Strange Rock Unearthed From Russia Contains 30,000 Diamonds

December 18, 2014, Senior Editior

Strange Rock Unearthed From Russia Contains 30000 Diamonds

The final link to the process in which diamonds form, which till yet had been an enigma, may soon be disclosed, with the discovery of a formation of 30mm strange rock unearthed in the diamond mines of Udachnaya Russia. This strange red and green stone contains 30,000 small diamonds the sizes of 1mm; are in a shape of perfect octahedral (you can imagine two small pyramids joined together at base). It is definitely a stimulating discovery and as quoted by Larry Taylor, a geologist at the University of Tennessee, “The exciting thing is that there are 30,000 itty-bitty, perfect octahedrons, and not one big diamond. It’s like they formed instantaneously. This rock is a strange one indeed.” He was presenting the findings at the American Geophysical Union’s annual meeting.

The peculiar red and green color of the rock is derived from larger crystals of garnet, olivine and pyroxene. Alrosa, the diamond company commissioned with the mining at Udachnaya, donated the rock to Russian Academy of Sciences as the diamonds were too small to be used. We all know that loose diamonds are crystal formed under immense pressure but some important process still remained a mystery. The discovery of a strange rock unearthed might lead to finding the final clue to the mystery process in the creation of diamonds.


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