Do you know, what is the inspiration behind the success of Fascinating Diamonds? It is that happy smile of our satisfied customers that motivates us to perfect our craft more and more. Their kind words of appreciation, love and their deep trust is what we value the most and we will always keep pushing our limits to uphold that reputation. These reviews and suggestions help us to improve and encourage us to be the best, some of which are mentioned below which will let you know about Fascinating Diamonds with absolute clarity.

Style Your Diamond Ring

Purchasing a ring that is exact replica of your imagination can be a little difficult without proper customization options. Keeping that factor in mind, Fascinating Diamonds proffers wide range of customization options in metals, gemstones, settings, center diamond shapes and carat weights, such that one can have hassle free easy customization in a few easy steps. For full details view our design a custom ring page.

Reviews From Genuine Customers:

- Haley Stevens, 24th March 2016
My mom adores the vintage styles which gave me a mental picture of her perfect birthday. For this reason, I decided to settle on with an antique inspired diamond ring for her. She simply couldn’t stop admiring it. With all the customization options, I could easily select the metal and gemstones that she loves.

– Jude Freeman, 15th July 2016
Purple suits her well and that’s her favorite color, too. Effortlessly, I customized this ring with purple topaz and white gold metal. She looks divine every time she wears it.

– Amanda Daniels, 29th January 2017
Roger was more than happy to help. I am pleased to customize this ring with the heart shaped diamond as the center stone and rubies as the gemstones.

Make It Yours With Easy Finance

Once in a while when you are finally planning to propose to your girl, you want everything to be perfect, but most of all the engagement ring. But as good quality diamonds comes with very expensive price tags, often the best piece of exquisite diamond jewelry seems out of reach. To eliminate that difficulty and let people buy diamond rings and bands or any other jewelry whenever they desire, Fascinating Diamonds launched this easy financing scheme, where one can own their favorite design of fine jewelry without any worry about its cost. Defined with the tag line “Buy Now Pay Later”, this offer enables customers to buy rings or other jewelry without paying for it at that moment; they can return the money as per their convenience over a period of 1 year or more in easy installments. Get answer to all your queries in easy financing page.

Reviews From Genuine Customers:

– Arthur Chapman, 1st December, 2016
There was no way I could afford a diamond ring that costs a great deal until I read about the easy financing options. I was able to pay for it for a year in installments.

- Natasha Peters, 23rd April 2017
At first I had become very disappointed as the 10 carat diamond bracelet was high-priced. Roger explained me about the concept of easy financing. This bracelet is finally mine.

– Stanley P. 3rd June 2017
My wife fancies diamond earrings at all times. The halo diamond earrings in two different metals amazed her. Though it didn’t suit my budget, I bought it by paying in installments.

Personalized Service:

To immortalize the shared love between couples, they can personalize the matching rings and bands for him and her by engraving initials or love quotes or any specific date of significance and retrieve it as a cherished token of everlasting love and commitment. As an individual get closer to your true self and add a hint of unique touch by using intricate engravings around the arch of your ring or band or you can let your name or other inspiring quotes inscribed on the inner edge of the ring. For personalization of the ring, you can contact the expert team of Fascinating Diamonds at, who will always be available at your service.

Reviews From Genuine Customers:

– Callum Ingram , 19th October 2016
I approached the company and they were ready to inscribe it with ‘Love Forever’. She loved their work as it is completely flawless.

– Larissa Jones, 2nd February 2017
I am thrilled with this diamond ring. It’s so adorable since our names are engraved on it. My husband selected the right jeweler for this ring. Thank you so much Fascinating Diamonds.

– Ethan Sparks, 28th May 2017
This is an ideal pendant necklace with our initials on it. My wife is in high-spirits each time she wears this beautiful pendant. Friends and family compliment her at all times for this beauty.

Customer Satisfaction:

Fascinating Diamonds highly prioritizes customers’ opinion, and hence tries its best to meet up with all our buyer’s expectations. Our website is created in a very consumer friendly manner with easy search options, customization options and detailed descriptions on each scheme and offer. Being environment cautious, Fascinating Diamonds only sell conflict free GIA certified diamonds of extremely good quality but the price is always comparatively lower than any other source. Free fast shipping within USA and at international states along with impeccable packaging is also provided for complete satisfaction. From time to time, we offer various discounts and schemes that are very much appreciated by our customers. Along with massive collection in rings, bands, pendants, earrings and other diamond jewelry, Fascinating Diamonds is the only online vendor that will truly cater to all your needs.

Reviews From Genuine Customers:

– Edith Clayton, 4th September 2016
Their twisted vine diamond ring is too pretty. It’s a relief since I could afford it. In addition, the diamonds are conflict free and I admire their packaging. I will, indeed, return here for more.

– Ferdinand Mathews, 20th April 2017
This diamond eternity band arrived right on time. I recall the moment when she exclaimed that this is the best nature inspired eternity band that I have ever had.

– Amy Cameron, 13th June 2017
I love their website as it is user-friendly. I was able to obtain the GIA certificate along with this solitaire infinity ring. I love the LED ring box which was really awesome. I highly recommend.

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