She Will Never Say No To This Wedding Proposal: A Word From Wedding Experts

July 21, 2015, Senior Editior

Perfect Wedding Proposal

“I ask you to pass through life at my side—to be my second self and best earthly companion.”

A few days back a video of a sweet wedding proposal went viral where a guy proposed to his girl friend in a packed movie theatre with a self-made music video “Project Magic” (theme song being Rude by MAGIC) that was played on the screen. His immaculate planning, preparations and perfect timing made it one of the greatest wedding proposal in history of romantic marriage proposals with millions of likes, share and comments.

Who wouldn’t want to be proposed in this manner? There are many creative bold men out there taking every step to make their proclamation of love truly unforgettable, not just for their lover but for the world at large to see. When it comes to memorable proposals, the quirkier the better! From a romantic idea, the sparkling diamond engagement ring, to the setup an execution each detail matters for this is a special moment in each couples life. So we asked couples to tell us their special stories and were glad by the overwhelming response we received. Here is a firsthand account of one such absolutely adorable couple reminisce their low-key yet awe-inspiring proposal:

Cameron Barrett proposed his long time girlfriend Bonnie using a scrabble board to ask her to marry him.

“So when I come back with the drinks, there it was the sweetest proposal ever! Arranged creatively on scrabble board were letters “I LOVE YOU BONNIE WILL YOU MARRY ME”” recalled Bonnie.

“I know that somewhere in there I scored a Triple Word Score and we both ended up winning” finished Cameron Barrett as the cute couple relayed their remarkable proposal story.

Who Are These Experts?

Yes, when it comes to wedding proposal, more outlandish you get the better it is!  But it’s not quite as simple to come up with brilliant ideas to make a unique proposal, is it? A lot of hard work, time and effort is required and let’s admit it; sometimes we do need some experts to do our bidding.

We asked those proficient in the field for not just providing explicit proposal ideas, but also setting up the whole affair right from scratch about their views and work experiences. So who are they?

  • Romantic event planners who have been in the industry for long time and quite recognized for planning and executing most creative awe-inspiring proposals from the scratch.
  • Wedding experts, who have immense knowledge and years of firsthand experience in making your dream wedding come true. These proficient planners have been there and seen through scores of love stories unfold.
  • Event Photographers, who are dexterous, talented and renowned for capturing the most heart touching intimate moments of adorable couples and their happy family on frames, time and again making it memorable to the core.
  • Avid Bloggers who have invested years in building up, following through and compiling romantic accounts of couples around the globe, and telling the world their love stories. They have been inspiring people for a long time now to create their own special stories and have gained millions of followers in wake.

These happy helpers make sure that proposal is one that the couple would cherish for a lifetime. We asked these experts their views and experience and an anecdote of their best proposal stories.

Complied Views And Experiences Of Each Professional

We have gone one step ahead for all our loving couples and personally contacted the wedding specialists, getting to know them and getting their valuable views on the perfect way to nail a proposal, their personal experiences and love stories that they most cherished. Here is what they had to say:

The Heart Bandits Blog

Michele Velazquez

The Heart Bandits, a renowned wedding proposal planning company headed by the gregarious Michele and Marvin Velazquez, is recognized across the globe as the foremost experts for planning overwhelming proposals and romantic dates. The Heart Bandits is known for their diverse style of proposal planning, as their very secret lies in bringing the client’s vision, desire and personality out in each proposal making certain that it would be a singularly spectacular moment. It’s hardly a surprise that their proposal stories and expert advice have featured the Associated Press, LA Times, New York Magazine, Good Morning America, and many more.

In words of Michele Velazquez:
It is all about knowing the client well enough to transform their dream into reality and making it even better than they could have imagined. She is driven to do whatever it takes to bring each client’s vision to life and is not afraid to take on challenging prospects where the stakes are extremely high.

Paris in New York Proposal

Paris in New York Proposal: In this fast moving world there is always a time crunch particularly if you are a business man; one such client Manuel, a busy professional wanted to make sure his proposal to his girlfriend Patricia was amazing and heartfelt. Patricia’s ideal date involved flying to Paris for dinner. The Heart Bandits planned and excellently executed the concept of bringing Paris to home; New York. They brought all pieces together, dexterously planning every minute detail from the perfect setting with props down right to the accordion player decked in black and white shirt and a beret adding the final touch up to the whole set up. They couldn’t have been prouder as their hard work paid off just by sharing this tender moment with ecstatic couple.

