Top Ten Pendant Styles: Which One Is Perfect For You?

February 20, 2017, Alyssa Bruni

Tradition of wearing pendants is eons old, since ancient time pendants have been worn as amulets and talisman. But, nowadays, it has become a part of the style statement, it defines who you are from inside. Just like the unique fragrance of a flower, every person is bestowed with a distinct individuality that leads to the varied taste in jewelry. Keeping in mind the diverse personalities and taste of human beings, different styles of pendants are listed below. Read through and know about the pendant that is perfectly suited to your exceptional personality.

1. Birthstone Pendants:

2. Heart Pendants:

A romantic token for the loved one, these delicate heart pendants carved precisely in impressive heart patterns are tremendously appealing. Tiny diamonds and gemstones can be used to emblazon these glorious ornaments. Heart pendants make transfixing anniversary gifts or Valentine’s Day gifts for the love of your life.

3. Timeless Diamond Necklaces:

Ornate motifs and sequences elaborated by the firm setting of diamonds, the diamond necklaces can be worn in special events to catch everyone’s attention. Though the opulent diamond necklaces fall on the expensive side, but if you desire to be the one to be noticed in a crowd of millions, then definitely an elite diamond pendant necklace helps. Excellent vintage patterns as well as contemporary designs can be viewed in this section, perfect for every lady.

4. Monogram Pendants:

A special name or word sometimes possess a sliver of dreamy memories. Monogram pendants carved in the arrangement of words and initials are the best way to keep your cherished memory always closer to your heart. These poignant monogram ornaments are magnificent gifts, conveying an emotional message.

5. Religious Pendants:

For the spiritual crowd, the cross pendants crafted in bravura designs encrusted with sumptuous gemstones are the delightful choice. Available in varieties of metals, these pendants are very fashionable as well as a symbol of devotion.

6. Long Necklace:

These diamond necklaces for women are existent in a wide range of metals presenting the charming range of white gold diamond necklace, rose gold diamond necklace and other sparkling designer necklaces for women. Selection on the basis of variation in diamond weight is also provided in this section, thus starting a range of diamond jewelry necklace from 1 carat weight onwards.

7. Fancy Pendants:

Specially sculpted for the voguish females, these are trendy ornaments carved meticulously achieving highest precision in the sleek designs. Using vivacious gems and pearls, in elegant floral patterns, swirl patterns, bow patterns, etc. they enhance the splendor of any attire.

8. Gemstone Pendants:

One can choose a classy and minimal ring. A simple princess cut or a nice elegant and classy emerald cut diamond would be suitable paired with vintage and traditional rose gold metal. This combination highlights subtlety and charismatic awe. The rose gold against your skin highlights the textures and elasticity of your youthful glow.

9. Solitaire Pendants:

Portraying the iridescent gleam of the ethereal stones, diamonds, in its complete glory, these solitaires are excellent gift to win the heart of your beloved. Featuring efficiently chiseled pear shape, emerald cut, princess cut and other such shimmering fancy diamond shapes, these diamond stud earrings take elegance and grace to another top notch.

10. Halo Pendants:

Extremely liked and very much in fashion, the halo pendants fuse the classic vintage style with a sleek modern look. Highly admired since archaic times, the halo diamond pendants as well as halo gemstone pendants can never grow out of style due to its heightened shimmer and fine setting that secures the tiny diamonds.

Any of these diamond rings can match your engagement ring shape too. For instance if your engagement ring is of a pear shape then you can have your anniversary ring of that shape too. Both shapes can complement one another basically. Overall the motto here is picking your cut, carat, metal and shape and setting- and let us customize a ring for you.

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