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First Pictures Of Lydia Hearst Heirloom Trinity Diamond Engagement Ring


First Pictures Of Lydia Hearst Heirloom Trinity Diamond Engagement Ring

September 15T00:00:00.000Z, 2015

Donna Klaus

Lydia Hearsts Diamond Engagement Ring
                                                         Image Courtesy: usmagazine
  Love started weaving the tapestry of love story between the heiress to the publishing fortune, Lydia Hearst and the CEO of the Nerdist Industries, Chris Hardwick. In this enchanting tale of love, the prince charming Chris Hardwick proposes to his love of life with an ancestral three stone diamond engagement ring that had been both witness and symbol of true love shared for generations after generations…isn’t it so romantic? Christopher Ryan Hardwick received an Emmy Award for Best Creative Achievement in Interactive Media for his show Midnight with Chris Hardwick, but what turned his night of success into the rapturous event of his life was the big YES he received from his girlfriend Lydia Hearst. According to him, “My biggest win of the night was actually @lydiahearst saying YES!!!!” The enthusiasm and glee of this charming couple is clearly visible in their faces. Our guy, Chris who has extremely good sense of humor also has a tremendously romantic heart. He seized his girl for an after party in the splendid Chateau Marmont where he took her to a room with petals of purple roses strewn all over the floor and the room was festooned with fragrant flower bouquets. On that ambience…air suffused with the ecstatic scent of love and flowers, he poured out his heart with love in his eyes finally with a candy ring. She definitely accepted his proposal with tears of joy spilling out of her eyes and a massive diamond engagement ring on her finger. Chris Hardwick related the actions that followed after his proposal, “Then there was kissing and cry breath. It was a scene so romantic. I’m surprised a Rachael McAdams movie didn’t break out around it. I’m guessing ultimately it will be the only Hearst wedding whose registry includes @thinkgeek.” Though during that time he proposed with a candy ring, he had his treasure hidden up in New York. The magnificent ring of Catherine Hearst, the grandmother of Lydia Hearst, was handed to Chris by Patricia Hearst, mother of Lydia with which he got engaged to their little princess Lydia in body and soul. It is a unique vintage style asscher cut engagement ring in the center followed by two trapezoid accent stones on either side of the center diamond sparkling bright as were the smiles in the face of this happy couple. In response to this elating surprise, Lydia responded in her tweet as, “I am so excited and deliriously happy, @Nerdist completely surprised me and swept me off my feet.” Certainly, the prospect of being tied in a holy knot of love leaves one in a reverie, and our Lydia is now walking on clouds still replaying the sweet moments of proposal in her mind. She posted, “I said YES!!!!!! Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite,” She captioned a kissing picture of the beatific couple, “You completely swept me off my feet. You have shown me what it feels like to be loved and I love you with all my heart. My life is better because you are in it @Nerdist.” Lydia Hearst, the gorgeous actress, fashion model and lifestyle blogger met Chris Hardwick, the handsome and very talented television host, standup comedian, actor, writer, producer, podcaster, musician and voice artist…pretty long list of qualities. Anyhow, the fact is he captured her heart and got equally enthralled by her beauty both inner and outer. And now as these two so in love persons are going to be tied in the holy matrimony, we extend our heartiest congratulations and also best wishes for a truly enchanting and blissful future ahead just like a fairytale.