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Frequently Asked Questions

fascinating diamonds- faq
Yes, Fascinating Diamonds offers free delivery all over the globe, hence customers residing outside United States can also avail free shipping policy of this company. The safe delivery of your purchased merchandise is our priority, so all the international shipping is done via FedEx and your purchased product will be delivered at your doorstep within 5-7 business days. The custom duty or other taxes, imposed by the international authorities of a specific country will not be paid by Fascinating Diamonds. You can refer to the nearest local authority to gather details on the custom duty and other taxes. And to resolve any further queries, give us a call in the helpline number 212-840-1811. We are always happy to help.
Yes, Fascinating Diamonds presents the opportunity to craft the jewelry of your dreams into reality. Lead the whole designing process step by step to style your own ring. At first, select from the innumerous setting the perfect one for your ring, then from the colossal collection of diamond shapes, you can choose your desired iridescent diamond cut. There is also provision to select from the wide range of metals to forge the ring as you want. Finally enhance the beauty of the ring by adding gemstones and diamonds of your preference around the ring to behold the sparkling ring for which you have longed. You can contact our in house support 24*7 with any questions or suggestions in the helpline number 212-840-1811 and we are please to serve you with any help you need.
Yes, we will be glad to inscribe the purchased diamond jewelry with quotes or signature patterns if you wish without any extra charge. All our diamonds are laser inscribed, in case, the diamond is not engraved, kindly notify us and we will certainly inscribe the diamond for you. For any further services or suggestions please contact us in 212-840-1811 or send us an email sharing your views in We will be elated to serve you.
Yes, after buying a ring, if it does not fit the finger you can get it resized but only within the first week of making the purchase. If you have any confusion regarding the ring size, you can refer to the chart provided at the “Find Your Ring Size” section under the Knowledge Center given at the bottom part of our webpage. Even for customized rings, this offer is applicable. To avail this service, get in touch with our jewelry expert and soon after that your request will be processed. We are always eager to hear from you, be it your queries or advices, so, kindly give us a call at 212-840-1811 or write to us at
Our Company’s motto revolves around complete satisfaction of our customers. Being a customer oriented company, for your convenience, Fascinating Diamonds offers a Diamond Price Matching Program where the price of the supreme quality diamonds existent here, depending on their cuts, color, clarity and carats can be compared to others in the jewelry industry. You can avail this service by clicking the Price Matching Program given in the bottom region of our website. We can guarantee that such brilliant quality diamonds cannot be attained anywhere at such reduced cost. For any further queries kindly call our helpline number 212-840-1811.
No, Fascinating Diamonds provides 30 days return policy within which if you return the purchased jewelry, the cost of the product will be credited back to your account that is full refund or exchange will be made provided the jewelry item is without any damage. However an amount of $ 20 will be deducted as the shipping charges when you return the purchased merchandise. For further details kindly visit Return Policy page at the bottom section of our website. We will be glad to be of any help so, kindly call us at 212-840-1811 anytime at your convenience.
Fascinating Diamonds provide a grading certificate or appraisal with every piece of jewelry purchased here that indicates the superior quality of diamond used and the finesse of artistic craftsmanship. So, it is mandatory to resend the jewelry with the appraisal otherwise an amount of $ 100 will be deducted as a fee to replace the certificate. If you have any further questions regarding this topic, you can reach us at the helpline number 212-840-1811 or write us at
Fascinating Diamonds stresses on satisfying our customers profoundly, so, if any of the rings or diamonds from our diverse collection is not upto your satisfaction, you can customize the ring or contact us for the diamond according to your preference and taste. Get in touch with jewelry expert about any queries or concerns when it comes to buying a diamond or any other jewelry purchase and your request will be processed where we will make all possible efforts to avail you your desired diamond or ring. We are all ears to listen to all your suggestions and demands, so kindly contact us at 212-840-1811 or sent an email at
Fascinating Diamonds wishes to make your shopping with us as pleasurable and comfortable as possible and hence have come forward with eclectic choices of transactions. We provide a wide spectrum of online payment methods starting from credit and debit cards, PayPal payment option, Google wallet and checkout, Amazon payments and many more. You can derive elaborated details from the Payment Method page provided at the downward section of the website. If any further query persisted, you can always contact us on 212-840-1811 or mail us at, we will be happy to be there for you.
No, until the diamond jewelry is received by you at your doorstep, the liability of the diamond or the jewelry falls upon Fascinating Diamonds. To ensure strict security, Fascinating Diamonds provides and covers insurance on all jewelries that are to be shipped depending on the actual value of the purchased item. All deliveries and services are made to the valid home and office addresses only. As another act of prudence, we do require an adult signature to handover the package irrespective of its worth or value. For any further queries, you can dial onto the helpline number
We would be elated to be of any assistance in making your special romantic moment a memorable one even if it involves creating a delightful surprise for the soon bride-to-be. You can ship the selected ring to an alternative address different from the billing address if you want. Your wish is our command, so if any further aid is required from our side, kindly let us know at 212-840-1811 or mail us at
At Fascinating Diamonds, the priority lies in the profound satisfaction of our customers and keeping the thought of your comfort and ease in our mind, Fascinating Diamonds offer various schemes to squeeze exorbitant yet magnificent rings within your budget as for instance the Easy Financing scheme, using which one can make the payment according to his comfort over a span of one year. Similar other lucrative discounts and offers are given throughout the year for the convenience of customers. But the most important factor is that, although the cost of the diamond jewelries is kept low to fit your budget, but, the quality of diamonds is never compromised. All the gemstones and diamonds used here are GIA certified and are of supreme quality. So, why not buy the best that your money can buy? Moreover, if you are purchasing the jewelry as a gift, then Fascinating Diamonds also have exquisite gift boxes that complement the enthralling jewel inside.
