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Popular Engagement Ring Sets

April 8, 2020, Alyssa Bruni

Made to be as one—that’s what sets these wedding rings apart. These dazzling diamond wedding ring sets incorporate both the engagement ring and the wedding band so you can abstain from matching separate ring styles.Find perfect match in our collection of timeless engagement ring and wedding band sets at Fascinating Diamonds and start your journey with an excellent fit.


Rose Gold Engagement Ring Sets

Find more than 580 designs of gorgeous rose gold wedding ring sets at Fascinating Diamonds, these designs include halo, vintage, delicate engagement ring sets with diamonds and gemstones. Customize your own pink gold wedding sets with various center diamond shapes including round, princess, heart , oval and more making them your own creation.

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White Gold Engagement Ring Sets

Traditionally the first choice of every bride, white gold wedding sets. You can never go wrong with the metal choice. Our white gold wedding sets includes beautiful engagement rings with matching wedding bands. You can find stunning halo, vintage, modern ,nature inspired and solitaire wedding ring sets as well. Take a look at the beautiful handcrafted collection.

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Bezel Set Engagement Ring Sets

Bezel encircles the entire diamond for a more stable and firm support and makes it look slightly bigger as well. Our bezel set engagement ring sets are popular with couples because they are unique.Heart shape, pear shape diamond with a thin bezel looks gorgeous with a matching wedding ban. Take a look at these incredible engagement ring sets with bezel.

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Princess Cut Engagement Ring Set

Princess cut rings come in a plethora of designs be it vintage, classic, halo or modern delicate but to look for a matching band for a princess cut ring is a task. Fascinating Diamonds has designed all its princess cut engagement rings with matching bands. Check out the sets here.

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Pear Engagement & Wedding Ring Set

The beauty of pear shape engagement ring enhances when worn with a wedding band, it’s graceful curves are highlighted with a mix n match or a matching wedding band , that’s absolutely an individual choice. Fascinating Diamonds has a choice of more than 300 pear engagement rings and wedding bands to choose from. From Pear solitaire wedding ring sets to pear eternity rings and bands, with a mix of Split shank to halo pear diamond engagement rings and bands. Check out our latest nature inspired designs.

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Pave Setting Engagement & Wedding Sets

Pave settings gives a delicate look to the entire wedding ring set. Fascinating Diamonds has over 200 wedding ring sets to choose from, solitaire rings with eternity pave bands to halo set pave wedding rings. Customize these gorgeous ring sets with natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds or affordable moissanites. one can customize them as per birthstones as well and it can be all done online with a few clicks. Check out our latest designs below.

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