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“It is good people who make good places,” stated Anna Sewell in her book Black Beauty and Wisconsin is the epitome of a place where people’s hearts are filled with warmth and love and joy, where the true bonds are developed, forged with trust and acceptance. In the hilarious movie Bridesmaids, you can peep into that genuine kind of love the residents of this splendid place share, for instance the friendship between Annie (Kristen Wiig) and Lillian (Maya Rudolph) that persisted despite all the commotions and innocuous madness. According to Dar Williams, “If you are looking for can-do, earthy-crunchy attitude then you’ve got to go to Wisconsin,” seems like a place where one can revel.

Wisconsin has been endowed with the title “America‘s Dairy-land” as it is one of the leading state in producing dairy products. About a quarter of America’s cheese is produced in this state so while staying at Wisconsin, don’t forget to indulge in the rich nutty flavor of Bleu Mont DairyL Bandaged Cheddar cheese, a popular variety of cheese. Not only in cheese, Wisconsin has but also equally contributed in the agricultural production. They excel in the production of Silage, Cranberries, Ginseng and Snap beans as well. Various processed food are also prepared in this state, the names Oscar Mayer, Johnsonville Brats, Usinger’s sausage, etc. do ring a bell…don’t they? They are all prepared in this awesome state. Hence, it can be referred to as a lucrative state flourishing in the dairy industries as well as the agriculture industries.

You can add panache to your existing self by paying a visit to the stores containing eclectic range of designer outfits and also the fashionable jewelries. Unlike other places, fine jewelry in Wisconsin, comprises of unique patterns and designs inspired by the rich culture and heritage. In the antique jewelries, the tribal designs and other varieties of patterns can be obtained. In the section of modern designs, adorned diamond jewelries are available that will add shine to your life. In deed this place can offer rare kind of jewelries where the fusion of ethnic patterns with contemporary appearance can be found.

Wisconsin is blessed with many water resources, so if you want to plunge in cool water with a splash, this is the place. Lake Michigan and Superior Lake are the two huge lakes that help in keeping Wisconsin so bountiful in natural resources. Then there is River Wisconsin from which this state derived its name and roaring waterfalls cuddling in the lap of green earth like Amnicon Falls State Park or Copper Falls State Park definitely provide tranquility to the mind and also an opportunity to try a hand in fishing. There are many fishing spots in this state where one can have a good fishing experience. Rejuvenating “Kohler Water Spa” provides well being around every corner as it offers ample of attractions from hot-cold dip pools, steam rooms and saunas to other therapeutic water services, thus providing eclectic range of refreshing services.

When it comes to cuisines in Wisconsin, not a single doubt remains in mind that some unique savoring flavors will be captured in this place. The flavor of cheese, cranberries, fresh fish and bratwurst brings water in mouth…doesn’t it? Wisconsin also has a flourishing beer industry, so food lovers this is a place to delve into the world of culinary excellence with fresh local ingredients. One can also satisfy the sweet tooth here by indulging in the dollops of delightful ice creams, frozen custards, mousse, etc. Sarento’s Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria, MACS Macaroni and Cheese Shop, High Rock Café, etc. are some of the restaurants that are very popular and Adrian’s Frozen Custard, Beerntsen Confectionary, etc. requires a mention if you are ferreting sweet something.

Art lovers are also welcomed at this place, this place comprises of many artifacts to maintain their fascination. “The Milwaukee Art Museum” has an astounding collection of European Contemporary, American Decorative and the unique Haitian art. To witness the historic sites, the journey on the Great River Road is mandatory as it takes us through 33 historic and unique Wisconsin towns such as Stone Filled Village Villa Louis in Prairie du Chien, revealing the lifestyle of wealthy barons of the 19th century, and Cassville’s Stone Field, which unveils Wisconsin’s early farming days. The varied landscape of Wisconsin makes the state a popular vacation destination particularly for outdoor recreation.

Hence, in order to engross in all the colors of life, set your foot in this amazing place and get lost in vigorous energy of this place.


