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How To Buy An Engagement Ring?

Gone are the days of running errands to buy that engagement ring for a lifetime! It’s time to sit back, sip your coffee and relax, while you effortlessly browse through endless rings online. In the web world, where countless options swarm your screen, place your trust with the experts at Fascinating Diamonds® who lead you through a generous guide. With constantly commuting preferences between vintage, non-conventional and personally outstanding engagement rings skim your top picks by considering these simple points:

Set a budget

In the webs series of buying engagement rings online, the pilot has to be setting a budget. The limit you set to your expenditure varies on whether you are looking for a minimal yet classic diamond solitaire, a bold three stone ring or something with extravagant details like halo and embellished shank. Consider also the weight, cut and shape of the center stone that will adorn your engagement ring. For your once of a lifetime purchase, go all out with love and budget. Your symbol representing the promise of forever should be as grand and unique as the affectionate bond that you share with your fiancé. If the flashy diamond is putting little scratch on your pocket, trust us, it will be worth it! Think of it as an investment or a family heirloom for years to come, the timeless diamond rings are too precious and pleasing, even if they make you a part time member of ‘Spend two months’ salary’ club! All that matters, is what flatters your fiancé, acknowledge their whims and wishes regarding what they expect in their symbol of love. Ditch the current trends if they do not particularly complement or accent your personal style, there is nothing like out-dated or out of style in jewelry, it’s all about what touches your heart, so don’t retire from embracing novelty in your penchant towards jewelry and let the light of brightest diamond guide you! Defining your expenditure limit since inception, will aid you and the seller to sort and present an ideal range. Ticking off the first step, next ones get more fun and leisure.

Select Types Of Settings

Solitaire Engagement Rings

The simple but significant, solitaire rings broadly flaunt the single, most arresting center diamond of the ring. Supremely luxurious and conventionally loved since many years, you can never go wrong with a solitaire! Embracing any of the beautiful diamond shapes like the round, princess, oval or pear among many others, in traditional prongs, bezel setting or cathedral setting fetch the best of solitaires from our collection.

3 Stone Engagement Rings

With two side stones featuring on the shoulders framing the center stone, celebrate past, present and future with ever gracious three stone engagement rings. In the amalgam of miscellaneous diamonds of varied shapes and sizes with multifold combinations of accenting smaller diamonds or gemstones to curate unique three stone rings.

Side Stone Engagement Rings

Savoring the delicacy of center stone, beautiful smaller diamonds adorn the upper shank, adding much character to the ring. In varied shapes, frames, curves and patterns, melding with the luscious metallic shank, the side stone emphasizing rings are exclusive with their exotic elements.

Halo Engagement Rings

The haute-jewelry lovers will fancy the angelic halo that gracefully encircles the center stone. The embellished halo looks exquisite as it highlights the center diamonds elegantly. The halo can be adorned with tiny diamonds or gems or a mix of both in artistic settings to bring out the essence of your engagement ring. In our collection of halo rings, dwell in the extravagant double halo rings as well.

Split Shank Engagement Rings

Beautifying the precious metal shank multifold, the sleek and voguish slits on either side of the upper ring shank, create a modern-classic aura. Adding graceful curves and contours, the split shank looks artistic and can be combined with any design, elevating the center stone in most immaculate and creative style.

Vintage Engagement Rings

Embracing the antique aesthetic and old world enchantment, vintage rings vary vastly in moods and styles. Incorporating traditional filigree, milgrain and lattice engravings, these rings highlight stunning diamonds with accenting gemstones. Employing diverse exotic patterns and nature inspired designs, complemented by immaculate ornamental settings, our artisans create archaic art deco rings.

Choose A Center Stone

Now that your cake is baked, decorate with whippings and toppings, pick your center stone to speak with your fiancé’s inner chakras and reflect their true personality, as this ring will be your timeless symbol of love and to be worn forever! The center stone is the first thing that catches attention, it might be a beloved big diamond or a small and sleek, yet unique diamond shape or just no diamond at all! Therefore, do not shy away from discrediting the four C’s: color, cut, clarity and carat. To an extent, their paper perfection is appropriated but don’t let them sway your whims and gather compromises. Whether the budget-block or ecological factors bother you, switch to lab grown diamonds or moissanite engagement rings with pride. If colorless stones bore you and feel redundant, you may always don a gemstone in delightful colors. With our experts, learn the key differences among four options for your center stone.

