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Red Ruby: The Precious Stone Of Love


Red Ruby: The Precious Stone Of Love

September 18T00:00:00.000Z, 2014

Donna Klaus

Red Ruby Engagement Rings

Introduction The sparkling ruby gemstone has a unique and astounding red color texture which makes it exceptional gemstones from all the others. The rich hue of his sparkling stone exhibits royalty and class. Sparkling ruby is also available in different shades of dark pink, light red or darkest red and is believed to be the personal favorite of kings and queens ages back. Origin The gemstone ruby derived its name from the Latin word “Ruber” which means Red. It is believed so that the ravishing and refreshing blood red colored rubies primitively originated in Burma and specifically in Upper Myanmar few centuries back, still has been holding a strong grip and emerged as one of the finest ruby producing mines ever.  The radiant gemstone has also been successfully mined from all around the globe from Thailand, Afghanistan to Pakistan and Sri Lanka, Vietnam Nepal to U.S. states of Montana, North and South Carolina and also Wyoming.

Ruby as the birthstone for July born
Ruby as the birthstone for July born The charming ruby is the birthstone of the July born and hence holds countable beneficial factors for them. The rejuvenating red ruby is regarded as the symbol of eternal love as the color red denotes love. The gemstone is recommended for the people born in July to help them in matters of love and relationship which furthers strengthens their bonds and love life.  Astrologers highly advise married couples to adorn this gemstone for the smooth running of their new chapter.

Luck with the rock Individuals suffering from severe health problems such as blood pressure or heart problems are mostly advised to wear a ruby pendant or a ring as it proves to be quite beneficial. It is also assumed that mostly people with high ambitions and dreams take to adorn the ruby as it boosts their career and brings success. Other useful factors are helps stabling the mind and restores confidence. As, regarded sun is the lord of ruby so if any wearer plans to get it for themselves then Sunday particularly is allotted as the perfect day. Wear and care The fiery red ruby is admired for its best recognized for its hardness, rich color, texture, and hence can be cleaned without much effort. But it should also be kept in mind as most valuable gemstones, one should not let it come in contact with harsh chemicals as this can damage the stone surface or maybe the color or texture too as it might fade off. From the time it is worn, this stunning rock shows

Ruby Jewelry
Conclusion Considerably, Ruby is the sign of undying love and commitment which further promotes a healthy love life. Be it for the beneficial properties or as mere piece of jewelry ruby can be adorned for all the reasons. It makes for an unbelievably and extraordinary jewelry which can be crafted in an elegant pendant or a classy engagement rings or even earrings when paired with precious metals.  This splendid stone is the symbol of love and hence is a suggested gift for 15th, 40th, and 80th wedding anniversaries.