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A Victorian Vintage Wedding


A Victorian Vintage Wedding

March 05T00:00:00.000Z, 2014

Nicole Wright

  [caption id="attachment_4961" align="alignleft" width="300"]vintage theme wedding vintage theme wedding[/caption]

Who would say no to an authentic and nonchalant vintage themed wedding of all times? A typical vintage wedding is best known for its classic ambience, dramatic wedding gowns, charming period jewelry, and graceful décor, at the same time doubtlessly will be planned by a couple anyday. This dreamy theme is inspired from the late golden era of 1800’s which in itself paints a dreamlike picture with its exceptionally serene and quixotic wedding look.

Location Vintage weddings are perfect in its own way, but certain venues for the wedding we suggest would be a contemporary barn or any historic hotel, Pastoral Park, rustic mansions, or maybe even a lush country estate. The wedding location and backdrop is believed to be the utmost highlighting aspect of a brilliant theme wedding or one would end up spoiling the theme if he opts for an irrelevant venue for the D day. Color palette The color palette is undeniably another essential contribution to a theme wedding as it lightens up the visual representation of the wedding. If one does not get the right color on the basis of that specific theme, the whole idea of a conceptualized wedding would go in vain. One should opt for subtle shades of peach, sun kissed golden, blush pinks and white or maybe a dash of cream too. Bright colors are a strict no-no for vintage era. Décor and flowers When it comes to bedeck the entire setting of a vintage wedding, the first thing that comes to mind are floral laces, moon white and cream colored orchids, petite pink English roses, flawless pearls excellently draped with netted curtains along with assortment of peach shades. For the traditional vintage feel, a lot of wooden and gold colored furniture are used as barrels, boards; tables wrapped up in silk ash color basic white which is further augmented by shades of pink ribbons. The point of concern here is that we need the backdrop to be romantic and high on glam quotient with a dash of little elegance. Bridal Ensemble An ideal vintage theme wedding genuinely recreates a flawless bride with those scintillating silk and satin gowns, tulle and lacy veils, adorning quintessential white gold and silver ornaments along with soothing pearl accessories or effervescent diamond jewelry. For the shoes we would like to add a hint of glamour with stardust glitter high pumps to go perfectly with the gown and jewelry. What are you waiting for now…Gear up for the exemplary Victorian vintage nuptials by bearing in mind the mentioned prerequisites to get an impeccable wedding in the coming years.