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June 17, 2015, Senior Editior

Personalized Fathers Day Gift Guide



For my every fall you were always there to lift… I can’t thank you enough but let’s start with a little personalized father’s day gifts

Ever seen love so deep that can drive a father to go any lengths to make his son feel special, feel normal? A standing ovation to Team Hoyt, a team of father and his disabled son who have competed in 1108 endurance events, all the while father carrying his son around in every race. A milestone only a few would venture. It all started off when after completing their first race for a benefit, son Rick said, “Dad, when I’m running, it feels like I’m not handicapped.” That is how deep a father’s love is.

Always underrated for the little things he did, our daddy dearest is that pillar who supports the wall; brick by brick builds a family. Sees it thrive, lifting it up on his strong shoulders until they could bear its weight; our hero!  Often mother’s are given credit for keeping the family together, for raising the kids and doing everything else when dad’s was out there earning the bread. No doubt every bit well deserved! But let’s take a moment to think about what our fathers, with their stern demeanor and over protective barriers do, which often goes unnoticed. The first time he cried when he held his fragile child in his arms. It was he who truly won the day you won your first award and cheered you on when you faltered on stage. He taught you baseball and football, dressed in superhero costume or even a Disney princess at Halloween just to accompany you.  The immense pride he felt on your graduation day and the silent tears he shed when he gave you away at your wedding. Yes, that hard, ironclad shell holds perhaps the softest core, which loves deeply and worries profoundly for his family. Don’t you think they deserve special thanks from you? This Father’s day let’s make it memorable with a personalized gift exclusively created for your dad, a small token of your love in return. We have rounded up 5 online stores that specialize in crafting custom-made mementos and have exclusive personalized father’s day gifts that perfectly conveys your love to your father:

Captured Mementos:

Personalized Photo Collage By Postermywall


Gone are the days when cherish photographs of loved ones and favorite moments, decorated the work desk of your father. Now he can his favorite family photographs printed on his very own poster with a special message or decorate his office wall with a canvas collage of such fine memories, or simply a reminder in form of a personalized calendar. Wouldn’t it be nice to gift him such an item?

Postermywall is your one shop stop where you can have it all just the way you want it. You have the autonomy to select the item, the template and the pictures you’d like to have framed, and create your design all the while having immense fun. You can view and edit the final product before it arrives at your doorstep.


A Sparkle That Lasts Forever:

Personalized Jewelry By Fascinating Diamonds


Photos fade, memories lay forgotten but one thing that is sure to last a lifetime is a small piece of jewelry. Yes, men don’t usually wear jewelry but a noble piece like diamond studded cufflinks or  money clips with touching message “U r my Hero” or “Love you Dad” engraved on it goes a long way to say exactly what you need to say to you father.  These small tokens last forever, even when he is old and grey, he will cherish your gift. So where can you find these priced items on internet?

Fascinating Diamonds are online jewelers who have personalized a pricey product like diamonds according to one’s requirement.  Their online customization feature and “made-to-order” approach has given them an unmatched edge in the dot com world today. The best part is their website is so easy traverse that designing cufflinks, money clips and exclusive mens diamond rings and bands seem nothing more than a child’s play. All you need to do is visit the website, select a category, customize your selection and start styling.


Wear It With Pride:

Personalized Tshits By Customink


You father doesn’t need to wear a badge that say’s “World’s Greatest Dad”, your love is enough for him to know that he did his best and he will always be “the man”, “the hero”. But a fine reminder once a while wouldn’t go unnoticed. Now he won’t wear a badge but what he will dawn on with pride every day is a t-shirt quoting exactly what he is to you.

Customink is your online store! Just log on their website and start creating your very own “love you dad” t-shirts. Get started by selecting the t-shirt, add your personal text, select art alongside text and color and you are all good to go. Nothing can be easier and your father is sure to love it more than his favorite baseball hat!

Book Of Love:

Personalized Book By LoveBook


This is particularly for all those eager kids out there who want to gift their fathers something truly meaningful that tells him why you love him. Give him your very own Love book contains pages after pages of small stories, anecdotes of you growing up, the reasons your father is the best, all little quirks that made him so special. It is a sure way to bring smiles, laughter and tears as he files through every page of your book of love.

LoveBook is your online shop that would take care of everything right from the start. Customize your book starting with choosing the ideal illustrated cover that suits his personality the best to adding pages-after-pages of the many things that make him the greatest dad. So what are you waiting for, get started now!

Put a Label on It:

Personalized Labels By Evermine


It’s time for the quirkiest gift of all! This Father’s day have a beer blast with your father, tossing stories of yours and his childhood or simply enjoying a game day. If spending your day sipping chilled beer with your dad isn’t a treat enough, here is how you make it unique and truly unforgettable. Label each beer bottle with a custom-made father’s day label and enjoy his reaction when he sees his favorite beer branded by his very own label.

Where do you get these customized labels?   Evermine is your spot to personalize items and make every occasion special. The best part is their user friendly website lets you pick your own design from myriad of options they provide. From beer bottle to baseball labels, you can now custom-make any label, from your father’s favorite sport to and favorite salsa sauce bottle. Isn’t that groovy?

Frankly even a phone call or just spending the entire day with him reminiscing the good ol’ day or accompanying him to his favorite hobby; be it golfing, fishing or a throw ball, if his arthritic knees could take it, would do the trick. But special personalized father’s day gifts, are sure a token at the end of the day to remind him in days to come of the good time you both shared, is simply a cherry on the top. So spend a little time and effort and make his day indelible!


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