The Quintessential Bridal Jewelry

November 12, 2013, Senior Editior

The Quintessential Bridal Jewelry
Marriage plays a very vital role in a person’s life, especially for a girl. People need companions to share their life with, especially as they grow old and in difficult times. Right from the beginning of her childhood days, a girl dreams about and starts planning her perfect wedding. Every girl believes that the day will come, when she has to look her best and memorize that day forever as if it was just yesterday. In short, every girl desires that her wedding day be the perfect day of her life. Everything from the person she chooses to spend her life with, the dress and jewelry she adorns, the scrumptious wedding cake, to the decoration, every facet has to be just perfect.

Accessories are a very essential part of a bride’s ensemble and sporadically we tend to pay less attention to the accessories when it’s needed. From diamonds to pearls or even gemstones each of these precious rocks brings out the sparkling shine in the bride to be. Here’s our take on a few of the prime jewelry pieces that every bride adorns on her wedding day.

CATEGORY 1: A Sparkling neck-piece…Wear it with utmost style and ease!

A simple sparkling diamond neck-piece is that classic piece of bridal jewelry, which never goes out of style. Opt for those neck-pieces that reflect your own personal style as well as keep in mind the neckline of your bridal gown. An elegant and dainty solitaire pendant will beautifully adorn your neck without stealing any attention from your gorgeous gown. Another key component while choosing your neck-piece is that it should complement the color of your wedding dress make and do make sure to pick the right metal, as it should blend perfectly with the tones of your bridal gown. The precious metal gold brings out the cream and yellow tones in a dress, giving it a certain vintage charm, while silver, white gold or platinum metals bring out the radiance in a white or silver tinted gown, giving it a contemporary classy look.

CATEGORY 2: Define your dream wedding…with a classic earring!

The right pair of earrings can compliment any look, and give you an effortlessly stylish appeal. Before picking the right pair of earrings, a few things need to be kept in mind.

  • Size does matter- Especially if you’re wearing your hair down a small pair of stud earrings will be lost in your hair and will not be visible. In that case, a pair of chandelier or drop earrings would be the perfect choice.
  • Don’t overstate it- Over accessorizing has always been a great turn off! If you’re sporting a stylish heavy neck-piece settle for small stud earrings to balance your look. Also, keep in mind the fabric and embroidery of your gown, small delicate pieces of jewelry will set off the heavy embroidery of the gown.
  • When opting for jewelry sets, make sure that the entire set compliments the dress and adds to your personal style.


CATEGORY 3: Get the right Bling…with a Bracelet and Ring!

Engagement rings
Perhaps no other piece of jewelry is more recognized than the classic diamond engagement ring, it not just is a mark of togetherness, but also signifies the sacred bond between a man and his wife. From halo to vintage rings that are inspired by age old charm and traditions each ring embodies your personal style.

More often than less we do not give importance to hand accessories particularly the charming bracelets, but the fact is they accentuate your hand perfectly and can set off any style if chosen correctly. A statement bracelet with a pair of chandelier earrings will give a classic and outstanding look. A simple and graceful diamond bracelet is that classic and traditional piece of bridal jewelry that never gets old.

CATEGORY 4: Tiara on your head…Princess you’re all set to wed!

A tiara, that quintessential piece of jewelry which is defined as a timeless and classic bridal accessory, which fulfills every brides need to stand out and sparkle on her wedding day, making her feel just like a princess. Anything from a simple diamante hair comb to an elegant diamond, gemstone or a floral tiara helps complete the entire look for your perfect day.