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Trending Diamond Rings Style For Women 2022

March 4, 2022, Alyssa Bruni

Innovative and distinctiveness rule engagement ring trends for 2022. Whether you’re planning a proposal or either shopping together, these ring trends will help you express their unique love story. Couples are eschewing tradition and making the ring of their own, and that includes wedding jewelry. From conspicuous solitaires to storied stacks, run down to our guide of trending diamond rings for women and get a good look for yourself!


Pear Engagement Rings

Pear engagement rings, also known as “teardrop engagement rings” which is named for their distinct shape, one which showcases both a rounded and a pointed end that offers it an fashionable and elongated appearance. From unique patterns to luminous designs, a pear-cut diamond is a contemporary preference to finish the solitaire or halo engagement ring of your dreams.

Hidden Halo – Under Halo

Hidden halo engagement rings are gaining greater popularity, for good reasons & they are absolutely enchanting. The tiny band encrusted with diamonds that sits underneath the center stone is great to give a lift to the center stone & is also a fun way to add a little sparkle to the ring. There’s something so alluring about the hidden halo ring design.

Oval Engagement Ring

Oval diamonds have brilliance which saw a spike in popularity last year and will only continue to gain momentum in 2022, offering a more unique silhouette still creating plenitude of sparkle. When set vertically- as they generally are, an oval center stone’s elongated form creates a flattering lengthening effect on a woman’s finger. Plus, an oval diamond generally has a more surface area than the classic round diamond of the same carat weight, making it seem larger — perfect for anyone trying to maximize their budget.

Eternity Bands

An infinite row of round cut diamonds that sparkle magnificently on the eternity band symbolizing everlasting love. The stunning styles ranging from classic to glamorous make the perfect gift for anniversaries and special occasions. Wear it alongside your engagement or wedding ring for that perfect comfort and elegance.

Solitaire Engagement Ring

Does your bride-to-be prefer to keep things simple? So a solitaire engagement ring is the perfect option for her. If she appreciates understated elegance, she’ll be drawn toward one of the most popular settings out there. Solitaire engagement rings have a traditionally beautiful look that puts all of the attention on the timeless center stone as they are simple & minimalist. A timeless piece that will never feel stale. Scroll down to see diamond solitaire engagement rings that are offered in a variety of metals, settings, and shapes, to make this classic look unique.

Stackable Ring

Another ring trend that has taken over are the Stackable wedding bands. The thin bands can stack on top of each other or highlight an existing piece to create an eye-catching design. Choose from our distinctive style and timeless beauty with diamonds and more plain ones, or you can go for maximum impact with colored gemstones and interesting detailing. Wear it individually or stack it with other bands depending on the look you’re going for. the options

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