What To Expect From Asia’s Biggest Hong Kong Fine Jewelry & Gem Fair, 2015?

September 14, 2015, Senior Editior


Asia's Biggest Hong Kong Jewelry And Gem Fair



The fall has just kicked off and all eyes are now trained on the most anticipated trade event in Asia, The September Hong Kong Fine Jewelry & Gem Fair, 2015. Every year this world renowned event in fine jewelry and gem industry builds up an ideal platform, nothing short of a springboard from which traders all over the globe can venture out to the most lucrative and ever blooming market  not only in China but also other parts of Asia.

Hong Kong is a free port, a zone with no duties and restriction on trading in precious loose diamonds, gemstones, fine jewelry and every other related commodity. It is hardly a wonder that it has immerged as a focal point attracting every prime player in jewelry sector.  Taking advantage of this, UBM Asia every year in September organizes Hong Kong Fine Jewelery and Gem Fair drawing all the major key players in the world of Jewelry Industry. The magnum of its impact can only be gauzed through numbers so let’s have a look at what year 2014 had brought to us:

Highlights of Last Year’s September Fair:

It played a host for approximately 3,700 exhibitors from over 49 countries.

Its larger Stainless Steel Jewelry Pavilion hosted over 40 exhibitors.

It had featured five group pavilions from Mainland China, India, Korea, Philippine, and Taiwan.

It had attracted more than 59,000 visitors from around the globe.

According to Mr Sudhir Jain, Vice President of FEI in New York, an exhibitor at the Fine Gem Pavilion at Asia World-Expo, “The September Fair is the most influential B2B jewelry trade event. The visitor profile is impressive. This year, we met some target overseas buyers from Europe, India and the United States anddid good business. I will participate again next year.”

Another exhibitor Mr Frank Ferrari, International Sales Officer of Jewelmer International Corporation in the Philippines was noted saying, “The September Fair is one of the world’s best jewelry trade fair. The Fair is a great platform to promote our brand. This year, our booth gained lots of attention and drew in many potential buyers from around the world, particularly Australia, China, Turkey and Russia. We are satisfied with the outcome.”

Expectations have been raised more than a notch this year and the above testimonials of a few of the participants last year say it all. So what can we expect this year? For those who have little knowledge of what this fair hosts, here is a walkthrough of what you will see and what to anticipate:

Two In One – One Fair, Two Venues

This impressive Fair spreads over 135,000 square meters of enormous exhibition space, which is divided into two venues – the Asia World-Expo (AWE) and the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre (HKCEC).

Asia World-Expo houses exhibitors of raw materials including diamonds, loose gemstones, pearls and equipment and packaging.

Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre plays host for those exhibiting finished fine jewelry.  Products are displayed according to the category within these venues and are tailored according to the needs of the buyers. In addition there are themed pavilion which opens a wide network for easy sourcing. What more could one ask for?

Why Should You Visit?

The event is your One-Stop sourcing platform, a global convention where one can one can source fine jewelry, loose diamonds, and gemstones, precious metals and every such related product imaginable, from around the world. Everyone whether manufacturer, designer or traders from all jewelry sectors are welcomed here.

Why Exhibit?

September Fair paves the perfect platform to meet, build and increase your network with distributors and traders from around the globe at one spot.

  • Every year, the September Fair draws tens of thousands of serious jewelry traders and distributors to Hong Kong, amongst them are the key players in the industry making it a highly influential B2B trade event.
  • Provide perfect opportunity to source latest products for upcoming holiday season.
  • Helps to make the best of Hong Kong’s status as a duty-free zone to enhance business.
  • Best place to gauze and forecast the upcoming trends, designs, fashion and popularity in the jewelry market long before it hits the stores.
  • This five day convention brings professional from all parts of the world and those most proficient in field under one roof.  No better place to get expert insights on the matter and expand client network.

What to Expect?

No doubt the anticipation is running high this season and bars have been raised, all for the right reasons.

  • This global event courts a strong international participation by companies from 22 countries and regions group together in pavilions. These countries include Antwerp, Brazil, China, Colombia, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Poland, Singapore, Spain, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, the United States, and the International Colored Gemstone Association (ICA).
  • More than 1400 Hong Kong jewelers present a plethora of products making it the single largest showcase of Hong Kong’s jewelry.
  • With more than 1600 gemologist and gemstone suppliers converge to meet and display array of loose stones to rough rocks in this Asia’s largest gem marketplace.
  • This fair features world’s largest diamond pavilion courting more than 430 diamantaires under the banner of the Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC) and the Israel Diamond Institute (IDI). The pavilion also houses suppliers of diamonds from India and the United States.

With so much to offer in this 5 day event it is hardly a wonder that The September Hong Kong Fine Jewelery & Gem Fair, 2015 is this year’s more happening affair in jewelry trade industry. The countdown has already begun. Stay updated and see for yourself why September Hong Kong Jewelery & Gem Fair is the world’s largest fine jewelry event.




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