Yes, in Fascinating Diamonds we also have an immense collection of semi-mount rings, which are intricately crafted in enchanting designs and you can settle the heart shaped diamond at the very center in prong setting. All you have to do is select the ring and contact our experienced and diligent craftsman at 212-840-1811 and relate all your requirements. If you have anything further to discuss, feel free to contact us, we are at your service 24*7. You can also mail us at
In Easy Financing, an application with all the personal details like the full name, birth date, social security number, etc. has to be applied to the affirm financed by Cross River Bank requesting a loan for a period of time with varying rate of interests starting from 10% - 30% APR depending on the time period of the loan. This option can be availed by selecting Affirm in the payment mode. After a couple of seconds, you will be notified about the status of the loan and then you can make the payments at your convenience. You can choose from the tenure of 3months, 6months and 12 months to pay back the amount of loaned money. We maintain complete privacy of all the personal information provided by you and there is no late payment charge or service charges applied. In case you have any further questions, please visit the Easy Financing page linked at the bottom section of the website. You can also get in touch with our experts at 212-840-1811 to know more about the easy financing.
In Fascinating Diamonds, taking the convenience of the customers into account, Easy Financing scheme has been launched. Hence, you can choose the time period of the payment as you prefer. In generic terms, you can choose from the tenure of 3 months, 6 months or 12 months to make the payment as per your expediency. If you have any other query regarding this topic, you can consult with our team of experts at 212-840-1811 or you can mail us at
: Yes, as a tribute to the noble services provided by the people of some specific professions to our society, Fascinating Diamonds has bestowed a special discount offer of 5% on purchase of any jewelry from our site. This offer validates for the individuals from Military field, Medical field, Teaching Profession and Lawyers. In order to avail this offer, the individuals from respective profession will have to enter the respective promo code at the checkout counter and after that while making the purchase, 5% of the cost will be deducted from the selected jewelry. For further details on the employee discounts and the specific promo codes kindly refer to the page Discount Coupons or you can also contact us at 212-840-1811 or mail us at
For U.S customers it may take nearly 4-5 business days from the time of confirmation email regarding the fund transfer, before the money is credited back to your account. But, only after the returned jewelry is fully verified and is found to be genuine and non-tampered, the process of repayment will start. For customers outside U.S, it may take a little longer, kindly wait till 7 business days. For further information, you can gave a talk with our experts at 212-840-1811 or mail us at
For international deliveries, Fascinating Diamonds use FedEx to deliver your purchased jewelry at your door. Generally, it takes 5-7 business days to ship the product at its destination and you can stay assured that the shipping would be done with profound precaution. But if it takes more than the allotted time or any other inconvenience occurs, kindly contact us at 212-840-1811 or mail us at We would always be there to help you.
Yes, we do offer overnight deliveries in case you urgently require the purchased item. The jewelry item would reach you by next day or within the next 1-2 days but an extra charge of $ 29.99 would be added to your payment bill for the rushed delivery. But, if the ordered ring does not remain present in the stock, then we would be able to proceed with your request. If you have anything else to ask about or share, you can contact us at 212-840-1811.
Yes, we do offer free rhodium coating in each white gold jewel you have purchased from Fascinating Diamonds. Not only that, but also Fascinating Diamonds offer lifetime warranty on all of its jewelry. You can also get re-polishing of the jewels done for free. With any query regarding your jewelry, you can contact the jewelry experts at 212-840-1811 or also sent us a mail at
Yes, Fascinating Diamonds provide an elegant packaging that heightens the external beauty as well as opulence of the jewelry placed inside. There are two types of impressive and classy packaging provided on the purchase of jewelry. One is a small decorative box with a bright white flash settled on the top surface in such a way that it casts a spotlight on the jewelry enhancing its iridescent sparkle and it is offered with all the petite jewelries, also an exorbitant black box which is presented on the purchase of above $ 3000. Both the boxes are immensely suave and would make a fine gift package.
Conflict Free Diamonds are referred to those diamonds whose heritage is free from the darkness of felonies like child labor, unlawful practices, questionable sources, human rights violence or any other environmental hazards, in a sentence conflict free diamonds share a background which is as immaculate and sparkling as the diamond itself. World Diamond Industry does not support conflict diamonds that are nicknamed as “blood diamonds”. Yes, Fascinating Diamonds only sell conflict-free diamonds which come from legalized sources. We maintain a reputation of eminent and honest diamond dealer and we intend to keep it that way. If you intend to earn more knowledge on conflict free diamonds, then you can refer to the Conflict Free Diamonds page pinned on the bottom section of our webpage. You can also contact us with any further queries at 212-840-1811.
Yes, Fascinating Diamonds believe in the excellence of quality and so, all the gemstones as well as the diamonds available in Fascinating Diamonds are GIA (Gemological Institute of America) certified. As a proof of the authenticity of these invaluable sparkles, GIA transcripts are bestowed along with all jewelry on its purchase. If you need any further details or you have any further questions, kindly give us a call at 212-840-1811 or mail us at