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Moissanite stone can be the ‘Moissa-right’ stone for you, and here is why! Moissanite is highly valuable in terms of its bucket-full advantages. The extremely beautiful, transparent and colorless stone, if you look into history, is quite literally ‘out of this world’, since it was discovered from a meteor-cater. There is an immensely growing frenzy around moissanites, mainly because of its physical attributes and economic properties. In Current times, moissanites are lab-grown, proving to be quite eco-friendly. In terms of durability, moissanite ranges up to 9.25 on the Mohs scale making it an easy daily-wear affair. Moissanite engagement rings are gaining popularity among young couples as it is neither harsh on pockets nor on the environment. Moissanites make up for the best diamond alternative. Its fire and brilliance is superior to natural diamonds and are created in all the fancy, diamond popularized shapes and cuts, to enter the realm of exquisite and most loved wedding rings.

Round Cut Moissanites

The round cut moissanites are most sought after, since they flaunt maximized sparkles and light reflection through the surface and a perfect 360 degree symmetry. The traditional round cut lends the moissanite its attribute of being an absolute solitaire or accentuate almost every ring style. Our Moissanite round cut size ranges from 5MM to 10MM, price ranging from 200$ to 1700$.

Asscher Cut Moissanites

The Asscher cut is an octagonal, step faceted emerald like shape, making a come-back lately. In a moissanite Asscher, its clarity plays an essential role in bringing out the tantalizing sparkle. The unclipped corners and parallel symmetry of an Asscher cut is its asset, making it an attractive choice in modern ages. Our Moissanite asscher cut size ranges from 6.5 MM to 9 MM, price ranging from 555$ to 1600$.

Oval Cut Moissanites

The oval cut is an elongated round stone, with perfect curvy edges. An oval moissanite can be faceted into various cuts like brilliant, step and crushed ice. Offering a rather mid-century feel, oval cuts are preferred for moissanite engagement rings, as they appear bigger and emit fine fire and brilliance. Our Moissanite oval cut size ranges from 6X4 MM to 12X8 MM, price ranging from 200$ to 2200$.

Emerald Cut Moissanites

Popularized by emerald stone, the shape dates back to Romans’ majesty. Moissanite emerald cut is exuberant due to its angular and elongated shape. There are clear sides and corners in step cut, pronouncing paralleled facets and symmetric appeal, which lends the stone its flashy mirror illusion. Our Moissanite emerald cut size ranges from 6X4 MM to 11X9 MM, price ranging from 250$ to 2500$.

Radiant Cut Moissanites

A radiant moissanite is a rectangular stone with step cuts and multi facets from crown to pavilion, similar to emerald cut but with superior sparkle, and fire like a round brilliant, catering to those looking for a modern shape with traditional shine. Our Moissanite radiant cut size ranges from 6X4 MM to 11X9 MM, price ranging from 350$ to 2600$.

Heart Cut Moissanites

Most beloved solitaire, Heart moissanite is a fancy brilliant cut, with a blend of curvatures and a downward sharp point flourishing a symmetric balance. Heart moissanites symphonize wedding and engagement rings, representing the perpetual loving bond. Our Moissanite heart cut size ranges from 5X5 MM to 8X8 MM, price ranging from 200$ to 900$.

Pear Cut Moissanites

Pear cut moissanite can be imagined as an icy tear drop, exemplifying a mix of round and marquise shape in a fancy brilliant cut. A pear moissanite varies in shapes and sizes depending on its wide and slim cuts. Falling on the lines of elegancy and sophistication, pear shape is ideal for moissanite wedding rings. Our Moissanite pear cut size ranges from 6X4 MM to 10X7 MM, price ranging from 400$ to 1200$.

Princess Cut Moissanites

The princess cut moissanite has a square table and half-pyramid style pavilion. Moissanite princess cut is highly favorable for affordable engagement rings. They have the traditional round brilliant fire, with modern edgy look, adding glamour and glitter to rings. Our Moissanite princess cut size ranges from 4.5X4.5 MM to 8X8 MM, price ranging from 250$ to 1400$.

Cushion Cut Moissanites

The cushion cut can be imagined much as a pillow, a square stone with rounded corners. Falling on the lines of antique and vintage, the moissanite cushion is a mix cut, busy stone with multifaceted crushed ice look, where light bounces in a radiant optical illusion, a perfect and classy choice for a unique moissanite wedding ring. Our Moissanite cushion cut size ranges from 4.5X4.5 MM to 10X10 MM, price ranging from 198$ to 1675$.

Marquise Cut Moissanites

Marquise shape moissanite runs long and slim, with two fine points at the ends connected by round wings. The elongated shape has a large crown surface, creating an illusion of bigger appearance and shine like a crazy diamond. Our Moissanite marquise cut size ranges from 8X4 MM to 10x5 MM, price ranging from 250$ to 500$.