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Unique Gifts For A Unique Valentine. Shop Cute Jewelry.

January 18, 2021, Alyssa Bruni

As we are ‘sailing to Valentines’, its time to dock the harbour of hearts with unique jewelry. Shop at Fascinating Diamonds for high-end, gorgeous jewelry at affordable prices. Our editor’s choice, unique collection offers a wide range of assorted and bespoke diamond and gold jewelry. For something that qualifies her streak-snaps and Instagram stories, what’s better than a little shiny something? The charm of diamonds, magic of luscious metals and poetry of gemstones is sure to cast a love spell on your special valentine. Dwell in the glamorous world of jewelry, inspired from celeb-look books, with our handpicked and hand-curated earrings, bracelets, pendants and rings. Shop cute jewelry that owns the tender aesthetic of metallic and diamond blend, with hints of colourful hues through the precious gemstones. To express your adoration and affection, look no further than our delicate jewelry pieces with heart and floral motifs to kindle your loving moments and make lasting memories with the timeless personalised jewelry. When opening the gift-box, make sure to awe her generously by showering love with thoughtful gestures and out of the league gifts like promise rings and couple oriented jewelry. For an all-smiles and blushes valentine’s day, celebrate your special-someone with jewelry pieces from our list below and don’t forget to add some sweetness with cute desserts.


Unique Stud Earring For Valentine

This Unique Stud Earring For Valentine In 14k White Gold flashes a brilliant sparkle with the gorgeous emerald cut diamond studded in a classic basket prong setting held on a delicate and glossy leverback offering style and grace to your everyday look.


Unique Personalized Pendant Gift

An everyday essential, this engraved petite disc pendant can be crafted in metal of your preference and can be personalized with your favorite message, monogram, inscription, number or initial. The adjustable chain can be worn at 16 or 18 inches for versatility.


Heart Pendant Unique Gift

This Heart Pendant Unique Gift In 18k Yellow Gold charms you with its fine luxurious design displaying two brilliant heart shaped diamonds highlighted with small sparkling round cut stones aligned in a classic pave setting studded on an exquisite and glossy heart pattern adding a touch of elegance to your look.


Unique Valentine Bracelet Gift

This Unique Valentine Bracelet Gift In 14k White Gold is an in-vogue, stackable jewelry piece with tiny round cut diamonds set in head-and-shoulder pattern in the center of a petite, metallic link chain. The thin looking bracelet is an excellent choice to add glitter and glamour to your look as a standalone piece or to be stacked with a chunky set of bracelets or a metallic watch.


Unique Sapphire Engagement Ring

Bring all her dreams of a gorgeous proposal to life with this resplendent heart shaped engagement ring . Crafted in a luminous metal of your choice, this engagement ring features a stunning heart shaped stone with gemstone options in the center in a prong setting on the intertwined shank shimmers with diamonds a symbol of faithfulness and everlasting love.


Unique Cute Gold Bracelet

This Unique Cute Bracelet In 14k Yellow Gold is an ecstatic set of six round diamonds, securely embraced in the bezel set, radiating brilliance and elegance. The center arrangement of diamonds is set on link chain, perfect to add glamour to any attire, as a statement piece of stacking in a chunk of bracelets.


Unique Wedding Band For Women

This impressive vintage wedding band In 14k White Gold crafted in a glossy metal, features 3 rows of stunning gemstones studded in a pave setting across its well made top. This piece is a very bold looking ring with its super brilliant gemstones that you will surely appreciate.


Cute Earrings For Girls

These exquisite marquise and fancy diamond earrings are prefect for a party, they look elegant and stylish, perfect for a women with a modern outlook. They would dangle slightly below the earlobe. Style it with it’s perfect match marquise cluster pendant.The entire combination would look gorgeous with a little black dress or a cocktail gown


Valentines Necklace

This Valentines Necklace is a Y shaped dainty necklace with artistically designed double discs in hammered finish, dropping from a bead. While the chain brings delicacy, the pendant offers boldness to any outfit, complimenting chic vibes, which makes this a perfect gift as well.


