Wedding Bliss: In Colorado Springs


Wedding Bliss: In Colorado Springs

July 24T00:00:00.000Z, 2014

Donna Klaus

Colorado Springs Wedding

Colorado Springs, situated on Fountain Creek is a small city of El Paso County. It is home to wide variety of natural wonders and historic heritage making it one of the most desired wedding destination. There is something for everyone, be it a gothic style intimate wedding, an over budget extraordinary wedding, a Victorian style fairy tale wedding, and so on. Enchant yourself with the scenic beauty, panoramic views, marvelous waterfalls, ancient caves, prehistoric architectures and make your dream wedding one of a kind. We have singled out few exquisite spots with all the scenic and picturesque view that this destination could endow you with.

  Garden Of  The Gods:
Garden of the Gods

Nothing can be more glamorous than getting married at the national natural landmark, Garden of The Gods. The Garden holds an extensive historic resemblance in its stone hearths and fire rings dating over 3000 years old which also blesses us with breathtaking panoramic scenery for an unforgettable wedding. Garden of The Gods Club & Resort can make your dream come true of a gorgeous wedding.

  Cave of The Winds:
Cave of the winds

What can be more exciting than an intimate wedding inside gothic caves? Cave of The Winds serves as an exotic and unique destination for a wedding. Its story starts far before 1800s bringing authenticity to your wedding with its 400 years old limestone walls, long aisles, lofty chambers, unfathomable abysses and ceilings decorated with stalactites.

  Manitou Springs:
Manitou Springs

With huge emerald green pastures amidst the mighty Rocky Mountains, Manitou Springs offers you with splendid options for a beautiful wedding in the lap of Mother Nature. The spectacular Briar Hurst Manor Estate is one of the options which serve you with all that nature has to offer in order to accomplish your dream wedding.

  Seven Falls:
Seven Falls

Experience the wonder of nature on the best day of your life and make it as remarkable at the creations of God itself. The Colorado’s grandest mile of scenery welcomes as you approach the Seven Falls. Over 900 feet tall and proud pink granite cliffs called the Pillars of Hercules narrows down giving way to the waterfall that cuts through and tumble down creating a breathtaking view. Getting married at the Seven Falls is like God is pouring down his blessings for the union of two souls. One can also buy some souvenir crystal rings from the adorable shop at the top of the mountains called “The Nest” which could be your little meet cute memory to remember this heavenly destination.

  Royal Gorge Bridge and Park:
Royal gorge bridge and park

How about getting married on the world’s highest bridge, How grand is that? Royal Gorge Bridge is hanging 1053 feet above Arkansas River making it the highest bridge in the world. It unveils over 16000 sq. ft. of park, one of the world’s longest single span gondolas, an over-the-gorge zip line, and an amphitheater with the capacity of more than 5000 people. If you want your wedding to be extravagant and majestic with a huge guest list, this is the “It Destination” for you.

  Miramont Castle Museum:
Miramont castle

Feel like a Princess getting married to her Prince Charming, the man of her dreams. Built by Father Jean Baptiste Francolon in 1895, Miramont Castle gives you an experience of the life in the 1890’s Victorian era with its 9 different vintage styles of architecture and its historic heritage. What is more romantic than getting married in an original Victorian Castle and getting a fairy tale beginning of your happily ever after?

Everyone has their own dreams and unique ways of making their wedding day special. It’s the meeting of two hearts that matters more than the destination, the dress, the rings, and so on but a special location that exactly depicts your dreams makes it all the more memorable. We believe that Colorado Springs could be one of the dreamiest locations for a wedding and our intent was to provide you with all the information that you needed to search for a perfect wedding destination.