MadisonMadison City, which is the capital of Wisconsin State, is identified for its picturesque background, and welcoming and enthusiastic populace, that certainly qualifies to be one of the prominent cities of the lot. It is also named as “City of Four Lakes” for the four mellifluous lakes flowing around the city from the Yahara River. The four enchanting lakes are Lake Kegonsa, Lake Waubesa, Lake Monona, and Lake Mendota, a place which is surrounded by all these lakes must be really a beautiful city to behold.

It serves as an ideal family destination as it features exhilarating activities and tours to the much famed Henry Vilas Zoo, Madison Children’s Museum and the Olbrich Botanical Gardens where kids as well as grownups can enjoy spending quality family time.

Madison also offers numerous options to venture on a shopping spree, be it the branded stores in the malls or the specialty street stores which presents a wide array of trendy clothing, accessories and fine jewelry for both the travelers and natives. One can get awestruck by the glittering diamond jewelry in Madison, be it vintage jewelry or custom made or contemporary jewelry all are magnificent piece of work.

The city is also home to assorted art studios, galleries and museums exhibiting numerous artifacts which better acquaint with the ancestors of that place and help to trace the root back to previous times. Chazen Museum of Art, Wisconsin Historical Museum, UW-Madison Geology Museum, etc. are some places to connect with all the facets of that place.

For nature lovers, Madison offers a diverse variety of hiking trails and parks where one can breathe the fresh air and soothe the soul from deep inside. Cherokee Marsh, Elvehjem Sanctuary, etc. are some of the parks consisting of hiking trails where you must put your footsteps to gauge the beauty of Madison. Thus, Madison is a place to have an amazing time with its diversifications that will linger in your mind ever after.


MilwaukeeIt is a known fact that Milwaukee is the largest city in the state of Wisconsin but it is truly one of the mesmerizing cities with its enthralling panoramas. As the city is situated in the southwestern shore of Lake Michigan, a quick stroll over the mesmerizing lake front is quite enough to appreciate the unbelievable scenic city scape. This jovial city was also listed as a gamma global city by Globalization and World Cities Research Network. This city has been endowed with many titles like “Cream City”, “Beer City”, “Brew City” and also “The City of Festivals”.

Jewelry Stores in Milwaukee boasts of its distinctive stores, malls and boutiques dealing in elite jewelry with its rare and unique designs. They have some stunning designs concealed up their sleeves that will astound you completely. All the more reason to visit this place isn’t it? For you can shop diamond jewelry in Milwaukee and have a cherished piece for life.

In Milwaukee, cream colored bricks are made from clay, which are used to construct the buildings in Milwaukee thus attaining the name “cream city”. The infamous Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church is built of this cream city brick. As it is also called “beer city”, so if you are planning to get a little tipsy after all the hectic schedules then this is the place… after all it is a completely different experience to grab a beer and taste it in the “beer capital of the world”.

True to its nickname, “the city of festivals”, this place hosts numerous fairs and fests like Wisconsin State Fair, Summer Fest, Festa Italiana and Polish Fest. One can also get entranced by the music mantra that floats in this city. Paramount Records, Hal Leonard Corporation, etc. have their footing in this place where the touches of rock, hip hop, jazz, soul, blues, punk, ska, industrial music, electronica, world music and pop music can be felt. So hum to the tune of great music here in Milwaukee.

A person who is adorer of waterfalls, greenery, etc., Milwaukee provides a wide range of options. Estabrook Park, Milwaukee County Parks, etc. are some of the places where one can go to shrug out of gloom and get engrossed in the delights of Nature. This city is also recognized for its great contribution to the world of art and entertainment as it repetitively exhibits art collections and presents national acts at the legendary Bradley Centre and Marcus Centre thereby alluring huge mob.

How can one resist the cheese, sausages and beer of Milwaukee? But along with these, there are lots more one can taste in the food world of Milwaukee. Pretzel Rolls, Beer and Cheese soup, Fish fries, Ribs, Cheese Curds, etc. are some dishes one should try during the stay, so no chance to go hungry in this place of foodies. In a sentence, if you want to have a thrilling vacation this place is a great choice with all its assorted resources.