement value or [that it would sell] in a high-end retail store, at $125,000 today”. Though only the GIA certified diamond report will confirm the precise appraised value but it most certainly did shock the owner: “Wow. That has appreciated quite a bit, hasn’t it?” And appreciate it did, by about 21 times its original value. This episode definitely sends off viewer and readers alike rummaging through the valuables for some age old trinket or other, but there is also a lesson to be learnt here. The segment more than anything tells us the value of a well preserved receipt. Better think twice before you chuck off those receipts after buying your jewelry and other prized possessions.