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Best Place To Buy Loose Diamonds


Best Place To Buy Loose Diamonds

February 25T00:00:00.000Z, 2016

Alyssa Bruni

Diamonds, the most precious and the rarest substance on Earth, never fail to capture the hearts of all its beholders with its luminous shine. In order to maintain the unblemished sparkle of the diamond, the four attributes cut, color, carat and clarity must be taken into consideration. Diamonds are chiseled in a number of shapes to augment the beauty of the sparkling diamond jewelry with their enticing size and form. While seeking for the perfect loose diamonds, to embellish your beautiful pendants, earrings, bracelets and rings, all these factors must be included. But, often the excellence comes with a high price, and since the superior ones does not fit the budget, so, customers have to settle for something less most of the time. But, not any more,… no more settling down for the secondary choices and options, particularly, in case of invaluable diamond jewelry, as Fascinating Diamonds brings forth supreme quality diamonds online at a very budget friendly price. Several discount offers and schemes are also available to help you buy the very best within your range only. Basically, there are two important features that distinct Fascinating Diamonds from any other company. First, the conflict free diamonds offered here are superior in quality but comparatively less in price, as one can find out from the diamond price matching program. Secondly, the provision to customize jewelry by selecting the right metal, gemstones, diamond shapes and settings from the ocean of options, arranged at the same page. So, without the pain of dragging and selecting options from page to page, create the ring of your dreams with a few easy clicks. With numerous diamond shapes and engagement ring settings to choose from, Fascinating Diamonds is the ultimate destination to buy loose diamonds. Numerous diamond shapes are available here, read through to earn a little knowledge on the shapes and features of diamonds, this will help you to pick the right diamond.
Round white diamond

Round cut diamond:

The round cut of the carbon crystal is regarded as an eminent cut because of its maximized brilliance. This shape offers a regal appearance that is suitable for every style of rings starting from the solitaire collection to the timeless halo sequences.
Oval white diamond

Oval Shaped diamond:

The admirers of the round shape may also like the oval cut, which brings an ageless feel, perfect for vintage style rings. This delicate cut highlights the elegance of tall slender fingers and also appears bigger in size than any other cuts due to its flat shape.
Cushion diamond

Pillow cut diamond:

Square in shape but with curved corners, the cushion cut diamond rings and other ornaments revive the glamour of vintage ages. Best suited for Victorian rings and solitaire engagement rings, cushion shaped diamonds are very much liked, especially the rose gold cushion cut engagement rings, with its subtle pink texture.
Princess cut diamond

Princess cut diamond:

Greatly adored by the female crowd, princess cut diamond jewelry is the perfect choice for those who have an eye for brilliant shimmer. The square shape of the diamond suits the modern as well as antique jewelry styles. Solitaire engagement rings, double halo engagement rings, split shank engagement rings, etc. look splendid while featuring the shining princess cut diamond.
Asscher cut diamonds

Asscher Cut Diamond:

Also known by the name square emerald cut diamond, asscher cut diamonds are focused on the serene flashes rather than the bright fiery sparkle. The long and flat cut facets of this transparent gem appears mesmerizing, if the clarity of diamond is flawless or very slightly included, invisible to naked eye. Asscher cut solitaire engagement rings, asscher cut three stone rings, etc. are very popular as can be estimated from the 33 carat diamond ring of Elizabeth Taylor
Emerald cut diamonds

Emerald Cut Diamond:

Emerald cut diamonds are rectangular in shape and the rectangular facets give them a subtle gleam that is loved by the females who prefer trendy geometrical patterns. Emerald cut has been used in jewelry industry since the classical times, and now also it has not lost its fame by an inch. Designer engagement rings of many celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Beyonce, etc. feature an elegant emerald cut diamond at the center.
Radiant Cut diamond

Radiant Cut Diamond:

For the jewelry lovers who opts for unmatched glitter, but also adore the shape of the emerald cut diamonds, radiant cut is the ideal option. The efficiently cut facets covering the crown as well as the pavilion give the ultimate brilliance of the round cut diamonds to this shape. Starting from the milgrain engagement rings to the side stone engagement rings, radiant cut looks magnificent in all ring patterns.
Marquise Cut Diamond

Marquise Cut Diamond:

The football shaped diamond is regarded as a very romantic cut due to the romantic history of King Louis XIV of France, related to this cut. If someone is looking for a diamond that will look bigger, then definitely, this cut is wise choice. The pointed corners of the marquise diamond give it a delicate look that complements slender fingers and the transcending sparkle makes the marquise cut vintage diamond rings as well as other marquise engagement rings in unique styles, a huge favorite of all.
Pear shaped Diamond

Pear Shaped Diamond:

Hybrid of round cut and marquise cut, pear cut diamond is very luminous and highly preferred by the females who like delicate curvy shapes. The important feature of this shape is symmetry, the diamond should be chiseled proportionately otherwise the curved piece of diamond will lose all its appeal. Narrow pear diamond looks brilliant in dangle earrings whereas, the wide pear diamond is suitable for magnificent pear cut solitaire rings.
Heart shaped diamond

Heart Shaped Diamond:

Truly, eternal symbol of love, heart shaped diamond are very bright and gleaming. While purchasing a heart shaped diamond, you have to evaluate whether the two halves of the diamond are symmetrical and perfectly curved or not. In most cases, the heart shape is not defined properly, so make sure that the shape is right before purchasing. Heart shape engagement rings, heart earrings and heart pendants, all make splendid gifts for the beloved one.
All the above mentioned shapes are available in Fascinating Diamonds, and the GIA certificate provided with it ensures the genuineness of quality. The 4 C’s of diamonds – color, cut, clarity and carat, are the factors that must be considered before heading for diamond purchase. The color range starts from grade D to Z, D is considered to best type because it is completely colorless. Deviating towards z, the diamond starts acquiring yellowish or brownish tint, that is not liked and hence the price of such diamonds is also less, but Fascinating Diamonds does not sell diamonds beyond the color range K, because after that range, the yellowish hue becomes visible to naked eyes. Three cuts are generally considered- excellent, very good and good. As the name only suggests, excellent cut gives maximum brilliance and fire, while good reveals average sparkle and very good cut gives superior blaze but does not exceed the excellent cut. Clarity of a diamond indicates if there is any blemish or inclusion in the diamond and based upon a scale of clarity the price of the diamond varies. The ultimate quality of diamond is the flawless (FL) and it is extremely rare and expensive as well. Under the cheap diamond range, the Included (I1/ I2/ I3) diamonds fall because their inclusion may affect the transparency and fire of diamonds, but not visible to bare eye. Depending on the size of the diamond also the price range varies as we all are aware of. 1 carat diamond will always cost lesser than a 2 carat diamond ring. Mostly, people consider the size of the diamond first, so you can select shapes like oval cut or marquise cut that appears larger than other diamond shapes. So, apply all the garnered knowledge to buy the perfect diamond jewelry in your preferred metal of rose gold, white gold, etc. from the renowned destination, Fascinating Diamonds, where we take care of your each and every need because your convenience matters the most.