Unique Necklaces For Unique Valentine

This Unique Necklaces For Unique Valentine In 14k White Gold marvelously exhibits a fine set of shimmering straight baguette and round shaped stones arranged alternatively on a beautiful bar pattern with a classic prong setting held delicately on a polished metallic chain adding a dash of opulence and poise.


Heart Pendant For Valentine Gift

This petite size flat disc pendant necklace In 14k Rose Gold is perfectly accented with round shaped sparkling diamonds in the middle in a heart shaped along with a standard bail that connects to the top allowing the cable chain to feed through it, making this a perfect jewelry gift to show your love!


Cute Promise Rings Gift

The affordable bow pattern diamond ring in 14k yellow gold is everything winsome and delightful. In a subtle straight shank, the tiny heart shaped diamonds are paired in a prong setting lending the ring its charm and efficacy of showering affection.


Unique Halo Engagement Rings Gift

The flower halo diamond engagement ring In 14k White Gold flourishes a gorgeous round cut diamond at the center beautifully encircled by a series of dazzling round cut stones in a majestic halo pattern. Further augmenting the artistic look of the ring are small accent stones aligned in a classic pave setting in an interlinked elegant leaf shaped pattern on the band.


Unique 5 Stone Ring Gift

This Unique 5 Stone Ring Gift In 14k Rose Gold resonates the era of romanticism and emits a whimsical air with its blooming,heart cut diamonds set in distinctive three prong in alternative, upside down manner. These five heart filled diamonds are placed on a simple shank, making it an ultimate love emblem.


Cute Bracelet Valentine Gift

This Cute Bracelet Valentine Gift In 14k Yellow Gold has four disco-discs beholding tiny round diamonds connected by slender and edgy bards studded with round diamonds, the shimmering cluster formed in the center is connected with petite link chain, offering a glamour-modernistic look, befitting for chunky or minimal stacking


Sapphire Halo Pendant Gift For Her

This Sapphire Halo Pendant Gift For Her In 14k White Gold incredibly portrays immaculate brilliance with the fine sequence of tiny dazzling round cut diamonds encrusted beautifully in a spectacular halo pattern enveloping the marvelous heart shaped stones accented in a classic three prong setting offering you an exemplary appeal.


Unique Vintage Earrings Gift

The vintage floral stud earring In 14k Rose Gold is encrusted with round diamonds at the center in a claw prong setting with tiny round diamonds perfectly placed in pave setting on the marquise shaped frame creating a beautiful art deco pattern. This push-back stud earrings are truly inspired by nature and bring forth a pleasant aura.


Initial Engraved Pendant For Valentine

Enduring and intimate, personalized fine jewelry has become a luxurious staple in recent years. This stylish disc pendant features rounds shaped gemstones beautifully studded in pave setting that encircles a center disc & is a customizable jewelry—all ready to be personalized with your favorite monogram, inscription, number or initial.


Unique Promise Ring For Her

This Unique Promise Ring For Her In 14k White Gold has a perfect symmetry of geometric shapes and colors, balanced by a negative space created between the stunning trio of flashy emerald cut diamonds and a princess cut stone . All the precious stones are set in classic prongs, meeting ends with an elegant and petite shank.


Unique Gemstone Ring For Her

This asymmetrical round ruby engagement ring in 14k rose gold is the dance of sparkling diamonds in round cut and various sizes around the moon-like center gemstone in four prongs available in any precious stone of your choice, placed on a delicate thin shank. Appropriating a gemstone makes for a thoughtful engagement ring with a pop of color to reflect with the diamonds.


Cute Paper Clip Bracelet Gift

This Cute Paper Clip Bracelet Gift In 14k Yellow Gold is an air-light chain, holding interlinked gold paperclips, which are symbolic of abundance and bounty in life. The dainty bracelet has a lobster closure and evidently adds a golden hue to your look along with sheer delicacy.


Valentine Solitaire Heart Pendant

The Valentine Solitaire Heart Pendant In Platinum divulges a romantic and sparkling heart shaped diamond which is clasped tightly with a twisted chain. The single diamond pendant necklace reveals that simplicity is beauty.


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