Cushion Cut Moissanite
Cushion Cut Moissanite

Cushion Cut Moissanites

A geometric marvel with a blend of square with rounded corners, the cushion cut moissanite is a pillow of dancing diamonds with the clustering sparkle that it emits. Bringing the old-world charm, cushion cut commendably imbibes modernism, befitting all sorts of bespoke and whimsical artistic designs. Available in varying sizes our affordable cushion moissanites are delightful to adorn. Distinguished with luscious metals, side diamonds and gemstones along with multiple settings and shanks with cuts and contours, the moissanite ring is bound to grab all the attention. Crowned over thin twisted shanks or petit bands, or rested in halo for a chunky look, every desired and alluring design finds a rightful place in our handpicked edition.

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