Antwerp Diamond Trade Fair 2015

February 4, 2015, Senior Editior

Antwerp Diamond Trade Fair 2015Following the tradition of showcasing world class diamonds under one roof this year too began with the sixth edition of the Antwerp Diamond Trade Fair (ADTF). Known for its exclusivity as the worlds by-invitation-only unique certified loose diamond trade show, the ADTF kicked-off on a high note on Sunday.  For over a course of three days, that is from Feb 1st to 3rd, 2015 Antwerp unlocked its gates to only some hundred jewelers, buyers, jewelry manufacturers and designers from around the orb where they meet up in the trade foyer.

The show which is a joint project of the Diamond Club of Antwerp, Antwerp Diamond Bourse, and the Antwerp Diamond Kring exchange was held on the diamond trading floors of three beautiful exhibition spaces exclusively crafted for the event. The mega events dates were synchronized with those of other prominent jewelry industry proceedings in the expanse and thus facilitates visitors to plan their schedules in accordance to the ADTF.

The show featured an assortment of polished diamonds from 90 most influential exhibitors who are among Antwerp’s and the world’s excellence list of leading diamond  manufacturing and trading firms. From the year 2010, Antwerp’s diamond exchange has dispensed some momentous efforts to hoist up their distinguished profile in the international gem, diamond, and jewelry arena. The trade fair has emerged as one of the prominent places to provide exceptional prospects to jewelry designers, manufacturers, and retailers to present their diamonds in the world’s diamond capital.

During the round of interviews and talks the top managers had much to say in appreciation of the three day event.

AWDC’s president, Stephane Fischler, in his small address at some time during the opening ceremony, said the ADTF has become an important link in Antwerp’s annual promotional and marketing campaigns. “The event that aimed to bring diamond buyers from all around the globe to Antwerp and facilitates them to have elite access to the Antwerp’s market has more than ever proven to be a brilliant move”.

David Pienica, the founding associate of the ADTF organizing committee, said that “The trade fair has turned into a significant event on the itinerary of many international jewelers and downstream diamond merchants, who draft plans well in advance and stock up on their diamonds”.

Thierry Polakiewicz, another member of the ADTF organizing committee, states that “Over the years, the ADTF has proven to be a very effective platform to introduce diamond buying jewelers and qualified diamond buyers to Antwerp’s diamond business community. Within a few days, countless business encounters and opportunities are brought to them.

This year, we are welcoming delegations of first time buyers from the Middle East, China and Eastern Europe, North Africa, in particular from Algeria as well”.

The mega three-day events highlights were the “Antwerp Diamond Night” presented by the AWDC on Sunday night. On Monday February 2nd, the diamond consultant and author Marijan Dundek of Graff, London, spoke about “The Magic World of Diamonds” during his seminar, at the Radisson Blue Astrid. Tuesday morning Dr. Katrien De Corte, Chief Officer of Education at HRD, presented an overview of the latest developments in diamond grading and identification.

All in all, the event sure did provide a great platform to promote and sell diamond jewelry, also the successful event is believed to widen the aspect of the diamond merchants by contributing immensely to the growth of this flourishing industry.

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