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Top 10 Most Overpriced Celebrity Rings That Set High Benchmark In History


Top 10 Most Overpriced Celebrity Rings That Set High Benchmark In History

April 29T00:00:00.000Z, 2016

Alyssa Bruni

Engagement rings are a craze these days be it the shape, size or cut. No matter the style or the price, engagement rings are beautiful and cherished by the women who receive it. They are a priced possession every woman will cherish for life long. The cost of an engagement ring may differ from one another depending on the gemstone, cut, metal, carat etc. Engagements are basically a step before marriage, to help us know the partner a little better from the span of the engagement till the wedding. Engagement in the olden days had a pact signed between the couples which on aborted was considered a divorce. The rings used at Engagements are sacred and once the bond is fixed it is thought through that both the girl and the boy are coherent to tie the knot and entitled to the ties of marriage.So, have a look at the remarkable overpriced celebrity rings and create your own bling that will outshine all other sparkles. The 10 most expensive Engagement rings:
  1. Elizabeth Taylor had the most expensive engagement ring which was given to her by Richard Burton. The ring displays a 33.19-carat type GIA certified diamond, which is very rare and exceptional. The diamond was shaped in Asscher cut and had a large cutlet facet. This ring took the first place in the chart of the top 10 world's most expensive engagement rings with a value of $8.8 million. As per the reports, Elizabeth Taylor's ring was auctioned off after her death and was purchased by an Asian Collector.ELIZABETH TAYLOR diamond ring
2 . Beyonce’s splendid ring is ranked as the second most priced engagement ring. The ring is picked from a flawless 18 carat diamond that is octagon-cut and set in platinum.  The quality of the diamond is certified as an exceptional premium stone.  The ring’s value is $5million.
3.   Paris Hilton definitely turned out to be the lucky lady who received one of the over expensive engagement rings from her husband. The ring was made out of 24 carat white gold and it also featured a rectangular diamond in the center between two triangular baguettes.  The ring was auctioned after their break up to help victims of Katrina and it valued $4.7 million. It is ranked as 3rd among the most expensive engagement ring.
4. Grace Patricia Kelly is an American Actress who married Prince Rainier III, in April 1956. She was given a 10.47 emerald-cut diamond which was centered between two diamond baguettes. The ring was purchased from Cartier, valued at $4.06 million.
5. Marc Anthony does not just know to design men’s wear; he also knows how to pick a beautiful engagement ring. His gift was indeed a very expensive one, the ring presented to his wife Jennifer Lopez, which was an 8.5 carat blue diamond designed by Neil Lane. This ring is the most treasured ring in her jewelry collection. The rings current value is $4 million.
6.   Melania, who was herself a Slovene-American Jewelry, watch designer and former model,was gifted a beautiful 15-carat emerald cut diamond set on a platinum basket and surrounded by a leaf design by Donald Trump. The current value of Melania’s ring is $ 3 million.
7.    Aristotle Onassis gave Jacquelinea very special engagement ring which she only wore twice. The ring spent most of the time locked away in a bank vault, which is indeed a terrible shame. It was a 40.42-carat Lesotho III diamond ring and valued at $2.6 million.
8.  Catherine Zeta Jones owned a 10-carat, marquise-shaped diamond that was set horizontally instead of vertically, which was also surrounded by 28 smaller diamonds. Because the ring was set horizontally it had a vintage look. It was purchased by Michael Douglas and currently valued at $2.5 million.
9.  Anna Kournikova, who is a Russian Tennis player, was gifted a beautiful centered 11 carat pink pear-cut diamond which had trillion stone on each side. It was gifted by Enrique Iglesias and had a current value of $2.5 million.
10. Kate Middleton, the wife of Prince William and also the duchess of Cambridge, was proposed with a beautiful blue 18-carat sapphire and white diamond ring.  It consisted of14 solitaire diamonds surrounding a 12-carat oval blue Ceylon sapphire set in 18-karat white gold. The current value is $ 137, 200.  The ring was originally worn by Princess Diana.
Engagement rings are the reflection of strong, loving and adorable persona of the female who wears it. Though decades has passed since the couples professed their passionate love to each other, still, even today that sweet essence of romance lingers in their engagement rings that made an everlasting mark in history. But, definitely hiked price of a ring does not make a love story unforgettable; it is the most basic agent - true love. So, customize a diamond ring for your dearest with the gemstones, metals and settings that will make her ecstatic, because that is all that truly matters….the happiness.