Know How It Takes Just 5 Easy Steps To Style Your Engagement Ring From 10,000 Center Diamonds?

September 23, 2015, Alyssa Bruni

Why go for ready-to-wear when you can add special effects…by styling or design your own engagement ring in 5 easy steps!

Finally it’s time to pop the question! You know you are ready and have everything planned to the nines; the where, the when, and the how…every minute detail. Now all that remains is the perfect diamond engagement ring for your sweetheart. Do you think you have just the right one? Take a look at your ring. Is it the one she would really want or may be a slight customizing would do? Add a gemstone or two, probably princess cut diamond, or emerald cut would look better than clichéd round as the center diamond or maybe she would like it in a different metal? Think about it.

Have you ever been in a situation where you are browsing through products, you spot just the right thing but you still wish if only you could change it a bit, add more flourish and flair, and give it a touch of your individual personality? Don’t you long for an option to have things made your way for every merchandise? So why stop when it comes to selecting engagement rings? Why settle for ready to buy diamond jewelry when you can have it custom-made according to the choice of your beloved?

We present you with just that, an excellent opportunity to style your own engagement ring in 5 easy steps, right from where you are sitting at this very moment. So let’s get started:


It’s the recent fad where the self-designed or “I styled it myself’’ concept has gain popularity as the buyer is not just purchasing a product but also styling something creative with their own personal tastes. Consumers are progressively looking for custom-made solutions that fit their explicit needs and to slake this desire of custom made products, we have thus expanded our websites product line so as to accommodate to every consumer taste. Each aspect of the product whether it is the design, the raw material, the color pattern, or the size for that matter is modified according to the buyer’s preference. Our home page screen provides ample of options for the user to navigate through our entire website with just one click. All our product detail pages are designed to provide a solitary view layout devoid of scrolling down; one can smoothly customize their engagement ring from 4 broad categories of fine jewelry (engagement rings, wedding rings/bands, earrings, and pendants) where we showcase about 10,000 center diamonds, 396 diamond settings, 7 precious metals, and 9 gemstones for customers to choose from to style a single ring. Fascinating Diamonds user-friendly portal make creating your individual masterpiece a mere child’s play.  So let us start styling shall we:

Search Your Setting:

Just like castle can’t stand without a strong foundation, a diamond, no doubt a charmer in itself can only look beautiful after it is supported, held, and highlighted appropriately by creative setting. Setting is all about style, a secure hold for your diamond and how well a diamond can sparkle after has been set right. Select from multitude styles; be it classic solitaire to eloquent vintage to mesmerizing three stone rings in a combination of bow and checkered, swirl, and square curved designs, flywheel and tri-fold styles, seize instantaneous attention with their supreme symphony. These designs fused with a crisp firm setting places the foundation for your indelible piece, one that would last a lifetime and more.

Set It With Your Diamond Shape:

Now that you have your setting and design right, time for you to choose a most appropriate shape of the diamond. It is of utmost importance that you select an appropriate shape, one that is neither too larger nor too small; one that flatter your finger. But most of all selecting an ideal diamond may save you big bucks. If you think a 1 carat diamond in any shape would look and feel the same, you can’t be further than the reality. Compare 1 carat marquise shaped diamond with that of a round and you would know the difference. This is where our web portal helps you best. You can have an immediate visual comparison of every diamond shape set in your selected ring style and choose the one that looks best on the spot.

Select Your Gemstone:

A hint of color goes long way to spice things up so have fun with your choice gemstones from vivacious red rubies to plush pink or royal blue sapphires to mystique black diamonds. Adding color not only adds novelty to your ring but also helps you save a few more dollars. How? If you have selected a design with side stones, diamonds typically cost more than it vibrant counterpart gemstones. By adding an eye-catching gemstone not only would you be adding an effervescent edge to your piece but also weighs lesser on your wallet.

Style With Your Metal:

Here is a game changer. If you think any metal would do for crafting the ring, you couldn’t be more wrong. With every choice of setting, diamond shape and gemstone you made above, the final touch is added by the right choice of metal. Not every style, shape and color goes along with every metal color and sheen. Rose gold looks best with white and black diamonds, whereas green emerald goes much fluidly with yellow gold, while platinum is most durable and are perfect for solitaire engagement rings. A fitting metal choice adds the finishing touch towards making a lasting impression.

Finally Sparkle With Your Ring:

And this is where magic happens. Now that you have gone through the entire process of styling, the final step is just to check out with your buy and leave it on us to get your designer engagement ring shipped at your door step in no time. Savvy isn’t it?

In a gist all you need to do is log on to our easy to traverse website and follow these 5 steps:

Step 1: Search your setting from our plethora of styles.

Step 2: Set it with desire diamond shape.

Step 3: Select your most preferred gemstone.

Step 4: Style with the metal of your choice

Step 5: Finally check out and sparkle with your ring

Your desired piece, the one that guarantees to make your beloved fall in love with you all over again, is just a click away. So what are you waiting for?

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