Natural Diamond

As the name suggests, the diamonds are naturally created by intense heat and pressure over billions of years and extracted via mining. The ecstatic physical properties, romantic overtones and rarity of these diamonds have made them women’s favorites since time immemorial, especially in connotations with engagement rings and proposals. The exotic, elitist, luxurious and sparkling diamonds are admired and loved by all, making them the ideal center stone for crowning the eternal love symbol, to be worn as the reminiscent of the promise of togetherness. Cut to perfection and shaped with finesse, we at Fascinating Diamonds, curate beautiful diamonds, sourced from trusted origins to grow into stunning rings. Whether you highly value the provenance or wish to have a family heirloom, if natural diamonds ring the correct bell, it got to flatter your fingers.

Lab Grown Diamonds

The synthetic diamond counterparts, created by humans in laboratory within few weeks are just as beautiful and even more brilliant than natural diamonds, exclusively at much lower prices. Ethically formed with similar chemical, physical and optical attributes to natural diamonds, the lab grown diamonds are quickly becoming a millennial trend. Just as lasting and durable as mined diamonds, the lab created diamonds are available at a whopping half the natural diamond price. If you pigeonhole the price tag mantra, and only classic appearance matters to you, then lab grown diamonds will qualify the check list.


The extremely beautiful, transparent and colorless stone, if you look into history, is quite literally ‘out of this world’, since it was discovered from a meteor-cater. In Current times, moissanites are lab-grown, proving to be quite eco-friendly. In terms of durability, moissanite ranges up to 9.25 on the Mohs scale making it an easy daily-wear affair. Moissanite engagement rings are gaining popularity among young couples as it is neither harsh on pockets nor on the environment. Moissanites make up for the best diamond alternative. Its fire and brilliance is superior to natural diamonds and are created in all the fancy, diamond popularized shapes and cuts, to enter the realm of exquisite and most loved engagement rings.

Colored Gemstones

Paint your engagement ring in non-conventional colors from a vibrant gemstone palette. The durable and rare naturally grown mineral stones can be cut into any desired diamond shape. Gemstone with soothing colors and iridescent flourishes pull you into their beauty, like the sapphires, topaz, emeralds, rubies, opals and many more. While designing your engagement ring, gems as the center stone can be simply your fiancé’s birthstone or something as bizarre as the blue of their eyes, teal of their favorite beach, honey yellow of their dear tea or just a dazzling pinky peach of flowers. You really don’t need a justifying reason to get your fiancé a stone that they truly desire. Gemstones are as unique and personal as the love that dwells into togetherness forever.

Choose The Right Shape Of Diamond

The shape of your diamond is its geometric outline and how it will look, while cut is the number facets and proportions that reflect light from within the diamond. It is essential to emphasize on the shape of the diamonds as it is the most character defining and substance adding element. The shape of the diamond resonates with the personality and trait choices besides factors like carat, brilliance and fire. Your engagement ring will not just sit pretty and alone, it will be soon be stacked by the wedding band and the shape of your diamond will have a significant impact on it. The top 10 most popularized diamonds shapes are listed below:

Round Cut


The round cut diamonds are most sought after and classic. They flaunt maximized sparkles and light reflection through the surface and a perfect 360 degree symmetry. The traditional round cut lends the diamond its attribute of being an absolute solitaire and accentuate every ring style effortlessly.

Oval Cut


The oval cut is an elongated round stone, with perfect curvy edges. An oval diamond can be faceted into various cuts like brilliant, step and crushed ice. Offering a rather mid-century feel, oval cuts are preferred for diamond engagement rings, as they appear bigger and emit fine fire and brilliance.

Emerald Cut


Popularized by emerald stone, the shape dates back to Romans’ majesty. Diamond emerald cut is exuberant due to its angular and elongated shape. There are clear sides and corners in step cut, pronouncing paralleled facets and symmetric appeal, which lends the stone its flashy mirror illusion.

Cushion Cut


The cushion cut can be imagined much as a pillow, a square stone with rounded corners. Falling on the lines of antique and vintage, the diamond cushion is a mix cut, busy stone with multifaceted crushed ice look, where light bounces in a radiant optical illusion, a perfect and classy choice for a unique diamond engagement ring.

Princess Cut


The princess cut diamond is the most lady-like, it has a square table and half-pyramid style pavilion. Diamond princess cut is highly favorable for affordable engagement rings. They have the traditional round brilliant fire, with modern edgy look, adding glamour and glitter to rings.

