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Single Tone Or Two Tone Engagement Rings: Which Ring Will Make You Look The Most Beautiful Bride-to-be?


Single Tone Or Two Tone Engagement Rings: Which Ring Will Make You Look The Most Beautiful Bride-to-be?

June 02T00:00:00.000Z, 2016

Alyssa Bruni

TWO TONE -VS- SINGLE TONE   The pages of history are marked with the significance and utility of precious metals. The lustrous metals are related to the astrology, the study of celestial bodies, and science of alchemy. Today also the importance of metal hasn’t diminished a bit, the intricate designs of engagement rings cannot bloom completely without the perfect metal to enhance their beauty. Every metal has a unique glow that brings out the splendor of a piece of diamond jewelry. In recent fashion trends, use of two toned metals have exceedingly received preference among jewelry lovers. So while selecting a metal engagement ring, the question arises which type to select…the single tone or two tone engagement rings. Which metal will suit your skin tone? Paving way to all your worries and questions, a number of points of differences on two toned rings and single metal ring are written below, just read through to know which type of engagement is the perfect one for you.
  1. Characterization: As the name suggests, two tone engagement rings are crafted by using two different metals or metal alloys of remarkably variant shades such as rose gold and white gold, thus bringing a heightened contrast. The union of two certain metals can be rose gold and yellow gold or yellow gold and white gold or rose gold and platinum, etc., which adds an inexorable grandeur to any diamond engagement ring. Whereas in single tone engagement ring, only one type of metal, be it platinum or gold or sterling silver, is used to create it, which gives the ring a serene and elegant beauty.
  2. Significance: In the language of imagination, the two metals of two tone engagement rings represent the two souls deeply in love, and hence are regarded as an ideal type of diamond engagement rings. Whereas single metal symbolizes uniqueness of a person, so if you want to convey your love how unique and special she is in your life, then single tone rings are a wise choice.
  3. Ring Styles: Basically, any style of ring like the vintage engagement rings or the three stone engagement rings or halo engagement rings looks far more alluring when crafted in two different shades of metal, it casts an entrancing sheen. So for a diamond and gemstone ring, you can go for the two toned style. But, if you want a solitaire ring, then single metal is the ideal option. The grace and flair of a solitaire can only be aggravated when a single flawless metal like platinum or white gold or rose gold holds the stunning diamond at the center of the ring.
  4. Longevity: The two tone engagement rings must be used with care and precaution, since two different types of metals are mingled in the rings, hence the danger of damaging the shine or polish of the metal is present due to the variation in metallic properties, which is a little less in case of one metal engagement rings. So, single tone diamond rings are expected to remain in good condition.
  5. Affordability: There is not huge price difference between the two above mentioned types of rings. Although the price of two tone rings is expected to be more but still originally the cost depends on the metal used. If the metal is platinum, then the cost of the ring will be higher irrespective of the type of ring whereas stainless steel or sterling silver will cost less. The selection of metal generally influences the price of the ring.
An engagement ring is jewelry to be worn throughout your life, so while picking the metal or gem or setting of the ring, it is essential to go with your preference and taste. The above mentioned points will help you to understand the types of rings, but again only you can select the best ring for you. So, go ahead and choose between the traditional single tone diamond rings and modish two tone side stone engagement rings, and become the most glamorous bride of the season.