Get First Glimpse Of 336 Carat Diamond Extracted By Lucara

August 31, 2015, Senior Editior


336 Carat Diamond Extracted  By Lucara


A diamond that was once believed to be a fraction of the falling star from the colossal sky have been retrieved from the depth of earth in large chunk over the years to embellish the outer beauty of human beings. Lucara Diamond, an eminent diamond dealer is renowned for their expensive and rare diamonds. They mainly have their mines; the source of such pristine gems in Karowe Mine in Botswana in which they have full authority and also the Mothae Project in Lesotho having 75% ownership.

Recently, this company extracted a huge, sturdy, and raw loose diamond from the Karowe Mine in Botswana. The huge diamond is estimated to be of Type IIa, 336 carat, which is also accompanied by other small diamond stones of 184 carat, 94 carat, 86 carat, the rare stone appears to be abundant in this mine. After being commissioned in 2012, Lucara Diamond has always been in news for the recovery of such precious and massive gems throughout these past years. Even exceptional blue diamond have been dug out of this Karowe mine, this mine has indeed proved to be a boon to Lucara Diamond with its massive treasure. Lucara Diamond is basically a part of the Lundin group of Companies which has engraved its name in dazzling alphabets in the world of diamond dealers. It has been disclosed that nearly, 216 diamonds were sold each of $250,000 and among these 12 diamonds were sold at $ 5 million each, talk about good fortune.

The trail of the procured exquisite gems displayed high profit in the scale of records of the company which led the CEO and the President of this company to state, “The resource has consistently produced significant value for the company and its shareholders and the ongoing recovery of high-value stones set Lucara apart from most other diamond producers.”

Type IIa diamonds are regarded as the purest type of diamonds and in their crystalline structure, they contain very little or no nitrogen atom at all. Hence, they are completely colorless and free of any inclusions which make them extremely rare and expensive as well. They constitute 1-2% of all natural diamonds and are completely devoid of impurities. Since this kind of diamonds grow under immense pressure hence their shape during extraction is irregular and presence of some other atoms lead to the imperfection that cannot be termed as imperfection at all. Because, then the fancy colored diamonds are generated which are unique and rare and so an object of opulence.

In Karowe Mine, the plan has started from 324 m depth but as the extraction process proceeded, further dig continued being done perpetually to retrieve the subdued treasure. The estimated gems of 3.04 million carats are present in the depth from 400m -750m of 21mt reserves inside earth’s crust in this mine. Due to immense pressure and temperature, these toughest substance type IIa diamond is formed, found in profusion in the Karowe Mine which is a part of the Orapa Kimberlite Field. This 336 carat diamond falls under this category of extensively valuable type IIa. Hence, it can be estimated that this diamond does worth more than a fortune.

These bulk diamonds discovered from the heart of earth are then cut to give various shapes and crafted in intricate designs with metal to produce a fascinating sight to behold. Ultimately, all these gems are destined to be the symbol of love, trust, friendship and rapture in someone’s life till eternity…a beautiful fate of these beautiful stones.

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