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Asscher CutEngagement Ring

Asscher cut diamond that has evolved from its past origin into a modern type of cut that appeased many with its geometric shape, looks stunning in any setting, but mostly in four prong setting that perfectly covers the cropped corners giving an asscher cut diamond ring a perfect square look. Since in asscher diamonds, the facets are parallel stepped pattern with high crown, so these diamonds do not generate a shimmering effect, instead it delivers a chunkier look like an asscher cut diamond. So, these loose asscher cut diamonds are also termed as square asscher cut diamonds. Asscher cut diamonds with their pristine radiance mostly suit all engagement ring styles in variation of settings. For the women who adores the edges and corners of geometric figures and wants a unique kind of sparkle, different than the fancy diamonds, asscher cut diamond is the very perfect diamond shape for her.

The sundry engagement ring styles of asscher cut diamond engagement rings like the asscher diamond solitaire ring, asscher cut 3 stone diamond ring, assscher cut vintage diamond rings, and may such unique rings in varying carat weights results in beautiful 1 carat assscher diamond rings, 2 carat asscher diamond rings, etc. For a large colossal size diamond like 3 carat asscher diamond engagement ring or 4 carat asscher diamond engagement ring of a particular pattern, the in-house jewelry experts can be communicated to guide you through each step and helping you build the ring that will leave you charmed.

A range of opulent gemstones like sapphires, rubies, emeralds etc. can be studded in the collection to suffice your desire and acquire customized asscher cut diamond engagement rings that will bring your imagination into reality. Numerous lustrous metals, diamond shapes and settings are used in the asscher diamond custom rings to convey the classic allure that simple patterns and motifs brings forth to all its spectators. Be it any engagement ring style or of any diamond carat weight, timeline of history has proved that the trend of asscher diamond engagement rings is eternal. So, customize, design or personalize your ring in your own unique way, indulging to the diverse options existent here, that will present an asscher cut ring to make you feel no less than aristocrats.

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Capturing the best in classic designs to spin it in modern styles, the range of asscher cut engagement rings weave a tapestry of elegance and beauty. To accommodate with the varying budget of the individuals, 1 carat asscher cut diamond rings, 2 carat asscher cut diamond rings, 3 carat asscher diamond rings are offered in this section. With easy customization options one can retrieve asscher diamond rings at ideal carat weight from 0.50 carat to 3 carats and for high dazzle, larger size of asscher diamonds can be obtained by communicating with our in-house experts.

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