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Is Carson Mcallister’s And Witney Carsons Engagement One The Most Romantic Proposal Of 2015?


Is Carson Mcallister’s And Witney Carsons Engagement One The Most Romantic Proposal Of 2015?

October 06T00:00:00.000Z, 2015

Donna Klaus

Carson Mcallister And Witney Carson Engaged
Image Credit: Dailymail
A snippet from a very romantic novel is what the love story of Witney Carson, the dance diva, and her love of life, Carson McAllister appear to be…high school sweethearts  madly in love and most dreamy engagement proposal…sometimes fairytales do come true, isn’t it? Witney Carson is all set to have her wagon hitched with Carson McAllister, her high school sweetheart and she shared the happy news by presenting a glimpse of the shimmering rose gold halo engagement ring. Love bloomed between them four years back when they were in high school in American Fork, Utah and now they are on the road to happily ever after. Witney shared the ecstatic news with all by posting a romantic picture of the loving couple along with the caption, “My love of four years @carson.mcallister proposed last night & I feel like the luckiest, happiest woman in the world.” She also mentioned, “It was perfect, he’s perfect #engaged.” Well, the snaps are definitely revealing the glint of happiness reflected in the eyes and smiles of the couple and he sure seems the perfect guy for who else could bring such joy in her face. From what we have heard, the star of Dancing with the Stars, received a heart melting proposal from her charming lover. Witney stepped in a beach adorned with lighted candles and a sky painted in hues of crimson while the roar of sea and breeze of air was the constant companion in that serene environment. They danced in the beach to the tune of glee as the last ray of sun bid adieu and then finally our Mr. Romantic popped the question on one knee with a gorgeous 2 carat diamond engagement ring on hand. Witney made him the happiest man on earth by saying the big YES. A lovely proposal…isn’t it? Carson McAllister expressed joy by stating, “Couldn’t be any happier to spend forever with my best friend.” This dancing star may have shown brilliant onscreen chemistry in dance with her partners but in real life, the true chemistry of love occurred only with the guy she is about to marry, McAllister who is her friend and one true love. Over the year, the pictures of this gorgeous couple have given an insight to the growing intense love between these two individuals and now they are officially going to become inseparable. The couple must be now busy in the arrangements of the big day about to come soon and we certainly convey them our heartiest congratulations. We also wish that the couple get drenched in the downpour of true happiness of love throughout their lives without any scarcity of it ever.