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Top 20 Engagement Rings 2018


Top 20 Engagement Rings 2018

September 07T00:00:00.000Z, 2018

Alyssa Bruni

This stunning Antique Filigree Emerald cut ring with a wonderful Sapphire in 18k White Gold is the most alluring ring of 2018. From being the traditional Emerald shape with a whopping 1.03 Carat Diamond, this ring is perfect for the woman who likes change and elegance with a brilliant budget in mind too.

This Flower Halo Pave Diamond Ring is the epitome of feminity and with its female touch; this ring heightens and highlights a woman’s power and finesse. With its Blue Topaz in 18k White Gold, this incredible Diamond Ring has a ocean like feel and the Flower design is integral for its versatile appeal.

The Dome Filigree Diamond Engagement Ring with Ruby in Rose Gold is angelic and magnificent. Attracting attention for its grand demeanour, this stunning filigree diamond evokes your stylish personality with a dash of remarkable taste.

This Swirl Split Round Diamond Engagement Ring in Yellow Gold is sleek and slender. With its lush curve, the stunning diamond engagement ring in yellow gold holds power and prestige. A brilliant Swirl is the best way to make any woman feel on top of the world.

This customised vintage heart ruby wedding diamond ring in rose gold is the best ring for your lady because of its charming and Spanish appeal. The Spanish are known to love heart designs in a traditional rose gold metal, leaving a finish of warmth and glamour alongside female subtlety that usually resides in the soul of a fashion centric woman.

The Micropave Natural Heart Diamond Engagement Ring in Gold is a wonderful, elegant, classy and stunning engagement ring. With its extremely beautiful design, it is the best bet for the woman of taste and style.

This fabulous 3 stone Heart Diamond Vintage Engagement Ring is the best thing to buy your partner if she is a woman who likes chic as well as tradition. This beauty is in rose gold, giving it its own unique warmth.

This vintage heart solitaire diamond engagement ring in white gold is a whopping 0.42 carat which gives this remarkable stunner its own radiant and elegant mist.

Magnificence at its best, when Fascinating diamonds recommend a diamond ring to you, the Trellis Channel set diamond ring with ruby in 18k rose gold is 2018’s best selling product and we love this ring for its fantastic design and its charming and radiant appeal. This ring makes any woman happy, the ruby bringing spiritual enlightenment and also being a zodiac, the 1.50 carat diamond drooling your eyes for more, you must buy your lady love this stunning trellis channel set diamond ring!

This stunning Petite Pave Diamond Celtic Ring with Sapphire in White Gold is a brilliant ring to buy for your fiancé for her wedding ring or for your girlfriend as an engagement ring. This ring is the most prettiest and most precious ring, with customers all over the world loving this ring for its sophisticated celtic design, it gains attention for being bold and beautiful.

Rings with unique stone shapes are distinct and add an element of the unexpected, but they still carry a timeless appeal and this is exactly what the Vintage Emerald Cut Wedding Ring with Black Diamond and White Gold it. Make your princess feel like a princess with this magical ring.

This Petite Bypass Engagement Ring with Ruby in Gold is a feminine heart shape diamond which is designed with small ruby stones, this design is representative of the heart, which makes this ring symbolic and special. The heart shape diamond is of a carat of 0.5, giving it a beautiful larger than life effect which will cost you much less than a large diamond.

The Six Prong Florial Petite Engagement Ring in 18K rose gold is an iconic ring which gives you a beautiful finishing of rose gold. The rose gold stands out and makes your woman feel alive and powerful.

The beautiful Swirl 3 Stone Round cut wedding ring with sapphire in platinum is the best way to make your woman feel like a diva. This ring is wonderful and a must have for any woman out there.

Stunning 3 stone round diamond ring with emerald, in rose gold, this ring is classic yet stylish and one of the best trends of 2018.

This Twisted Round Cut Diamond ring with halo is the best 18k rose gold ring you can buy your love. This ring is electrifying with its beautiful design and drop dead eye candy appeal. With a round cut diamond of 0.75 carat, this ring will make your lady love you to your bones.

Extraordinary, the leaf style diamond ring with the sapphire in white gold is one of the most unusual rings and most unconventional, but this hidden diamond is the desired choice of 2018 with its lavish appeal and stunning demeanour, we recommend buying this for your lady if she likes fashion and taste both at once.

This Floral Halo aquamarine engagement ring in 18k rose gold is stunning and will make your lady very happy. With a European appeal, this ring will drive your lover bonkers. We strongly recommend this ring in the year of 2018!

This drop dead diamond Halo engagement ring in rose gold is the most traditional yet striking ring of 2018, the pear shape diamond is alluring and makes any woman feel a million dollars. This ring embodies classic appeal like no other, with its 1.29 carat- we strongly recommend this ring for your woman!

The U Prong Twisted Round Diamond Ring in White Gold is the best and is the best selling item at Fascinating Diamonds this year. With its interesting design, this twisted round diamond ring in white gold has stolen hearts.

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