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A shape highly recommended by the royalties all over the globe, the marquise diamond engagement rings are very much preferred for their elongated shape that gives an appearance of larger size compared to other shapes of the diamond. Chiseled in the shape of smiling lips, the marquise shaped diamond engagement rings with its finesse in designs and the brilliantly cut diamonds indeed will put forth a smile in your dearest’s face. The majestic marquise cut with its fine facets delivers a blazing effect that

Encompassing the allure acquired from a fine cut diamond, the marquise cut engagement rings are admired by the females for the vintage feel they enthuse via the distinct football like shape. The slightly curved corners and edges brings out flair that blooms in the simple designs of marquise cut solitaire engagement rings as well as in the intricate patterns of vintage marquise diamond engagement rings. Nowadays, the trend of large and gaudy bling have captured the attention of generic crowd, hence, marquise engagement rings elevated with an elongated diamond at the center appears larger in size and applies a unique touch with its distinctive cut.

1 carat marquise diamond engagement rings, 2 carat marquise diamond engagement rings, 3 carat marquise diamond engagement rings, etc. are included in the section for the expediency of the customers in picking the right size of marquise ring. The admirers of the large marquise solitaire diamond ring or the grand marquise halo engagement rings may opt for the 4 carat marquise shape diamond ring or bigger sizes of marquise cut diamond ring. The in-house jewelry experts may be contacted to acquire your desired engagement ring in specific patterns with the diamond of your preferred size. Majestic gemstones like sapphires, rubies, etc. can be studded in the collection according to your preference to acquire customized marquise diamond engagement rings. Several lustrous metals, diamond shapes and settings are used in the marquise customized rings to illustrate the engaging beauty of ornate designs and motifs. Be it any engagement ring style or of any diamond carat weight, the trend of marquise diamond engagement ring is always admired. So, customize, design or personalize your ring in a variety of ways, indulging to the exclusive options offered here, that will present a marquise ring to present you the glamour of a royalty.

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Diamond carat weight and size always matters on one’s budget to shop for the diamond ring. Fascinating Diamonds™ offers you the best price quote among the retailers for the big marquise cut diamond engagement rings ranges from 1 carat, 2 carat to 4 carat marquise diamond rings or as per the customers preferred carat weight to find their desired marquise ring with in their limited budget.

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