How He Asked Blog

Stacy Tasman

Avid blogger having penchant for romance, Stacy Tasman is the founder of website If you are a hopeless romantic and love reading proposal stories of real people and an account of heart touching proclamation of their love, here is where you need to be.  This site that launched in 2011, allows couples to share their heart-warming proposals with friends, families and millions of love-obsessed readers.

In words of Stacy Tasman:
“I’m a big fan of proposals that take a walk down memory lane. You can decorate your living room wall with photos from all the many moments of your relationship, or create a scrapbook out of them. You can also have your friends and family all send you a video clip of them sharing their favorite memory of you two. Any way you can relive your relationship thus far and then ask for it to keep going forever is a YES in my book!”

A Walk to Remember Proposal

A Walk to Remember Proposal: Stacy gladly shared with us one of her favorite and truly awe-inspiring proposal of Meagan and Andrew. This made-for-each-other couple though had met in middle school and seemed to adore one another; they never really hit it off until they met again years after high school and instantly knew they were meant to be. Just a few months after they started dating Andrew gave Meagan a surprise envelope to be opened only after three years. But after two years down the lane he couldn’t wait anymore and changed the date. The envelope held an array of smaller envelopes each marked with things to do the whole day that ended with a wonderful walk down the path to their middle school reminiscing each spectacular moment of their love story right from the day they first met, and lastly the touching proposal. Who wouldn’t say “yes” to such a romantic gesture?

Wed In Central Park Blog

Claire Ady

New York’s jewel, the grand Central Park, has always attracted attention particularly of lovers; be it for lovey-dovey proposal or a dreamy wedding. No matter the season, this phenomenal park always bestows something spectacular for everyone. If you are one of such couples, Central park Weddings is just the blog to pull off an inspiration like no other and make your wedding proposal truly indelible.  This heartrending blog headed by affable Claire Ady, is dedicated to provide ideas for planning a remarkable proposal and wedding with a theme centered on the ever prodigious and beautiful Central Park.

In words of Claire Ady:
“In my experience, and I ask this of my couples who I interview for my blog, the most successful way of asking is to do something low-key and private; either in the couples’ home or on vacation somewhere.  And, almost always, the couple has discussed the issue of marriage beforehand, so the guy knows the woman will say yes.”

St Patrick's Day Wedding Proposal

St. Patrick’s Day Wedding Proposal: Here is a proposal that put her views in much lime light in subtle yet heartening manner. St. Patrick’s Day has for long attracted Irish folks from round the globe to march in the largest parade in the world held in New York. One such lovely couple, Denise and Sean from Ireland were driven to this grand event and on a spur of moment decide to get married on this very auspicious day. Claire Ady helped them select just the right spot in Central Park for exchanging their sacred vows; Ladies’ Pavilion gave them the privacy they needed with a beautiful backdrop. With an early start so they could make it in time for the parade, the couple sealed the deal with Denise’s grandmother’s Irish Claddagh ring and a wedding band for Sean made to match the ring. The couple was ecstatic with the arrangement and with all the help Claire provided making it very special and blessed indeed.

The Proposers Blog

Daisy Amodio

Daisy Amodio is the Founder of the award winning company ‘The Proposers’ UK & Europe’s first proposal and romance planning company. She plans bespoke, never-been-seen-before romantic events all over the world from as little as £100 to £50,000+.  Her proposals have involved everything from dressing up cats up as waiters, abseiling into a cave to set up a picnic, arranging a fake job interview to planning flash mobs in NYC and hiring James Bond speedboats etc! When it comes to The Proposers anything is possible. Daisy has her very own TV show on SKY Lifetime, the six part reality series followed Daisy and her team around the world as they created magical moments. She also regularly features on TV, radio and national press about all things romance. And is currently a judge at The Romantics Awards and a mentor for the (Dragons Den star) Peter Jones academy. As well as a thriving business, Daisy has recently got married to long term partner Henry and lives in London.  And yes before you ask…he proposed in an amazing way!

