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The Story Behind Julianne Houghs 5-Carat Engagement Ring From Brooks Laich


The Story Behind Julianne Houghs 5-Carat Engagement Ring From Brooks Laich

August 28T00:00:00.000Z, 2015

Donna Klaus

  Brooks Laich proposes Julianne Hough with an oval diamond engagement ring
                                                                               Picture courtesy: usmagazine
  The fragrance of love is suffused in the life of the dancing diva of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, Julianne Alexandra Hough and the hunk of the Ice Hockey world, Evan Brooks Laich, officially proposed his lady love with a massive  engagement ring.  A soothing trip to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho became the indelible event of their lives as their caravans of life got hitched to each other during that occasion. Every girl wants to feel the magic in air when she is being presented the big dazzling engagement ring that remains as a symbol of their passionate love and this prince charming of Julianne succeeded in creating such memorable moment. In Julianne’s words “It was magical and sweet,” so our comely Safe Haven lass is engrossed in rapture over her engagement and now busy in the preparations of her nuptial with great zeal. Pertinent to her feelings as an engaged female she stated, “It’s crazy! I have to say, being engaged actually does feel different,”…no doubt it does, just look at the glow in her face…exactly the shimmer that evolves when one is drunk on pleasure of love. Their love story is an impeccable fairytale though there is no wicked witch or malicious stepmother and stepsisters present. Teddy Sears played the role of cupid in their love story as he assumed that they would click together and tried to arrange their meeting…which finally took place in the reception party of Teddy and Melissa Sears in D.C. And of course after their encounter, the instant chemistry between them hit the road, consequently leading to the path of happy wedding. So you see…don’t avoid blind dates, who knows if the date you jilted before meeting, expecting to be a stalker turns out to be the man of your dreams...won’t that be a huge loss? Just like in a movie, Brooks went on one knee while he popped the big question highlighting it with an exquisite five carat oval diamond engagement ring and keeping nature as the witness of his declaration of love. Their favorite songs were playing in the background and the sky was a canvas unifying the crimson and purple hues together, above the long stretched sedate blue lake and there on the deck in the tranquility of nature, two souls got tied in the eternal promise of love…oh…how romantic! So, it can be concluded that hockey players are an excellent species of male who can be very romantic with the love of their life. Julianne Hough an American dancer, singer, songwriter and actress who also has great persona and charm, will be soon tying the knot with a very talented athlete, infused with a noble heart and great physique…a perfect couple. Very true to the words, Marriage is made in heaven; that explains how two people from different fields once met and got drenched in the downpour of love, it seems that all the celestial forces conspired altogether to bring these two loving souls together to be tied in holy matrimony. Julianne was born in Orem, Utah and first started her career as a dancer, as her other siblings, she too got professionally trained in U.K. and then later returned in USA to turn her dreams to reality in her home country. Then getting opportunities, she displayed her other unique qualities like singing, acting and songwriting. She also played the central character in the movie Safe Haven based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks with the same name, against charming Josh Duhamel. Evan Brooks Laich on the other hand, was born in Canada and is an extremely gifted ice hockey player; currently he is playing for Washington Capitals of National Hockey League. He is also a very generous and helpful person, his willingness to help a mother and a daughter to change the tire of their car caused intrigue among the reporters and the story of this act graced the media. According to Julianne, after meeting him she knew he was the one and that may be the reason she could plunge in the ocean of love without holding an ounce back. Same is the case with our groom to be, he accepted in an early interview, “She is just a sweetheart, very loving, very giving. She puts so much great out into the world. I’m pretty lucky guy.” So from the very beginning these two people were beguiled by each other and they were meant to be. We extend our heartiest congratulations to this smitten couple and wish the road of their life be strewn with flowers of love and happiness throughout. We are enthusiastically anticipating for all the details of their grand wedding.