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Moissanite stone can be the ‘Moissa-right’ stone for you, and here is why! Moissanite is highly valuable in terms of its bucket-full advantages. The extremely beautiful, transparent and colorless stone, if you look into history, is quite literally ‘out of this world’, since it was discovered from a meteor-cater. There is an immensely growing frenzy around moissanites, mainly because of its physical attributes and economic properties. In Current times, moissanites are lab-grown, proving to be quite eco-friendly. In terms of durability, moissanite ranges up to 9.25 on the Mohs scale making it an easy daily-wear affair. Moissanite engagement rings are gaining popularity among young couples as it is neither harsh on pockets nor on the environment. Moissanites make up for the best diamond alternative. Its fire and brilliance is superior to natural diamonds and are created in all the fancy, diamond popularized shapes and cuts, to enter the realm of exquisite and most loved wedding rings.