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Catching the shimmering brilliance in its perfected round cut shape, the range of round cut diamond engagement rings are the embodiment of everlasting trend of fashion. Since archaic times, round engagement rings have left their mark in the aesthetic sense of all spectators and in present day also the tradition continues. Round diamond rings crafted in a large number of varied styles depict the beauty of diamond jewelry. Renowned for its unmatched dazzle, the round cut diamond rings are also available in a number of varied carat weights starting from the 0.25 carat round diamond engagement rings to 4 carat round diamond engagement rings showcased in enticing designs.

1 carat round diamond engagement rings, 2 carat round diamond engagement rings, etc. are available in ravishing patterns of halo engagement rings, solitaire engagement rings, etc. which brings out the glow and beauty of any outfit. For a larger bling like 3 carat round diamond engagement ring or 4 carat round diamond engagement ring of a particular pattern, you can contact the in-house jewelry experts who will guide you through each step to help you construct the ring that will leave you mesmerized.

Sometimes special gemstones like sapphires, rubies, etc. can be studded in the collection according to your preference to acquire customized round diamond engagement rings. Several flawless metals, diamond shapes and settings are used in the round customize ring to convey the beauty of intricate sequences to all its beholders. Be it any engagement ring style or of any diamond carat weight, the trend of round diamond engagement ring is eternal. So, customize, design or personalize your ring in a variety of ways, indulging to the exclusive options offered here, that will present a round ring to make you feel like a princess in reality.

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The size of a diamond attributes to the overall look of an engagement ring. 1 cart diamond ring is considered as an ideal choice of proposal ring, whereas 2 carat diamond rings and 3 carat diamond rings are the big engagement rings that brings a luxurious feel. 4 Carat diamond rings and 5 carat diamond rings can also be customized in aesthetic patterns to give your beloved a token of love that she will treasure with all her heart.

  • .50 Carat Round Cut Diamond
  • .75 Carat Round Cut Diamond
  • 1 Carat Round Cut Diamond

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