Is September, 2015 Hong Kong Fine Jewelry & Gem Fair A Major Comeback For The Jewelry Industry?

September 24, 2015, Senior Editior

September Hong Kong Jewelry And Gem Fair 2015


From Showcase of avant-garde collection by world’s top jewelers to downright theft, the premiere of September Hong Kong Fine Jewelry & Gem Fair, 2015 has been nothing short of an action-packed affair. The 33rd Edition of this exclusive fine jewelry showcase kicked off with flair at the massive 135,000 square meters exhibition space, divided into two venues – the Asia World-Expo (AWE) and the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre (HKCEC). With every edition this fair just gets bigger and better and this year was no different. With over 3700 participants from 50 countries and regions, an exhibit of world’s cutting edge designs from a stellar line up of 70 plus world-class jewelry brands and largest display of Hong Kong heritage jewelry, yes there certainly was something for everyone. Pooling buyers and venders from round to globe at the one spot every year, one could find just about anything at the September Fair in terms of fine jewelry, loose diamond and gemstones, designs and materials – from simple silver pieces to luxurious diamond and gemstone creations

The duty free port of Hong Kong has for long allured the supreme from around the globe, making it world’s premier trading hub and manufacturing centre for finished jewelry and gemstones as well as jewelry raw materials. September Fair paves the perfect platform to meet, build and increase your network with distributors and traders from around the globe at one spot. So it goes without saying that we saw a huge participation from one and all. We got to see the big shots in the industry and small traders paving their way. Here are top five exhibitors who were on to the top of our list as must-look-out-for and they didn’t disappoint us.

Color Play by IVY New York – USA

From simplest every day rings and earrings to high end statement jewelry, at IVY New York, you get it all. A quick glance at their booth is all it takes to perceive the wide range of jewels they court. Colorful is the word for their wide assortment which was dominated by magnificent natural garnets and spinels of every possible color and size. Signature style of the brand’s founder Vladyslav Yavorskyy could be seen reflected from every vivacious multihued piece. The vibrant array of paraiba tourmalines, demantoid garnets and pink spines immaculately cut with a hallmark Yavorskyy cut that simply leaves one spell bound by its sheer effect or awe-inspired by the founders vision.

Burmese Legacy by Fai Dee – Thailand

Founded by noted dealer Roop Chand Lunia (also known as the ‘King of Burmese Rubies”) in early 1900s, Fai Dee is amongst the top players. A family business which is carried forward and flourished by his descendants, Fai Dee is known for creating indelible pieces from finest Burmese rubies and Kashmir sapphires. They brought forth an array of timeless necklaces, earring, sapphire and red ruby rings with elegant heirloom designs that are a part of their finest legacy.

Vintage Glory – Morelle Davidson – UK

For those who love their antiques Morelle Davidsonoffer showcased every astute jewelry-sentient patron a wide selection of scintillating rare masterpieces and archaic jewelry artifacts besides their very own creative works perfect for a debonair clientele. They brought in their prime attraction, truly rare and exquisite pieces that are nothing short of a show stopper; a delicately carved jadeite and diamond bracelet by Cartier and a stark reminder of glamorous 1920’s by Art-Deco sapphire and diamond earrings.

Russian Ark – Mousson Atelier – Russia

The best of Russian artistry in jewelry making was brought about by Mousson Atelier with their magnanimous range of gorgeous pieces inspired from everything; right from nature to most abstract sculptures. But the show stopper on the booth was their very first Coral Reef cocktail ring highlighted with a rubellite tourmaline just about 10ct in weight mounted on intricate platinum setting. Mousson Atelier is most branded for their works with gold. As platinum being a sturdy metal to work with it took quite some time for the atelier to master it to perfection. But all that waiting paid off, as no one can deny the allure their enigmatic pieces enticed.

State of Art – Van Eyck – Belgium

Inspired from fifteen centuries’ one of the most significant artist, Flemish painter Jan Van Eyck, this Belgium jeweler never disappoints when it comes to presenting state of art jewelry pieces. So this time it was no different.  Van Eyck Jewelry portrays a marriage of jewelry with finest arts playing with rarest flawless gemstones from ethical origins and fancy colored diamonds. Their collection was a fusion of plush pinks and opulent yellows surrounded by more traditional white diamonds crafted to leave anyone mesmerized. Every piece is limited edition and features founder Alon Garty’s hallmark – a small pink sapphire that is only visible to the jewels’ owner.

With such a magnanimous showcase of world’s finest jewelry exhibits, it is obvious that this event was pooled with glitterati from round the globe. Enticed by this glittering display who wouldn’t want to get their hands on a few of these rarest jewels? Is it a wonder that just hours after it started this grand Hong Kong fine jewelry fair was hit with two thefts worth more than HK $500,000?

These burglaries transpired at Asia World-Expo venue in Lantua. The first case happened mere four hours after the opening of the show and as it happens to be, the robber was a 23 year old female from mainland who was spotted nicking a necklace worth $60000. She was immediately arrested and detained. However, in a meager span of one hour another theft occurred, this time of pearls. Two bags of rare pearls were found missing from another booth.  Besides that a few other attempted robberies with the means of fake jewelry and documents were stopped before they could transpire.

With over 3700 exhibitors displaying their finest collection, Hong Kong Jewelry show is no stranger to thefts. They are most expected in event such as these. Just a few months back a large scale robbery of around HK$ 5 million took place in 12 thefts on the first day of jewelry show at Convention and Exhibition Centre. The perpetrators were arrested and apprehended immediately. So it goes without saying that the security measures had been the strictest from prior events and yet such incidence occurred. Goes to prove; ‘No pressure, no diamonds.’

Though with this initial set back the overall event was a super hit and UBM will be back with a bang, ready to showcase its next grand exhibition quite soon.



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