In words of Daisy Amodio:
Being into the business of creating awe-inspiring proposals, we can ostentatiously say that she has seen it all and done it all. For Daisy Amodio it is very important to make proposals personal and specific to the couple.

The Art Gallery Proposal

The Art Gallery Proposal: Sham’s proposal to Orva was one another well though and impeccable done imbibing the very essence of what Orva would love and cherish to the core; her love for arts incorporated in the proposal. The theme was “gallery of happiness” and Daisy worked for months with Sham creating ten canvases, each one portrayed something which was important to Orva and would make her happy; from penguins and phantom of the opera tickets, to New York and Cupcakes. As the day of proposal finally arrived, the scene was set just right at Orleans House Gallery in Richmond; an aesthetic façade built in 1721 for Queen Caroline, and couldn’t have been more perfect for the couple. When we questioned Daisy why she chose this particular story, her reply was, “I’ve created about 600 very different and unique proposals but one that always sticks out in my mind because it was elegant, simple, creative and just about them is the Art Gallery Proposal.”

Guys Guide to Proposing Marriage

Shawn Waite

Yes, proposing is a task in itself and not knowing whether it would be a sure “yes” put on a lot of pressure and doubts. To ease you through this situation, we asked expert and writer of the e-book Guys Guide to Proposing Marriage, Shawn Waite for his opinion. Shawn started off with his very own brilliant proposal to his wife and soon realized he would like to help other make a memorable affair.

In words of Shawn Waite:
When proposing, there should be no doubt whether she will say, “Yes!”.  The proposal is not meant to convince her to marry you, it’s meant to be an expression of your love for her.  It should communicate to her exactly how you feel, even if you’ve never been able to express it in words before.

A Treasure Hunt Proposal

A Treasure Hunt Proposal: According to him an excellent proposal truly depends on the couple in question but the one that made an impression was one where a man left a series of love notes and clues awaiting his girlfriend when she arrived back home from work.  The clues lead her throughout her neighborhood, eventually leading to her boyfriend, who was waiting on his knees with ring in hand.  Following the proposal, the engaged couple returned to their home where he had arranged for champagne, flowers, chocolate, and bridal magazines to be awaiting his now bride-to-be. Aw… moment isn’t it?

Arizona Bridal Source

Kim Horn

Immaculate planning and having everyone on board cheering on and helping out makes a whole lot difference and go a long way in making an indelible memory. Wedding planner and consultant Kim Horn of Arizona Bridal Source shared with us her most favorite proposal story that has this very element making it one outstanding proclamation.

In words of Kim Horn:
She felt the best way to get a yes from your beloved is to plan a proposal that is encased in romance and is a dream sequence. From all the proposals that she came across the getaway proposal stands out for her.

Romantic Getaway Proposal

Romantic Getaway Proposal: This wedding proposal was a weekend getaway to the San Francisco Bay Area.  He planned weekend and water activities which she loved combined with dining at their favorite restaurants.  Lots of fresh seafood, dining with incredible views, and live music to serenade her by! He called her father to ask for her hand in marriage.  He collected tips for success from her mom and friends.  Both families were in on the secret.  He made reservations and plans with the restaurant manager so everyone was on board.  Both families flew over for last night where he popped the question.  They dined at the same restaurant in a separate area. Towards the end of dinner, being serenaded by a strolling violinist with an ocean view, he popped the question, she said yes, and the waiters notified the families and they all rushed in shouting, “SURPRISE!”  Tears rolled down her eyes. Tissues anyone?!!

Jennifer Bagwell Photography

Jennifer Bagwell

Having a brilliant photographer capturing every heart touching moment and expression in frames is a privilege. But having them planning out your proposal alongside, thrilled to make it every bit worthwhile is nothing short of a cherry topping. Jennifer Bagwell is one such amazing professional who loves being an intimate part of planning, executing and capturing some of the happiest moments of life.  A brief glimpse at her fabulous archive says it all. When asked her to recount one of most cherished proposal, here is the one she shared.

