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How To Nail Stackable Jewelry Look Like A Pro


How To Nail Stackable Jewelry Look Like A Pro

July 23T00:00:00.000Z, 2015

Donna Klaus

 Nail The Stackable Jewelry Look

New, interesting and trendy… is the very definition of Stackable Jewelry Are you one of those who love to make their presence known with a big bold piece of ornament; an instant eye-catcher? Or one who prefers sophisticated mature look a delicate necklace or a tiny ring that adds to your individual style? We all have our personal preferences, but here is something new hip going on to spice up your boring wardrobe and take street fashion up a notch or two.  Say hello to the chic mismatch and mix styles of wearing layers of delicate necklaces, rings, belly chains, anklets and bracelets. Those minimalistic days of wearing a piece of jewelry or two are long gone. Just stand back and see the charm of piling fine rings, layers of necklaces and bracelets, when pieced together rightly, add to your guise.  But stacking does have some ground rules if you want to nail the perfect look. Have these fine jewelry pieces mixed in the right way and voila, you are all set for any occasion; be it bring-the-house-down party or a bow-tie event. So here a few tips and tricks, dos and don’ts of stackable jewelry you might want to keep in mind before you get started:

Impressive Stackable Diamond Rings

Stackable Rings By Fascinating Diamonds

Dos: Ombre Stack: The best way to tone down the brilliant glitter of diamonds set in yellow gold ring is by adding a subtle hue of rose gold. Don’t be afraid to mix colorful metals and textures. In fact ombre stack of white gold or platinum diamond rings with rose gold and topped with yellow gold adds panache of your personal taste. Spice it up with negative space and “powerstacking”: One of the best ways to spice things up is stacking one finger heavily with rings, a fine combination of engagement ring, eternity band and wedding bands, against a bare finger. This creates a negative space, cutting off the symmetry and giving you the feel of not wearing too many rings at the same time.  Mismatching rings with a fusion of vertical and horizontal rings is also a great way to create negative spaces.  Some of the few best stackable rings and my personal favorite I have bought from Fascinating Diamonds. With their myriad exclusive pieces there is always something different and new to stack up. Don’ts: When it comes to piling on rings you have to be a bit more careful. Loading all your fingers with baubles of stout pearl and stone rings is most unadvisable, lest you might end up looking like a gypsy fortune teller.

Chime of Multiple Anklets

Multiple Anklets Charmed Ivy

Another summer trend that can never go out of style and makes wearing shorts and skirts much more fun is dawning on multiple anklets. As effortless as stacking bracelets, see this hip trend translate to your ankles as well and immediately notice a graceful transformation. Anklets are an absolute summer must-have accessory. A delightful combination of fine chains, beaded and pendant charms worn around an ankle does much to add zeal to you short summer wear. They look amazingly dainty with a pair of flip flops, and are great for naturally styling your beach wear. Now you can get the best bargains on such charismatic trinkets at Charmed Ivy and see their neat accessory completely make over your lazy seasonal look. Dos: Stacking anklets look great with clothes that show off at least a part of your leg so it goes without saying these are an absolute summer ensemble. Throw on all your favorites at once, though carefully pairing up the pieces that would complement each other without looking to messy. With formal events and cocktail dresses that displays a lot of your toned legs; add on a pair or two of delicate anklets something like an Infinity Anklet with a gorgeous turquoise bead found in the charming collection of Charmed Ivy. Don’ts: To put it in simple words; don’t overdo it! Too many chunky anklets are a big no-no. Try to match it with your dress and keep it minimalistic. Make sure you have your feet well pedicured before flaunting them, lest you might end up feeling squeamish about showing off your bare skin.

Bunch Of Bracelets

Layered Bracelets By Annie Haak

The only rule to loading your wrists with stacks of bracelets is that there are no rules. So go wild and bunch up as many bracelets as you want; be it stocky and studded, beady and bold against fine bangles, or a play with geometrical shapes and sizes, anything will work wonders. Though, you might want to think through while matching chunky beaded bangles with delicate finger-wrist bracelet. But, all in all these work with any outfit to make you, standout in style. Some of the chicest stackable bracelets can be found with Annie Haak that will add much needed charm to your personal style. Many of Annie’s designs are intended to carry a special meaning by way of mantras or symbols that represent luck, love, protection strength and well-being. It is core to Annie’s design ethos that all her designs should carry a message of either love or support. Many of the pieces can be personalized with initials and a choice of mantra to pass on a special message to the recipient. So get your own special emblematic piece for your loved ones and BFF’s that will be cherished for times to come.

