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Category:Fashion Trends

Top 7 Accessories in Every Girl's Wardrobe


Top 7 Accessories in Every Girl's Wardrobe

November 19T00:00:00.000Z, 2014

Donna Klaus

7 Accessories in Every Girl's Wardrobe

Here I am, yet again standing at my wardrobe, with hands on my hip and absolutely undecided as to what clothes or for that matter accessories I am going to wear today. “Oh, I so need to shop!!” “I never have enough clothes to wear!” A well worn grievance, I presume, at your end too, day in and day out? So you think you don’t have enough clothes to wear? And yet, come spring and with it the spring cleaning, boy oh boy, isn’t the whole room exploded with clothes and accessories that had, somehow, been magically compressed in that minuscule wardrobe space? Uncanny, isn’t it? It’s not that you don’t have enough clothes to wear. I am sure each of you readers like me has compiled an immense collection of clothes that we buy each time we hit the mall, whether we wanted to or not! Here you are holding out a new shirt you had purchased just a few weeks back, trying to match it with a skirt or pant, and your eyes wander off to the familiar top or sweater.  You, somehow end up wearing the same well wore clothes again. Am I close enough? You see we are a drone of habit and routine, and find comfort in the familiarity. With the thing that drives us crazy each morning, being the very thing that keeps us at ease, is there no solution from this twisted situation? Well, there is. There are a few things that are a “must-have” in every woman’s closet. They are your very own bible to solving your wardrobe issues and still making you look chic while maintaining your comfort zone: #1 Beauty Does (Makeup): An eyeliner, mascara, concealer and lipstick / lip-gloss can be blatantly termed as a woman’s world in her hand bag. If you are one of those old-school-bred who think “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and makeup robs you off your natural splendor; it is undoubtedly poetic to the listen to. But the stark reality is slight mascara, swipe of eyeliner, a bit blush to the cheeks and red plush of the lips, goes a long way to accentuate your features and bring out your natural beauty. Certainly many women are heavy handed with makeup and get it all wrong. Don’t overdo it, is the key. #2 The Bling Thing (Jewelry): Accessorize, accessorize and accessorize!! You might be wearing the most wishy-washy outfit but add a pair of chunky or funky piece of affordable diamond jewelry to it, and you go from looking bland and boring to chic and stylish. Horde you closet with an ample variety of jewelry from chunky and bright to sleek and elegant; a piece of bling for all occasion. Black is your saving grace and the three “must-haves” that are to follow, are your savior and reprieve in any and all grooming crisis. #3 Suit-up with Black Blazer / Jacket: Wear it on with a crisp white top and dress pants or a skirt and you ready for a corporate presentation. Pair it with jeans, colorful tees and sneakers/ flats/pumps and you ready for a chill-out with friends. No matter what event, a Black Blazer / Jacket adds a classy look to your outfit while maintaining the comfort of familiar clothes. #4 The Little Black Dress: Made ubiquitous by Coco Chanel, this piece of outfit, a black dress, is perhaps the de rigueur of every woman, the one thing that can be worn practically anywhere. Party, funeral, work, hangout, drinks and dinner, you name it. Throw on a jacket or a scarf or a piece of jewelry or a mishmash of all and viola, you are ready for any occasion! People wouldn’t even notice that it is the same ol’ dress. #5 Black shoes: Black comes to your rescue again with a pair of perfect fit black shoes. Whatever the occasion may call for, these reliable pair of shoes will never let you down. Now from the world of variety of styles in shoes what shall you choose; ballerina flats or runway heels? You’ll want to be in something that you are most comfortable wearing and yet pull off a trendy look. #6 Sassy Scarves: Pair them up with anything you are wearing and your blandest look is transformed with a lively flair. Scarves have a way of completely altering your looks. Amass your closet with multi-colored variety of scarves that will go with any outfit and you have a multiple options with same clothes, to try on. #7 Chic Sunglasses: All you need to complete your perfect look is a pair of chic sunglasses. From sleek to sporty, oversized or round, find the one that flatters you face, flaunts your features and suits your lifestyle. Just having these few simple gear in your closet gives you a multiple option to wear the same old clothes with a different flair each time. What more is you don’t even feel a need to go out shopping for “something new”. You can make your own something “new and unique” just by mish-mashing different set of above seven essentials with your everyday clothes. So what are you waiting for gals, go make your own style!