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Category:Fashion Trends

Check Out Most Inspiring Blogs For Women To Follow In 2015


Check Out Most Inspiring Blogs For Women To Follow In 2015

March 17T00:00:00.000Z, 2015

Donna Klaus

  Most Inspiring Blogs For Women   Don’t know about all you stylish ladies but here is a general observation as to how we end up following random blogs for women, people and pages. Let’s say we stumble upon some ad hoc profile on Tumblr, after a mere glance we instantly start following it. Now why do we do that? The page we came across displayed some comic, eye catching gifs. That’s where we got hooked, a good selling point of the page. We go ahead and check the profile and after scrolling through the profile, this particular person seems to be quite amusing, so we start to follow. The down side of following such random web pages however, is the bulk notifications of updated that we only sometimes browse through. Most times than not, these stray notifications get deleted without even a second glance. Why? Because they were not interesting enough! Been there, done that? There is no denying the fact, internet is a phenomenon and no one is left out. We all have our webs spread over the intricate and fascinating multiple social networks of the World Wide Web; socializing, tweeting, re-tweeting, liking, sharing and following people, profiles and pages. It’s hardly a surprise that every second we might find some content that tweaks our interest; an unending source of information for everyone. The only catch, however, is that not everything on internet is worth reading and you might end up following blogs that might not be as attractive as they seemed before. It’s quite difficult to pinpoint sites that are truly informative and precise while still holding your interests. We realize how precious your time is and for this very reason we have rounded up five blogs for women handpicked from five genres of interests that every woman should follow:

A Perfect Dating Blog: We Love Dates

  A Perfect Dating Blog   And we certainly do love dates! However, don’t ride it off as another archetypical dating site just yet. You have Tinder and many such apps for that and I am sure most of you already have your accounts on them. No, this site is your personal guide to the dating do’s and don’ts, relationship advice, getting over a hard break up; all the things you need to know from getting a hot date to maintaining a healthy happy relationship. Your entire “How to”, “What to” and “why” queries will be solved here. When it comes to all matters of heart, the brilliant team of writers of We Love Dates, have a lot to share from their personal experiences. Their goal is to provide most practical and cutting edge dating advice for daters in the real world, because they have been, there done that and they know what you are going through.  

 Personalized Jewelry Blog:  Fascinating Diamonds

  Fascinating Diamonds A Personalized Jewelry Blog   Let’s admit it; you need help while you are buying jewelry, specifically diamond jewelry. You can’t just buy the first thing those appeals to your eyes, however beautiful it might be, with having just a slight background about how to choose a diamond. It is a big investment and you wouldn’t want to splurge on substandard stuff. The best thing would be to have an unbiased opinion from those prominent in the field. Fascinating Diamonds provides you with just the right stuff to look for while buying diamond jewelry. The blog gives crisp first-hand knowledge of all things diamond, coming directly from the jeweler in a fun-to-read manner. All your questions relating to how to buy a diamond, where to get affordable engagement rings, which cut looks best while saving a bulk, how to maintain your precious jewelry, the latest trends and life styles, which celeb is wearing what jewelry and a lot more are answered here. But that’s not all! If you are reading this article you already are on our blog, so why not take a look around and stay upbeat with the latest trends in jewelry fashion. All you need to know is right here!

A Dream Wedding Blog: Hey Wedding Lady

  A Dream Wedding Blog   Are you a soon to be blushing bride? You must be awful lot busy planning every infinitesimal detail of your ceremony. Selecting a wedding planner is perhaps a smart move, but before you settle on anything, why not have a look at what experts have to say? We realize your time constraints, to sit and browse through a lot of content is quite cumbersome, so we aim to make it simpler for you. That’s where best part of following Hey Wedding Lady blog comes in to picture. Not only do you get all the fine details of best vendors, but with crisp content and a whole lot of enticing, beautiful images, they give you a perfect overview of what deal you will be entering into. Pictures are easy to surf through and take a lot less time than reading the detailed content however good it might be. They also provide you with vivid ideas to go about planning your perfect wedding ceremony.  Blogger Ariana of Hey Wedding Lady has a vision; she strives to feature unique and personal weddings that choose to hew close to the heart rather than the latest trends along with providing gorgeous and innovative style and inspiration.

A Stylish Fashion Blog: J’s Everyday Fashion

  Stylish Fashion Blog   Did you know Katie Griffith officially quit Fashion Police? What are the best picks from Topshop’s sale? Shoulder peplum is the new fashion from runways of Miu Miu. Talk about fashion and we are sure to get your attention. Woman love fashion! There is no hiding the fact. So why not stay in tune with the latest fashion trends; what to wear this spring, what’s hot and what’s not, where to shop? How to get rid of that extra holiday fats? J’s Everyday Fashion makes sure you are updated to all things fashion; from styling tips, top sales, beauty hacks to fitness and health. The blog is about bringing fashion to the real world for women of all shapes and sizes; the real women we see and meet every day. This website is all ‘about empowering women to give them fashion without the frills that hopefully you can use and apply to your life in a very practical way’.

The Ultimate Travel Blog: Bucket List Journey

  The Ultimate Travel Blog   “To travel is to live” Have you started living your life yet or are you caught in the dreary nitty-gritties of the routine life? How many times have you cancelled a planned trip yet? And how long are you going to be caught in this monotony? It’s high time you start living your life for real. Take solo trip ladies! Shed off all the duties and relationship and take a well deserved long break for yourself. We are all tired of hearing that the whole world is not a safe place for women. So let’s prove them wrong. Let Bucket List Journey blog be your ultimate guide for travelling places around the globe. Get inspired by the travel experiences and dedication of the blogger Annette through her scripts. Make your own bucket list and stick to it, because it better to see something once than hear about it a thousand times. The internet is a huge cesspool of all sorts of contents, the good, bad and ugly. If you scour deep enough you are bound to find some brilliant stuff. So why have we selected these five blogs for women? They keep it real! The content is by ordinary people for the ordinary people striving to make a difference in the mind-numbing routine; in a brave attempt to make life extraordinary. We certainly hope we could help!