Perfect Way To Buy An Unique Engagement Rings

An engagement ring is a depiction of all the true emotions one hold for his/her partner and as each love story is different, so is the choice of ring that narrates that unique love story of a couple. When it comes to proposals, guys get busy in ferreting a way to pop the question in most romantic yet innovative way that would thrill her. But fellows…news flash… Without a perfect ring, no proposalcan be perfect. Being empathic to guys, can I say that when it comes to ring selection, climbing Mt. Everest seems to be an easy task in comparison? And so here we are extending a helping hand to guide you in choosing an appropriate diamond engagement ring that will add sparkle to your lover’s face.

In order to select the apt engagement ring, it is essential to garner knowledge on certain features of ring purchase that will help you to make up your mind to settle on a specific ring.

Set Your Budget:

An exquisitely cut diamond with its eternal glint is as captivating as expensive. +-A diverse range of rings are available in market with variation in price range depending on its cut or size or setting. So, the important part is to decide the price limit for that astounding ring you are about to purchase, then you can search from the eclectic collection available. Keeping this factor in mind, it will narrow down your hunt for a beautiful diamond engagement ring up to a certain extent, then you can select the feature you want most be it size or sparkle and squeeze it in your budget.

Scan The Settings:

Scan The Settings

The appearance of the ring is pretty much dependent on the settings and there are many types of settings to hold onto the gleaming diamonds and gems. Prong setting, pave setting, channel setting, bezel setting, etc. are the means to bestow the ring with diverse style starting from vintage engagement ring style to halo engagement rings or classy solitaire engagement rings to side stone engagement rings. Among all settings, prong setting is the most preferred one where it holds the entire sparkling diamond in claw-like vise and is efficiently suited for most ring designs. Pave setting portrays diamonds or gems strewn over the ring as if clustered on a pavement and boy if you are looking to startle your lady with loads of glitter, then go in for a pave set side stone engagement ring or channel setting where rocks are placed in a row between two parallel bars, will also prove to be an excellent choice. Bezel setting can be used in vintage rings to revive the royal romantic look. Bar setting, tension setting, or flush setting also make for a capital choice in rings with its unique styles. There is also the option of semi mount rings so that you can design the ring with gem that you like.

Search For Perfect Diamonds:

Search For Perfect Diamonds

Depending on the striking persona of your belle you need to choose the diamond. Many sizes and shapes are available with variation in its color and clarity, and it is often confusing which one to go for. If you are looking for brilliance in stone, you can pick either round cut or princess cut or radiant cut engagement rings. But if you opt for size, then oval cut or marquise cut engagement rings will make the perfect diamond rings. If your girl loves being distinct then go in for fancy shapes like the heart, or pear diamond.- In case, you have an entrancing piece of diamond or any other royal gem then look for semi mount engagement rings where you can elevate the desired gemstone in the elegantly crafted engagement ring.

Don’t Forget The 4 C’s:

Now that the info on settings has been accumulated, it is turn to be acquainted with the dazzling diamond. The scintillation and brilliance of diamond depend on these four Cs that indicates color, cut, clarity and carat. These four factors determine the enthralling beauty of the diamond embedded on the ring. To please the woman of your dreams, you need to know the shape that she adores. Is it the romantic heart shaped ring or the ever-charming round cut or pristine pear cut ring she would like? Certainly can say if she likes clarity then emerald cut or asscher cut will impress her, but if she is an admirer of vintage styles then marquise cut, cushion cut would definitely awestruck her. The woman who is in love with sparkle, princess cut or radiant cut or cushion cut diamonds will grant her wish. Judging by the nature of her, pick a ring that will relate to her in all the four aspects of cut, color, clarity and carats.


Diamond Color

The diamonds are colorless to naked eye but under strict light yellowish or brownish hue can be detected. They are marked in the scale of D, E, F upto Z. D is themost bright and colorless and thus of extreme good qualitywithout any impurity. As it descends to E and further down the line, subtle hue goes on emerging in the diamond.


Diamond Cut

Cut contributes to the brilliance, fire and scintillation of the diamond. The facets cut must be impeccable to give that luminous shine. Depending on the cut of diamond, the reflection of light would create the iridescent effect.


Diamond Clarity

If any blemish or inclusion is present in the diamond, then the diamond falls under slightly included category which can be easily masked by proper cut. Flawless diamonds are very bright and are regarded as the highest quality of diamonds.


Diamond Carat

The word carat has been derived from the name Carob seed and one carat is approximately 200 mgs. The size of the diamond increases as the carat of diamond increases and along with that cost increases as well since big sized diamonds are rare and very desirable.



Hint of color always add vividness and so sprinkle of some glistening gemstones in the engagement ring will not fail to impress your lady even more. Be it scarlet hued ruby or elegant green emeralds or royal blue sapphire, undoubtedly these opulent gems will captivate her and establish you as a man of exquisite taste. These gemstones can be used to craft a splendid three stone engagement rings or side stone engagement rings. Milgrain rings and halo rings can also be emblazoned with these stones to be the epitome of ethereal beauty. Vintage rings will carry a charm of royal heritage when studded with a little gem here and there. Hence, can say a little color does not hurt instead augments the enchantment of a ring.


Precious Metals

In present day, amalgam of various metals has resulted in extraction of lovely hued alloys to construct the mesmerizing rings. In order to attain the lustrous sheen of moonbeam, whitegold or platinum or sterling silver can be used that will bring a glow in your love’s face. A warm golden touch that connects withthe classic times can be acquired by choosing a yellow gold engagement ring. For a hard core romantic, rose gold engagement ring with its pinkish hue is the answer. So what are you going to select for your belle?

Ring Size:


All the procured knowledge will be in vain if you cannot get the exact ring size of your fiancé-to-be. Any of her old rings can be of some help to gauge the size that would fit her, so that your surprise can astonish her…in a good way. Or any of her friends can help you to get the perfect size. So, make her the happiest day by popping the question with an enthralling and unique engagement ring in your hand and that also on one knee, if you want to magnify the romance in that ambience.

Language of love is always distinctive for every person and inscribing the heart to heart message on the inside of the customized engagement ring is also a means to convey the depth of your feelings and that gesture will surely touch her heart. As for the tradition of something old and something new, semi mount engagement rings can be purchased where an ancestral gem that has marked the romantic marriages of generations can be settled as the center stone. At last, the ring you pick will reflect the love and feeling you hold for her, so the ring that defines her is the one for her and it will only show how much you know your girl.