A Book Inspired Wedding

October 27, 2014, Senior Editior

Book inspired wedding themes

Gone are the days when girls desired a Prince Charming, who would sweep them off their feet into the lands off Far-Far-Away to live Happily-Ever-After. The young blood today craves for guys like the sullen Edward Cullen or dark and mysterious Christian Grey. With the fame of trending book inspired wedding themes that of like Harry Potter, Twilight, The Hunger Games, our knight in shining armor, to save the damsel in distress, has morphed from being the good ol’ handsome prince to dark creatures of the night. Bad has never looked so good, and vampires, witches and wizards have taken up the center stage for quite a while now, having young adult novels spinning the imagination of young and old alike.  Can anyone honestly say that they wouldn’t want to go to Hogwarts and learn to cast a spell using a wand? How many of you girls have thought “Oh I wouldn’t mind getting bitten by Edward Cullen, the vampire!”? (Swoon!!)
So why am I talking about books in a wedding theme blog…huh? You see, we all want that special day to be embossed in the memory; not just ours but also of our guest. Theme wedding have gained popularity and themes like fairytale wedding or Disney wedding have earned a lot of fame for a few decades. Yet, these past couple of years the trend seems to be more inclined towards much unique themes based on novels made-in-movies like Harry Potter, Twilight, Hunger games. And so we bring to you a few highlights of Wedding Themes inspired from Novels:

The Harry Potter Theme Wedding

Bewitched By Magic (The Harry Potter Theme):

Admittedly this theme is not really romantic, but when it comes to unique factor, on a scale of 1 to 10, this magical theme rates an 8. Why you ask?  Here’s why:

Invitations: Give a vent to creativity by printing your wedding invitation in the form of a Marauder’s Map; not only is it an invitation it also comes with a map to the wedding hall.

Wedding dress: What could be more alluring than the Fleur Delacour’s wedding dress? No words there!

Wedding décor: To have a sorting hat surrounded by wands or keys embossed with guest names, sorting them into four house tables of colors red, green, blue and yellow. A wedding cake in form of a giant Snitch and the reception hall lighted up with floating candles. These are just a few creative ideas that can make your wedding most memorable in a unique fashion.

The Twilight Theme Wedding

Breaking Dawn (The Twilight theme):

This is perhaps the most romantic and dreamy wedding theme ever. With writer Stephanie Meyer having described every wedding detail vividly and the same brought to life in the movie adaptation, you need no wedding planner here. Now I wouldn’t say the groom has to go all the way and paint his face white to pale it like Edward. It’s a wedding, not Halloween; let’s not get carried away. The highlights of this theme are:

Engagement ring: The beautiful vintage engagement ring adorned by Bella, I am sure is coveted by every other woman. Whether you are a twilight fan or not, the ring is simply drool worthy.

Wedding dress: A 1920’s style vintage, long sleeved wedding dress with a lacy back and adorned by pearls all the way down the back. This wedding is all about a vintage setting.

Wedding décor: “I was distracted by the profusion of white blossoms that hung in garlands from everything…dripping with long lines of white gossamer ribbons…I tore my eyes from the bowery canopy and searched across the rows of satin-draped chairs…” I don’t think anymore description is needed here; the book says it all. This wedding theme is all vintage and white floral setting. Though, you can add your own special touch of vampire color palette by introducing colors like red, black and silver.

The Hunger Games Theme Wedding

Let the game begin (The Hunger Games theme):

The Hunger Games is perhaps the least romantic book and unlike Edward and Bella, Katniss and Peeta can hardly be called as an ideal couple. And yet it inspires a most unique and quite exquisite wedding idea. Just goes to prove that inspiration can even come from the most unlikely places.

Wedding dress: Katniss’s wedding dress was inspired to look like an ethereal bird; the dress itself is described as adorned in pearls with sleeves that fell to the floor like wings. The movie version showed Jennifer Lawrence in a feathery, layered dress. Either style of dress will make the blushing bride look nothing less than an angel.

Bridesmaids dress: The numerous styles of dresses worn by Jenifer Lawrence and her peers can be used as an inspiration to groom the beautiful bridesmaids.

Hairstyles: The different braid hair-dos have become ever so popular amongst our brides and the bridal party is an inspiration adopted none other than this movie adaptation.

Wedding décor: This wedding will have a rustic country-side style with wild flowers, prim roses and woody greens. What more is you can have a wedding bouquet made of the trademark arrows to complete the perfect look.

These are only a few ideas for a theme wedding; just the tip of the iceberg. But if you hunt for it, there is no limit of unique wedding ideas on internet might cough up to make your wedding a spectacular affair. We all know how special your wedding day is for you and theme weddings are a way to make sure your big day is the most memorable day of your life. Get creative with your wedding. Wedding ideas based on books just goes to prove that an inspiration can be drawn from anything.