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Rose Gold Engagement Ring Trends For 2019


Rose Gold Engagement Ring Trends For 2019

January 21T00:00:00.000Z, 2019

Alyssa Bruni

This beautiful vintage ring with a cushion shaped center stone and halo pattern is an ideal vintage piece embodying an outstanding engraved design along with the rose gold hue that adds much more aura to it with its aesthetic charm.

This Edwardian ring sparks a timeless appeal with the intricate and classic design. The brilliant princess cut diamonds and small round stones accentuate the beauty of the ring while the luscious rose gold metal, with its rich shine adds the right amount of elegance and magic to your look.

This gorgeous diamond ring is a true delight for all nature lovers as it flaunts the well-crafted leaf pattern that captures the true essence of beauty and nature with the rose gold tone adds a delicate touch to it.

This Victorian style engagement ring has a sensational antique design with the sparkling round shaped diamonds. This ring adds an impeccable royal touch to your appearance and the rose gold hue will further intensify its charm.

This delicate ring holds an oval shaped diamond in the center adorned with a stylish Celtic pattern in rose gold color on each side as it adds a luscious sheen to the ring while accentuating its unique flair.

This enthralling ring signifies love with the dazzling heart shaped diamond that is placed in the center along with a marvellous swirl design created in the most romantic metal, rose gold offering you a sophisticated look.

This distinctive petite bezel ring has a sparkling elegance with the brilliant asscher and round diamonds set in a bezel setting on the delicate and sleek rose gold metal giving you a fashionable and chic appeal.

The baguette engagement ring looks splendid with the marquise and baguette diamond placed elegantly on the rose gold metal that looks attractive with its blush pink color complementing the sparkling diamonds exceptionally.

This Dome filigree halo ring holds a beautiful round cut diamond in the center adorned with the timeless halo and filigree patterns. The rose gold metal adds an elegant edge to the entire vintage appeal of the ring and blends magically with the vibrant diamonds.

This stunning ring features three brilliant princess cut diamonds in the center while small dazzling stones are aligned on the shank in a channel setting. This classic design is further enhanced with the sleek rose gold tone to add a pop of style to your look.

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