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First Pictures Of Liv Tylers Massive Diamond Engagement Ring By Dave Gardner


First Pictures Of Liv Tylers Massive Diamond Engagement Ring By Dave Gardner

September 28T00:00:00.000Z, 2015

Donna Klaus

  Liv Tyler engaged to Dave Gardner   It seems the two love birds, Liv Tyler, from The Leftovers and Dave Gardner, famous sports agent, are ready to take plunge in the world of marital bliss. Rumor has it that our gorgeous belle has been spotted with an exquisite diamond engagement ring repeatedly over the year. This elating news has been kept concealed by the couple for their flagrant choice to privacy. But, according to U.S Weekly, an inside source commented, “They have been since last Christmas but prefer to be private, she’s been wearing the diamond engagement ring.” So much for hiding…well, the ring disclosed it all. A little nudge to start the sweet love story of this happy couple was given by Kate Moss, an English model and their mutual friend who set them up for a date during sometime in summer 2014. After that date, love bloomed in their life and has been inseparable since. According to E! News, a source said, “He is very charismatic and a real gentleman and she appreciate that about him.” This lovely couple has also created an enchanting bundle of joy, Sailor Gene, their baby boy born in February. After this new addition to their lives, they have sharing many precious moments, abundant in rapture. Both Liv and Dave have once undergone the pain and suffering of a broken marriage so this time surely love mingled with experience will strengthen their bond of love and companionship. Peeking into the philosophy of love and life, Liv Tyler stated, “I had this philosophy that you should get married once, but then of course that changes,” she further added, “I definitely believe we have lessons we learn through our relationships. You are meant to work through and mirror each other.” The Armageddon diva was previously married to Royston Langdon, from the band Spacehog and they have a 10 year old son Milo whereas, our Dave Gardener was once married to Davinia Taylor, an English actress and they have a son Grey of seven years. The previous marriages have definitely preached them one or two things about how to move forward and work out a relationship properly. Liv Tyler, daughter of Steve Tyler who is the lead singer of Aerosmith, is a sensitive and benevolent kind of person and the love of her life, Dave Gardner is a similar matured and gentle person thus perfectly complementing each other. An insider even stated in US Weekly, “Dave is perfect for her.” Sure, he is or who else could bring such a gleam of happiness in the face of this mesmerizing beauty of The Lord of the Rings? The sparkling white gold engagement ring and the wide grin in her face are narrating the unmitigated story of their love and commitment. Like the eternal radiance of this huge diamond on her finger, we expect their love to stay endless. Though not a word have been heard from them regarding their engagement but still the glint of the ring convinced us of their official engagement and now we are expecting to hear the wedding bells soon. With hearts filled with love and joy, we convey our best wishes to this soon to be married couple and hope their journey of life remains fragranced with odor of love.