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Turn Heads To Witness The Christie’s Auction of Stunning Burmese Ruby


Turn Heads To Witness The Christie’s Auction of Stunning Burmese Ruby

April 11T00:00:00.000Z, 2016

Alyssa Bruni

The Christie’s Auction of Stunning Burmese Ruby Christie’s global lineup of spring jewelry sales is commencing in New York with the Magnificent Jewels auction on April 20, 2016. With over 250 lots, the sale features rare diamonds and colored stones as well as exceptional jewels from remarkable jewelry designers.   The sale is led by the Jubilee Ruby, which is the most important Burmese ruby jewel to appear at auction in the United States in over 25 years, the last time being when a 16.20 carat gem Burmese ruby sold at Christie’s in October 1990. Featured as an iconic Verdura jewel, the 15.99 carat Jubilee Ruby, which is a diamond and ruby ring, is true rarity in its exceptional size, color and quality.  The auction also includes some of the rarest diamonds available in today’s market, including an extraordinary Fancy Intense Purple-Pink diamond ring of 10.07 carats and a perfect D color, Flawless circular cut diamond of 40.43 carats.   A ruby is a pink to blood-red colored gemstone, a variety of the mineral corundum.  The red color is caused mainly by the presence of the element chromium.  Its name comes from ruber, Latin for red. Ruby jewelry is considered one of the four precious stones, together with sapphire, emerald and diamond. If the gemstone experts refer to a 'Burmese ruby', they are talking about the top luxury category. However, it does not necessarily follow that the stone is of Burmese origin. It is basically an indication of the fact that the color of the ruby in question is that typically shown by stones from the famous deposits in Burma (now Myanmar) a rich, full red with a slightly bluish hue. The color is sometimes referred to as 'pigeon-blood-red', but the term 'Burmese color' is a more fitting description. A connoisseur will immediately associate this color with the legendary 'Mogok Stone Tract' and the gemstone center of Mogok in the North of Myanmar. The color of a Burmese ruby is regarded as exceptionally vivid.   Rahul Kadakia, who is the International Head of Jewelry, stated, “Top quality Burmese rubies of over 15 carats are an absolute rarity in the world of colored gemstones and the record price of $18.3 million achieved for the 15.04 carat Crimson Red Ruby at Christie’s Hong Kong in December 2015 exemplified the voracious appetite of collectors for these gems.  Fittingly, the Jubilee Ruby comes up for sale in Christie’s 250th Anniversary allowing gem connoisseurs the opportunity to own the very best Burmese ruby offered for sale in the United States in over two and a half decades”.