In words of Jennifer Bagwell:
She is best at capturing intense heartfelt moments that would be cherished for a lifetime. She believes that a proposal should be such that not only takes your beloved’s breath away but make her cry out with tears of joy. This is why exactly she felt that the Wine Country Marriage Proposal was her foremost choice.

Wine Country Marriage Proposal

Wine Country Marriage Proposal: Love is like an old wine and it certainly is for Craig and his fiancée. There is nothing like a romantic helicopter ride over the rustic chateau of Sonoma County, exquisite wine tasting and a picnic in the middle of rows and rows of vineyards, ending with a heartwarming proposal. All the while every little happy emotion was captured on camera with backdrop of gorgeous scenery. Each minute detail was planned ahead with enthusiastic support and arrangements from estate owner and everyone involved to make it a special moment for the happy couple.

Bridal Guide Blog 

A thoughtful wedding proposal is just the perfect icing on the cake! No doubt every proposal has some planning behind it, but a well-thought-out-proposal just goes to prove the dedication and ardor of partners towards taking that final step to a lifetime commitment. It is certain to put a wide smile on any face just listening to their story. One such account came across Rita Sadowski, the Vice President of Creative Services for Bridal Guide magazine, with a companion website for everything wedding and romance. Bridal Guide has for long been an absolute guide providing a helping hand through nitty-gritties of beauty, health, romance, engagement, weddings and honeymoon. Their blogs exclusive blog not only provides tips to latest trends in weddings and scoops on what’s hot and what’s not, but most importantly it gives us the privilege to be a part of beautiful and inspirational love stories of couple making it huge and unique.

365 Days of Love Letters Proposal

365 Days of Love Letters Proposal:  This proposal, that took a year in making with every bit of indigenous planning put in, is touching in every aspect and is the one that instant stood out. They say words are not enough to express your love; here is a bold lady to show us with her sheer creativity that words are exactly what she had to take her lovers heart away. Quite frankly their story is the one you’d want to read firsthand on Bridal Guide Blog, but we would try to sum it up for you. Kat proposed her girlfriend Linda on New Year’s Eve 2015, with a photo book comprising of photos of 365 love letters that she had written for Linda everyday for the past year. The love letters weren’t a secret as Kat had promised to write and kept to her word, no matter how difficult or impossible it might seem to keep the promise some days. Every day she would write a love note expressing her feelings, thoughts and appreciation for Linda and their relationship. What she had been keeping a secret all year was that a hidden message was encoded in each love letter; the fourth word in every second paragraph of every note formed a 365 word proposal which came through in the photo book. Aren’t your eyes already welling up with tears for such a poignant proposal?

Heartfelt Thanks To All Our Experts

We would personally like to thank all the experts for taking out time from your tight schedules and contributing your views and experiences for our readers, admittedly longest, post on Fascinating Diamonds blog. It was a pleasure having your enthusiastic involvement in our wedding proposal round up.

It took us quite a bit of time; months of work involving getting in touch with these brilliant professionals, compiling their outlook and arriving at a result. Considering every experts opinion and proposal stories here is our general consensus in a gist to nail down the sure shot way to get a “yes” from your special someone, in the order:

#1: Majority agrees that with brilliance or simplicity; win her over with your Creativity

#2: Though old school a Romantic move… is a sure way to get her “I do too”.

#3: Unorthodox and funny, tickle her humor… and get a bit Quirky

No doubt, every proposal, no matter how simple it is… it might be a mere rose with an earnest declaration… is special and most memorable moment of your life. The answer might not always be what you expect, but whether it was a heart touching “yes” or a heart breaking “no” you are still going to remember it like it was just yesterday. A sincere effort to make every minute of the proposal count will never be overlooked, if anything, they will be cherished even more, each of the above proposals proves that.  Having such bold individuals taking that extra mile to make sure that their heartfelt message is bound to win their lovers heart over again restores our faith in good old romance. So get creative people; this is your one chance to show your special someone how deeply you feel for them and appreciate your relationship, because every moment does count!

We request all our readers to do let us know what your thoughts about a perfect wedding proposal, now after hearing what the professionals have to say? Feel free to leave a comment below and kindly share if you think this post was useful!