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Category:Daily Updates

Ring Stash – Your Solution to Bulky Engagement Ring Box


Ring Stash – Your Solution to Bulky Engagement Ring Box

August 10T00:00:00.000Z, 2015

Donna Klaus

Ring Stash   Planning to drop on the knees and propose in the most picturesque manner with a stunning diamond engagement ring held out? You have the whole thing planned to the nines; whether it’s a romantic candle light dinner with chilled champagne and a picnic basket and just the two of you, or boldly and creatively popping the question with a huge audience around. Careful immaculate planning is the key to everything and if all went right, just the way you want it to be; it’s going to be such a big beautiful surprise for her, isn’t it? Well perhaps not. Take a look at the ring box. See how huge it is? An average box is as big as 2" to 3" tall. Now you wouldn’t want a big bulge in your pocket, the day you plan to propose, which at a glance will give you away, would you? Also carrying an expensive ring on which you have invested at least three month’s worth pay check, without a box is way too risky. Big dilemma! How about a slim stylish box that keeps your ring safe without giving a hint of your surprise proposal? We have just the thing for you… Ring Stash is the product of proposal planner and MIT graduate Marvin Velazquez. Years ago when he was ready to propose to his then girlfriend, Marvin thought that he had it made with this marriage proposal.  He bought her dream engagement ring from Tiffany and thought he had a solid plan for the night.  He was going to take her out to a nice dinner cruise and propose under the stars. The only problem was, if he were to use the original ring box that came with the Tiffany ring, it would have for sure given away the surprise because the box was about the size of a baseball!  He had to resort to Plan B which was to carry the ring alone in his pocket without a box.  This was both scary and very risky because he could easily have dropped that large investment when proposing, especially on a rocky dinner cruise. He eventually proposed and she said yes but that issue always bugged him.  When Michele and Marvin started The Heart Bandits, many men told them that they had a similar problem.  That's where the idea behind Ring Stash came up. After years of tinkering, Ring Stash was created as a 0.5" thin box that can fit in your pocket.  It is robust enough so that it can protect your ring while thin enough to not ruin any surprise.  It has a beautiful rotating feature that goes perfect with the moment you are proposing. Because no matter how carefully you plan out your proposal, the smallest thing like where and how you stash away the precious ring makes a huge difference. With Ring Stash, you can focus on your special marriage proposal moment rather than worrying about your girlfriend figuring out the surprise beforehand!