Getting Remarried – A New Beginning

July 14, 2014, Senior Editior

remarriage   Finding the love of your life and getting married is like embarking on a roller coaster ride. There are the highs, and the lows in every relationship that define it. Also it could be a possibility that your loved relationship may go all wrong. Then the important question arises, how fast would you want to get remarried again? Similarly getting remarried is like starting a whole new chapter of life from scratch. This marriage might not be as extravagant as the first one but it will surely be more meaningful since you are also not the same, but have become a more mature person and even more informed this time around. Let us explore some of the different facets of the concept of remarriage. Whys and Wherefores: Moving on raises so many Whys and the How’s? And other such unanswerable questions in mind as there are no precise or even apt responses to them. But according to an extensive research and from a macro view point we have narrowed it down to two major motives that we believe could make someone wonder, whether “They would do it again?”     Desire: Our heart desires what make us happy as it is a very strong sentiment which reflects a craving that one has so using this word for marriage seems appropriate because for some people, getting married with the one they love means the whole world to them. If in case they lose their significant other to death, or even worse Divorce! Still they will not give up and would open their heart to love and eventually to marriage.  Need: One would feel that need is not a right expression to define marriage. “Need” a word that declares a necessity but that is not what we want to portray. Prudency is a basic human nature it is what is expected from a person. When one has a family with kids and a full time job then getting remarried seems like a sensible way to go.   A New Beginning: The reasons could be many but it sure proves one thing and that is to move on. Letting go of your past may not be easy but you know that you are definitely a whole lot wiser. In context to “A New Beginning” you come to a point in life when you are both excited and anxious at the same time it is for sure frightening and also life changing. There are so many facets to consider before HE starts shopping for a “Diamond” to pop the question or before SHE starts dreaming for ways to say “yes”. Let’s reconnoiter some of the pros and cons of selecting the right person to get remarried because let’s face it we don’t want to end up doing the same blunders again.   His point of view: He will probably be more tranquil to move on in life. Of course, if he has the custody of kids then he will definitely be vigilant towards who would be their future mom. We believe these pointers could be of guidance to him in deciding whether she is “The One” second time around. She should respect his ex-wife and be considerate towards his past because she is still the mother of his kids. She will have to accept him along with his family and his past. She should have motherly instincts (if he has kids) She will have to be prepared for stepping into somebody else’s shoes and to be good or even better in the many ways than one.     Her point of view: She will be more timid to let go of her past and embrace the possibility of a new future with her new man. She is always the one to hold onto hope and be optimistic that things will be back the way they were. Though, it will be a tough choice to allow another man into your life and even more fearsome decision to allow someone into your children’s life. Here are some pointers from our side which could be of grave help
  • He also should respect her ex-husband and be considerate towards her past because he is still the father of her kids.
  • He has to be very patient as well as very persistent with her.
  • He should be paternal too (if she has kids)
  • He will have to give her space and understand that she will have her family as a priority.
  • He should brace himself to become the man of the house and make her feel secure and loved once again.
  Eventually “Everyone has a right to create their own ripples in the ocean of life”. We have just tried to present you with the common dilemmas faced when one has to pass through the tunnel of life along with few advices that might aid you to reach the light at the end of that tunnel to a newer and happier road.

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