Layering Necklaces

Layered necklace by Style Moca

Dos: A bold centerpiece: What you can do is wear a single studded bold piece say a pearl or diamond necklace, or a colorful gemstone necklace as a standout  and add 2 to 3 layers of fine chains of similar lengths or a combination of short and long chains. If you are a devout and always wear a religious pendant, then let the pendant take center stage while subtly adding longer plainer necklaces. Tangle and charms with multiple pendants: You can also wear several pendants of same of different lengths, wearing at different positions against your neckline, not unlike a makeshift charm bracelet. It certainly adds a delightful twist. Mix and match chain patterns: Throw on a few delicate chains with different textures; it can be a delicate ball chain, knotted chain or beaded, a combination of all goes a long way to style even your most basic outfit. stores one of the best layered necklace collections you can find at the click of the button to add the perfect bling and jazz up your personal look. Don’ts: Wearing a stack of chunky neck-pieces is a definite no-no, unless you want to risk looking like a child raiding her mother’s jewelry box. Ladies with a darker skin tone might want stay off piling too many bright yellow gold necklaces as it clashes starkly with the darker shades. Wearing ombre layering sets off the starkly glare perfectly.

Charm of Body Chains

Layering Body Chains Ruby Stella

Be it bold Rihanna in sensual bikini or Jennifer Aniston in vintage Galliano dress with plunging neckline at the SAG Awards, body chains are rocking the celebrity look at every wake. So what’s keeping you aloof from this new trend? Hit the beach this summer by adorning your tanned and toned body with sleek elegant body chains. But you don’t need to soak up the sun to wear the chains. Delicate layering of these chic pieces of jewelry adds just the right zing to every outfit.  So whether these fine body chains are draped with sun soaked body or seem to be peaking from under a crop top on a casual outing, or worn just right with plunging neck cocktail dress or Paris runway couture, they are sure to rock the floor.  But hold on just a minute, that’s not all, these dainty chains make an outfit in and of itself when worn as clothing. Groovy, isn’t it? So where can you find the trendiest assortment of sleek edgy body chains? Surf through Ruby Stella’s impressive collection and make this celeb-loved trend work wonders for you.

Studded With Ear Cuffs   

Stack Of Ear Cuffs By Claires

Another hot trend seen on the red carpet events this award season was Hollywood divas adorned with the ear cuffs. From talented Emma Stone to beautiful Sandra Bullock, major celebs have been seen waltzing the grand floor wearing these dazzling pieces. But there is an art of wearing them in style, whether you are wearing bold yet elegant crystal or diamond ear cuffs or multiple stud earrings. Here are few tips: Side swept:  Like Sandra Bullock at Oscars, wearing hair on one side by sweeping it behind an ear is sexy in itself but it also shows off your chic ear cuffs and in an instant seeks every gaze. Bun or pony tail: Pull your hair up in an elegant bun like beautiful Emma Watson or in a ponytail like talented Emma Stone is a sure way to draw all eyes on your dainty ear cuffs. Swept Back: Or simply letting your hair down but sweeping it off your ears and let the ear cuffs do all the work for you, like Keira Knightley at SAG Awards 2015. Ear cuffs are sure way to nail a stylish look without much fuss. So start shopping now and your one shop stop for trendy ear cuff sets is Claire’s. This online store courts an impressive assortment of fashionable earrings in varied designs and styles add a sensual touch without being too dressy. Stacktable jewelry is a brand new way to explore ample of options by playing with colors, textures, shapes and sizes is a sure way to keep your wardrobe interesting. The major fashion trends to look out for and currently making a statement on jewelry industry are styles worn in new and interesting manner. Recycling the old and wearing it in a new way, so it is hardly a surprise that this edgy style of stacking your basic jewelry in innovative forms has taken fashion industry by the wind.