Asscher Cut


The Asscher cut is an octagonal, step faceted emerald like shape, making a come-back lately. In a diamond Asscher, its clarity plays an essential role in bringing out the tantalizing sparkle. The unclipped corners and parallel symmetry of an Asscher cut is its asset, making it an attractive choice in modern ages.

Heart Cut


Most beloved solitaire, Heart diamond is a fancy brilliant cut, with a blend of curvatures and a downward sharp point flourishing a symmetric balance. Heart diamonds symphonize wedding and engagement rings, representing the perpetual loving bond.

Radiant Cut


A radiant diamond is a rectangular stone with step cuts and multi facets from crown to pavilion, similar to emerald cut but with superior sparkle, and fire like a round brilliant, catering to those looking for a modern shape with traditional shine.

Pear Cut


Pear cut diamond can be imagined as an icy tear drop, exemplifying a mix of round and marquise shape in a fancy brilliant cut. A pear diamond varies in shapes and sizes depending on its wide and slim cuts. Falling on the lines of elegancy and sophistication, pear shape enjoys its rightful praises.

Marquise Cut


Marquise shape diamond runs long and slim, with two fine points at the ends connected by round wings. The elongated shape has a large crown surface, creating an illusion of bigger appearance and excellent shine.

Choose Side Stones

You have picked the best of center stone with most appealing setting, but to accent and complement it, enter the side stones. If a standard solitaire is not what you are looking for, then a three stone ring or an embellished shank will be your approach. Miscellaneous shapes and multiple settings in diamonds and an array of colored gemstones together curate the best ornamentation as side stones. In petite or thick shank, with splits or intricate carvings, diamonds and gemstones embrace all styles. Immaculate modernistic geometric accents, nature’s inspired floral essentials or antique aesthetics, whatever the vibe of the ring may, it will be effectively elevated with smaller diamonds and delightful colors of gems.

Choose Your Favorite Metal Option

The essential enhancement for finesse and flourishes is selecting the most desirable metal. Unlike the older times, there’s not only yellow gold that strikes a chord for women, the options have expanded- there is platinum, rose gold, white gold and black gold. Mixing metals open more doors to explore options that will prove beneficial and allow your fiancé to do a fun mix-match! Scan your choices below:

Rose Gold

Imbibing the rosy hue and grace of the dusty pink flower, rose gold is for the tender feminine blush.

White Gold

Melding profusely with the stunning diamonds, the white gold with its resonance to moonshine is an excellent choice, also to highlight the colorful gems.

Yellow Gold

The traditional and long standing naturally derived gold for women who love the classic yellow shine to complement their diamonds and precious gems.


The ‘Little Silver’ and ever classic and precious platinum is another luxe option for the metal to be employed in your engagement ring. In the climax of the ‘Keeping up with Engagement rings’, you have found your center stone, the metal options and everything in between! Only the way of proposal remains exclusive to you, may we suggest some adorable bunches of flowers and assorted chocolates?!

Nothing Says More Than A Custom Engagement Ring

Truly, for a moment as special as your proposal you want to go all out for personalization and make your partner feel most loved. This goes for the engagement ring too, when you design a bespoke ring, it speaks much louder in expressing your deepest emotions and ardent affection. We at Fascinating Diamonds have creative experts and artisans to aid you in creating an engagement ring that your bride-to-be will fall in love with. Little personal touches and small things in thoughts count affluently. A ring that is as unique as your love journey paved together can undeniably be regarded as just perfect. Let those floating ideas from the mind flow and come to life in form of something handmade with love and care, garnished with intimate and personal details, a custom engagement ring that will surely grow on you and your fiancé to remain as the timeless ensemble of your eternal love.

Popular Engagement Rings

The rings that are most loved and adored by our dear customers, handpicked by the editor are displayed here for you to choose from or gain inspirational perspective to imbibe in your custom rings:


Why buy from Fascinating Diamonds?

Your Trusted Jeweler – Fascinating Diamonds has been in business since 12 years and has made engagement rings more than 20,000 couples.

Procurement – We have access to the world wide markets and procure diamonds straight from the sources. Hence we cut out the middle men and pass that benefit to the customers.

Customization – We have more than 1500 ring designs available online, hence selection is plenty incase you have something else in mind our in house designs can work on your design and get your engagement ring customized.